• Interviewer:Can I have you two talking about each other? (To Jamie) Why is she a good actress? Cause she is good.
  • Jamie:She is very good.
  • Interviewer:What is it?
  • Jamie:I have absolutely no idea. I'm trying to figure it out so I can steal it and maybe become a better actor myself. I mean, when we were doing takes sometimes I just sort of sit there and look at you (he looks to Lily) and maybe sometimes I forget--
  • (Lily makes a face)
  • Jamie:Don't roll your eyes at me like that! I would forget that I was meant to be, and that's...I mean I love working with you and you are an amazing actress, I do feel very honoured when I get to go to work and work with you.
  • Clary:Well...I've said this before but--
  • Jamie:Oh, stop that. Don't, don't do it.
  • Lily:No. You want me to say it.
  • Jamie:Ok, go on then.
  • Lily:The only reason that my Clary turned out the way that she did is because you were the Jace you were.
  • Jamie:Stop it.
  • Lily:Yeah.
  • Jamie:You're gonna make me cry.

LOL, #BestInterviewEver