We are trees.

…I began to have a conversation with the driver. We each revealed a small portion of ourselves to each other during this time. I enjoyed this. In the seats behind me, people slept. My eyes then turned to the naked skeletons that filled the expanse of land passing by as we drove. We call trees that bloom delicate petals, beautiful. We call trees that are wrapped in bright green leaves, handsome. But when they become barren during the cold winter months, they are no longer pleasing to the eye. This should not be so! These are the times in which the woods are most magnificent! Such a vulnerable state must be appreciated for its authenticity. We cannot see the multitude of sturdy branches and delicate twigs when they are covered with such foliage. A naked skeleton is the reality of a tree. This is where its soul lives. An uncovered soul bears truth. I was reminded of the layers that covered each soul inside the van. May it be that we all allow ourselves to shed the blossoms and leaves that we mask our hearts with and instead, display the raw magnificence of our beings. Each scar, flaw, and callus illustrates a story. How I desperately long to unclothe each heart and bear my own through simple conversation that penetrates deep into the secret self that my fellow human beings and my own self keep so hidden. We cannot wait too long before we share ourselves with others for each one of us is destined to be felled by Death. I plead. I pray. That you would not wait for your rings to tell your story. Allow both your heart and soul to come out while there is still life running through your veins.