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“be good to her…”


I had a great day today with my best friend! Got to hang out around town a bit, then got an awesome birthday present (I’m gonna be 23 next week. Ahhhh!!!)! I got a Lapis Lazuli POP Figure, a Blu-Ray copy of The Edge of Seventeen and two new chokers, including one with my birth stone, emerald! My best friend is the greatest friend a girl could as for 😊

Wonder Woman

My bestie just bought 14 tickets for Sunday so all of us could watch it with her.

She got to see a screening of it last night.

Best review of it so far is her saying it’s not just a good Wonder Woman movie, that it’s just a good movie. Period.

So yeah. I AM EXCITE!

It was like a scene right out of some STUPID rom-com. Four close friends out on a double-date. Eating supper and downing a few drinks. Helena was there with her girlfriend Brit, and Brit’s best friend who had brought her boyfriend. They’d all known each other for years, but lately, the redhead found herself BORED in her current relationship. It wasn’t her girlfriend’s fault. She hadn’t changed, she just needed more. Dating had never been her forte and she’d warned the girl when they got together, but Brit had insisted. All night, though, Helena’s attention had been focused on her girlfriend’s bestie. Gorgeous woman sitting across from her at the table. And without fully thinking through her actions, she was extending her foot and PLAYFULLY kicking at the other girl’s leg, teasingly sliding up it.


Besties forever!

A couple cute candid photos I found online of our new cosplays from this weekend at ECCC! I had a great time and I handed out as many Carol Corps decals as I could so I hope everyone enjoyed them and had a great time. My bestie kolibrichan as Spider-Woman, myself as Captain Marvel.

"All I'm trying to say..." A Stiles One Shot.

You sighed as you looked at the scenery in front of you. Nothing about it seemed right, but there was nothing you could do. You couldn’t control what he did, who he was with or who he liked. You would just wish you had had the time to tell him. He was your best friend after all. But no, destiny wouldn’t let you. He was too occupied with his new girl and didn’t have time for you anymore. You sighed again as you wiped away the fallen tear, shut your locker and turned around to walk to your next class. You passed his best friend on the way and he looked at you, concerned. You looked away, not wanting to let anyone know what kind of pain you were really in. You never wanted it to end like this, but due to everything, you didn’t have a choice. Beacon Hills was no longer the right place for you. Everything had only been going downhill since you got there only two years ago, and now you were tired. No, exhausted. It felt like it had been a lifetime since you had smiled a real smile, and it broke you. You used to be so happy, always smiling, always positive, but something had changed you. Or more like someone. He changed you the minute he told you about all the supernatural stuff that was happening. He became your priority. It became your biggest priority to make sure that he stayed as much in the normal world as possible. Even when danger threatened to destroy them, you stood by his side, and reminded him of the human he was. And now he had to learn how to stay that way without you. Because no one reminded you of the human inside of you. You were going crazy. All the danger, you never felt safe. It hadn’t mattered until a few weeks ago, when you overheard a conversation between your friends that you realized it. You weren’t you. And being true to who you are, used to be your motto. Your code. The one thing you never thought you would change. But you did, and when you realized it, tears started falling. You sighed as you sat down in the back of the class and rested your head on the table. Your last day at Beacon High, and it wasn’t going as planned. 


You sighed as you closed your last suitcase, looking at it. You dragged it down the staircase and was met by your grandmother’s teary eyes. She wasn’t crying because you were moving out, but because she knew that you were about to find yourself again, become the grandkid that never frowned. She kissed your forehead as your grandfather gently removed the suitcase from your hand and put it in the car along with the rest of your things. Sighing, you smiled a weak smile to your grandmom and went for the car, when you saw the way too familiar car pull up at the sidewalk. His dark brown hair was visible before the engine was even turned off, and he raced to get to you. He embraced you in a tight hug as you felt yourself cry for the first time ever, in the safety of his arms. He held you close as he began to speak. 

“Y/N, you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to leave. We’ll make it work. I’ll be there some more. I will do anything to ma-” You cut him off mid-sentence before he got to say anything else that would bring you to tears. 

“Don’t, Stiles. Don’t try to be the hero in this. We both know that if I stay, I’ll end up going down with the ship. I’ll end up crazy, frustrated. I could end up witnessing your death, Stiles. And I am not ready for that. I’m not ready for that because… I’m just not.” You said as you pulled out an envelope with his name on it. You placed it in his hands softly as you kissed his cheek like you had done countless times before, and got in the car next to your grandfather. And before he got to say anything else, you were gone. You had left Beacon Hills, and all he had left from you was the memories and the letter that felt like fire in his hands. 

He slowly made it to his room, holding onto the envelope tightly as he sat down on his bed. With shaking hands he slowly opened the letter and pulled out the paper and immediately he recognized the handwriting to be yours. The way the letters connected in a sloppy, yet elegant way, made it seem like you had used a lot of time on writing it. The stains of black on the paper, told him that whatever was in the letter, it had caused you pain, because the stains were dry tears. He took a deep breath and began reading, what he would find to be the last goodbye. 

Dear Stiles. Best friend. Bestie. Batman. I don’t know how to tell you this, because clearly I’m not going to be there when you read it, and it pains me to know that this could possible be the last thing we’ll ever share. Because you have this letter, it means that I’m gone. That I lost the battle against the frustrations. The trouble of breathing. The battle against myself. 

Stiles, you don’t know how much you mean to me. You mean so much more than you think. You’re amazing, you’re funny, you are sweet, caring, beautiful on the inside out. I guess all I’m trying to say is that… I love you. Always have, always will. Please don’t cry. I know you must be crying by know, and just the thought of it, breaks my heart. But Stiles you never saw it. You never saw that the one who would be your princess was right next to you. So I had to leave. I had to let you go. Not just for you. But for my own sake too. I was going crazy, seeing you with her. But she made you smile, she made you laugh, she made you happy. And in the end, that is all that really matters to me. You are, and will forever be, my one and only Batman. 

So don’t let this information stop you from going after her. You deserve to be happy. I know what you’re thinking ‘So do you!’ But Stiles, don’t you get it? Leaving, will make me happy. It will give me the time I need to heal. The time I need to find who I used to be. The one I want to be. Stay happy. Please, for me? I know it's ridicules to ask such thing of you, when I just left you like that. But I didn’t leave you with nothing. You don’t see it yet? Look in. Look into your heart and see what I left there. You see it now? I left you the opportunity to find love. To figure out who you are, and what you want to do. I will promise you this, Stiles. I will stay happy, the minute I find happiness. You’ll always be my partner in crime. I love you. 


Y/N. Your best friend. Cat Woman. Bestie. The one who will always look out for you. 

P.S don’t try and track me down. You won’t find me. I learned from the best xo

Stiles wiped away the tears as he read the letter over and over again. He was torn apart. Hurt, sad, angry, lonely. But one thing Y/N had said, would always be his escape. Something he could turn to when nothing else could get his mind of things. The hunt of tracking her down. 

(This is a true story, I promise you.)

At Magic Kingdom, Fairy Godmother has started a game of tag between the characters. Sometimes, Guests will be the carriers of these tags from one character to another. On Thursday, I was going around the park visiting characters, and I went and saw Tiana. When she asked if I was going to see Fairy Godmother, I immediately replied “of course”. She said “Tell her I tagged her and no tag-backs but it’s okay because I’m gonna make her gumbo later. Pinky promise you’ll do it!” So I did. I delivered the tag to Fairy Godmother who smiled very big and gave me a hug as well as a tag for Peter Pan (which I delivered much to his dismay). It was magical playing tag with the characters! :)