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The pool is for enjoying your body not feeling nervous about what people you dont know think of you GO TO THE POOL wear that swimsuit you love enjoy yourself with zero fucks given! lifes way to short not to enjoy whatever body you have ALL BODIES ARE BEACH BODIES dont wait til your scar is less visible til u loose more weight til you can find somethink to cover strech marks or cellulite EVERYBODY has stuff like that no one cares about small flaws on amazing people and if you do your flaws are bigger than mine

when ur bestie has to come over to get ur spirits back up after both ur girlfriend and ur steve left u (feat. my interpretation of @rennemichaels‘s suggestions, cause I do what I want)

(from the suggesto time lapse video on my yt channel :P)

By the cover {Part 1}

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Pairing: Taeyong x Reader

Warnings: Smuty smut. 

Word counting: 2.819

Summary: Just when you thought you have learned every person in your school’s life patterns, you find someone else. 

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There are two rules dictated by everyone’s freshmen year self. Number one: Don’t piss seniors off or you are dead. Number two: Be cool or you are dead.

Of course, that is just a stupid mindset but is the only thing in our minds when we are young. Luckily, you haven’t had to do much when you reached high school or pit effort to stick out. One step inside the halls and you were automatically crowned as a popular person. No, is not that you are this full of yourself but it’s just what happens when you are known as Johnny Seo’s best friend. Exactly, Johnny and you have been friends since kindergarten because your parents worked together. He was pretty, he knew how to act cool and he was the foreigner mysterious student. He didn’t need anything else to have almost all the girls letting sighs out for him when he walked around. He was popular and you hanged with him so you were popular in extension.

And like this, you pretty much accommodated on the “popular girl” kind of life; your own bubble of comfort and pretending. Inside this bubble laces with people formed a royalty class without a way to stop it. Untouchable kids, that’s what you became, untouchable and hella elitist. Because even if at first it’s just a stupid game for children, growing inside it is dangerous and easy at the same time.

Well, easy, at least for the freshman and sophomore year.  In the junior year things started getting wilder. Two words: Oh Sehun. He was a senior, the most popular kid of them all, a blonde tall and handsome model with a golden booty who also could buy everyone’s ass with his parent’s money. Somehow Johnny befriended him and the complicated web of contacts made you befriend him too. And everything went uphill like a fucking rollercoaster. Parties, reunions, more parties, betrayals, spite and, of course, love affairs.

You never wanted to enter the flinging mess but shit changed in the moment that Kim Yugyeom broke up with you to seek after other chicks. The bastard! And what did you do? Like an Untouchable Kid, like everyone that grew up in such a way, you showed everyone, and especially him, that you didn’t care. One after another you noted the boys that you made fall for you in a list. Oh, if you only made them fall… you used them like tissues and threw them after it. Is not that you were the school hoe but they were enough to get yourself the “heartbreaker” title, which was good because if you are a heartbreaker you are not a heartbroken.

Oh Sehun was finally retained in 12th grade so when you became a senior he was still there and in your class, indeed. That was the cherry on top when talking about danger. Suddenly, and without you noticing, you are immersed in a delirium of excess. Why? You only want to have fun, damn, you are 18! As soon as Sehun’s parents left for a business trip his house filled up with people dancing, making out and being too close of an ethylic intoxication for their age. You know… High School stuff.

You are there, cool kids’ protocol followed from head to toes. With a pink dress tight enough to make your curves be seen, lashes longer than your skirt and a red cup in your hand containing whichever booze Sehun bought in the nearest market. The plans of what you can do over the night are being examined by you carefully while Johnny stands by your side checking one by one the numerous assistants to the party. Judging by the look upon his face you can say that he hasn’t find something fun to do yet in the crowded mess.

-Let me ask again. What are we celebrating today?- he asks raising his voice over the noise and the music

-Jaehyun’s birthday?

-Jahyun’s birthday?

-Or maybe… Taeil’s birthday?

-Humm… i’ll go with that one. Did Jaehyun even come?

-He sure did, don’t you heard the rumor about he dating Rosé?- Rosé is a princess. Everybody loves her since she is smart and pretty and she was voted to be in charge of the students council by an absurd mayory- I’m sure it’s true and she is here so he must be here too i guess.

-Rosé with Jaehyun? That’s a power couple. I ship it.

-Yeah, they look like a movie romance- you take a ship of your verbiage before continuing- And Lee Taeyong is there too so Jaehyun is definitely here, they are best friends.

You turn around to mix the bitter taste of the alcohol in your cup with whatever you have in hand. But otherwise, Johnny keep his attention on the young man sitting on the couch. Blueberries juice? You roll your eyes, it is so typical of Sehun to buy something so over sweetened. You don’t think about it too much and pour it in the cup because it can’t taste worst than the cheap gin you are drinking.

-Don’t you think Taeyong is too boring?

-Boring?- you echo returning to your place by Johnny’s side with your drink in your hand - No i don’t think he is boring

-Nah, Y/N, look at him. He is sitting right there quietly. In a party!- you nail your eyes on the pink haired boy

-But do you really think he is boring? A boy with that appearance can’t be boring, it’s like written on the manual- Johnny arches his eyebrows

-Excuse me, i think i just heard you insinuating that Lee Taeyong is your type

-He is not my type, I’m just pointing that he is handsome- Johnny dramatically starts shaking you by the arm emitting a drowned fanboying sound

-You are not serious!

-Tsk- you blurt out- what are you doing i’m not a 15-years-old madly in love, i said he is handsome

-Handsome?- he wrinkles his nose- Maybe, but he looks like he has never broken a plate. You like cuties? Cute boys?

-I don’t think he is as cute as he looks, Johnny.

And it is true. A person who has the possibility of entering Sehun’s parties can’t be just innocent for various reasons. Lee Taeyong built a layer of mystery around himself when he came to High School last year. As cliché as it is, he was the transfer student and just a few people got to be close to him and see what he is up to. Of course, nor Johnny or you were that people.

-Listen, you know what would be funny?

-I think i’ll regret to ask but: what?

-If you tried to hit on Taeyong. I would prove to you that he is boring

-You are not hearing how stupid you sound?

-Oh my … you may commit a homicide!- Johnny keep mocking him -He might die of embarrassment, Y/N!!   

-Johnny stfu. I’m not hitting on him what are you saying?

-Just as a joke, have sense of humour!

-No. A million times no. Why don’t you hit on him if that looks so funny to you?- he arches an eyebrow again

-He doesn’t look like he liked the D’s. Get it Y/N, he is from the basket team, the gay team in our school is the baseball team… duh!- he starts pissing you off with a friendly tone

-Imma knock you down, Mr. Seo

-Key, calm down- he laughs together with you- Let’s find Jeffrey i wanna ask him if he is sleeping with Rosé?

-Why so interested?

-I like Jisoo and they are friends, you know… things come easy

-Really? Jisoo?

-She looks like a kitten


And as well as the rumors are saying, you find Jaehyun flying around Rosé. She is looking as flawlessly as she tends to do, chatting and dancing at equal amounts but the first one seems to have a bit less of tolerance against alcohol that he wants to show. He is standing perfectly straight but judging by the way his sleeves are rolled up and that he is brushing his hair back nervously you would say that his ship is going into a storm, in terms of balance.

-Hey, Jae, how is it going? I find you kinda… heated- Jaehyun laughs welcoming you and Johnny into the conversation

-Listen, is not me, the fucking Sehun always with his stupid blueberries liquor. You know if you mix sugar with alcohol shit gets pretty real sooner.

-I told him “buy tonic”. Did he listen? He never does- the three of you laugh for a while until Johnny decides to ask The Question- Talking about candies… what is it with the president, huuuh?

-Rosie?- Jaehyun’s lips slightly reflect a smile which already makes you confirm every theory you had

-Yeah… Rosie- says Johnny mimicking Jaehyun’s sugar coated tone- Girlfriend or hook-up?

-Johnny i told you to not ask him like that!- you scold him hitting on his arm and making the other boy laugh- Sorry Jaehyun…

-It’s ok, it’s ok… she is a girlfriend, Johnny

-Congrats or something? She is really pretty

This goes followed by some short explanation of a romantic scenario with Rosé as main character but Johnny has already found out what he wanted, therefore, he is not listening. He makes an expression that is, in part, undecipherable, but the way he grins to himself and quietly takes a long ship from his cup makes the other boy suspicious even if he is half drunk to register it.

-Oh boy, what is that face about?

-Isn’t your Rosie a friend with Jisoo, the one from the school choir?

-Mmm…I guess? That one? - Jaehyun turns his attention to his girlfriend who is now dancing alone with some friends and points to a brunette small woman. Your bestie nods already implying what he wanted to say with a smirk- You are interested in her?


-I don’t know, she is a bit like… classy, i don’t think she wants to…- he directs a look to Johnny gesturing over him with his hands- …that

You burst into laughter at how fast Johnny’s expression changed as his hopes slightly dropped. And honestly Jaehyun is laughing hard too, probably the half of that laugh is just because of how drunk he is and not because of the joke but who cares at that point, you aren’t sober either.

-Hey!- the tall silhouette of an almost 2 meters tall boy makes a sudden appearance by your side.

Rowoon Kim, more known as the handsome face of the basketball team. He is a kind, apacible guy from the 3rd grade but he keeps being as eye-candy for the girls as the others. The tall tanned boy leans on the wall with a wide smile, holding a couple of bowls with a lot of folded papers inside that makes you die of curiosity.

-Hey Rowoon!- you salute him cheerfully- Want to join? We were about to roast Johnny

-Hyung, what did you do now?

-Nothing, they are just shaming me. Wassup with that?- Johnny points at the crystal bowls asking what everyone was thinking

-This?- he says making the papers move inside the recipients- Well, Sehun has the worst ideas so he asked me to make people put their names in this to do a Super Lotto Show.

- Lotto? What is the price then?- you say curious

-7 minutes in Paradise


-One plate for the girls and one for the boys. Then a paper is chosen from each bowl and the winners get a ticket to Paradise a.k.a the closet

-Sehun has the best ideas- Johnny blurts out with a grin understanding the system

You also perfectly catch the idea that is running in Sehun’s machiavellian mind. If you want to keep your reputation as a king of hosts and parties you may want to make people talk about such parties for at least a week. And you need to put sauce on them to make that happen. The fuel of making a memorable party is the gossiping, after all.

-People call a Paradise the first thing they see, nowadays- exclaims Rosé with a humorous tone joining the conversation

-President! let me tell you that a real man can make a paradise out of any place

-Johnny cut it out- says Jaehyun who is already hugging his girlfriend

-Well, guys, do you want to play?

-Sure- Johnny doesn’t need more time to write his name with a clear handwriting and put it inside the bowl under the amused look of Rowoon- Tell me, president, are any of your friends participating?

-Nayeon, Jisoo and our Jennie- there is an exchange of mischievous looks between the three present boys and a small chuckle from your side

-Jaehyun?- continues Rowoon dissimulating

-I don’t think so

-And i guess Rosé doesn’t want to play, either, for equal reasons…-the girl shakes his head- Y/N?

-Yeah, i don’t know…

-C'mon, it can be fun- He encourages you- I put my name too because what can i lose?


-Ohg- Johnny grunts and, taking a paper, he writes down your name fast and ads a little heart by its side as if he wants to make everyone believe that was written by yourself. And then he shoves the paper into the bowl mixing it with the thick amount of names and losing it forever- There you go


-What? Imma quote your words before we came here: “I’m in the mood for an epic party, i’m wearing this skirt i bought for 40 bucks i'ma slay!”

-I didn’t say that. Not the last part

- “Johnny put my name in the goblet of fiyaaaah”

-Okay whatever- you say amused handing him your empty cup- But please refill that, just in case our names came out together i need to be at least a bit drunk

-Bish!- you blow him a sarcastic kiss and watch him go to fill the cups under the persistent and funny eyes of Rowoon who murmurs something about seeing you later and disappear into the crowd to collect people’s names.

The poor boy has caught the burden of helping Sehun around for one night which must be tiring and mostly annoying.

Until 12pm the party can be resumed with three words which are dancing, drinking and talking. Jaehyun endured it well all night and kept his “i’m a manly man and i’m not affected by alcohol” facade but he suddenly hits rock bottom with the ethanol level on his blood and he practically carries Rosé to the dancefloor to get lost in the mass of moving bodies. The most probable thing is that they won’t come back in at least one hour and that they are going to spend some quality time somewhere they consider a good emplacement. But this is something that none of you give importance to.

It’s only midnight and the party is decaying inside your group of friends due to the high number of cups you have downed. And you know it when you see Johnny bet with Taeil who of them two can reach the highest note while singing “My heart will go on”. Thankfully, the prince party Sehun makes his entrance in the room and gathers everyone’s attention before they have time to start screaming.

To be honest it’s the first time you see him since the night started, no matter if it is his own fucking house. He walks to the center of the room and with a click of his fingers the music’s volume drops to a soft background music and the DJ hangs him a microphone. He taps it a couple of times doing a not necessary but very flamboyant mic check.

-Goodnight people. I hope everyone is having the time of their lives- the noise of people cheering sounds loud- As you see i prepared a game with all my heart because Jesus knows i love to play- people in the crowd giggle to the comment and cheer again-  Good luck to everyone. Now Rowoon, honey, can you make the honours? We need an innocent hand

The junior quickly mixes the papers and pulls out one from the bowl marked with a pink sticker. The note is ripped off fast from his hand by the oldest. He unfolds it and giving everyone their spoon of expectation tapping the mic again.

- “Y/n  Y/l/n. Heart”- you half smile at the calling and wave your hand towards the host who waves back understanding your presence. Johnny’s attention comes back to you jiggling- She is a very pretty friend of mine, people, lets see who is the lucky guy. Rowoon please.

Again the same process with the paper and the incertidumbre and this time you can say it’s worth it because you almost choke at Sehun’s voice.

-”Lee Taeyong”


I had a great day today with my best friend! Got to hang out around town a bit, then got an awesome birthday present (I’m gonna be 23 next week. Ahhhh!!!)! I got a Lapis Lazuli POP Figure, a Blu-Ray copy of The Edge of Seventeen and two new chokers, including one with my birth stone, emerald! My best friend is the greatest friend a girl could as for 😊


Carmen: “Oh my god! I haven’t seen you in so long, and Xander was making me want to visit you, and it took all my courage to do this Charlotte! You know, you could just kill me right then and there like wow, you have super powers and I’m talking too fast aren’t I?”

Charlotte: “Yeah. You wanna watch some tv in pjs?”

Carmen: “Like old times?”

Charlotte: “Like old times.”


Besties forever!

A couple cute candid photos I found online of our new cosplays from this weekend at ECCC! I had a great time and I handed out as many Carol Corps decals as I could so I hope everyone enjoyed them and had a great time. My bestie kolibrichan as Spider-Woman, myself as Captain Marvel.

(This is a true story, I promise you.)

At Magic Kingdom, Fairy Godmother has started a game of tag between the characters. Sometimes, Guests will be the carriers of these tags from one character to another. On Thursday, I was going around the park visiting characters, and I went and saw Tiana. When she asked if I was going to see Fairy Godmother, I immediately replied “of course”. She said “Tell her I tagged her and no tag-backs but it’s okay because I’m gonna make her gumbo later. Pinky promise you’ll do it!” So I did. I delivered the tag to Fairy Godmother who smiled very big and gave me a hug as well as a tag for Peter Pan (which I delivered much to his dismay). It was magical playing tag with the characters! :)