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Our Bestiny 
You’re very surprised aren’t you..?
Firstly, to our Bestinies who suffered so much, believed in us, and waited for us, I wanted to deliver you good news but I’m unable to do that so all I can be is very apologetic.
You were probably very disappointed and surprised but I saw the fans’ posts that instead encouraged me, supported me, and thanked me and my heart dropped so much.
It was difficult seeing you so close and I know very well you’d wait and suffer for us so my heart hurts much much more..
But even until the end I couldn’t repay you once and am indebted to the fans like this.. 
Even though I’m usually someone who doesn’t have confidence and is very timid, promoting as a member of BESTie I was viewed as a way more pretty and cool person than I saw myself as thanks to the fans’ love and it’s thanks to the fans who discovered the good sides of me I didn’t even know I had that I became very confident and truly felt “I’m also a person who is pretty and can be loved” and “I’m an alright person after all”.
It was always because of the fans that I received a lot of healing and experienced a lot of happiness from the fans’ love, and seeing the fans who liked watching me I thought not only that but I thought oftentimes that it was a great relief.
Likewise I thought I needed to become the coolest singer for the fans, just like how they viewed me as, and I think that had very much so become my motivation.
I was off to a good start but there were also many times I hated myself for falling into slumps and doing my job poorly and there were a lot of regrettable stages I didn’t like as well, but even during those moments you supported me, monitored me meticulously, and even when I was upset you were even more upset than I was.
You don’t know how reassured I was seeing our fans who were unconditionally on my side.
Should I convey my eternally grateful heart? Should I write a letter to Bestiny? These things I’d thought about remain with me even now and I’m very upset but..
In the future I’m not sure how and with what image I’ll end up seeing the fans again, but I’ve gotten stronger from the fans’ support and will work hard so that I may surely be able to come see you again with a good image.
Thank you for creating many good memories and happy memories for me these past 4 years.
I’m sincerely grateful to you for supporting me until the end.
Thank you for being by my side and loving me who is still lacking.
Today as usual, I’m sorry, I thank you, and I love you.

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Get to know: BESTie

BESTie s a four member group consisting of (in order) Hyeyeon, Uji, Dahye, and Haeryung. They are under YNB Entertainment. 3 of the members belonged tot he group EXID but left due to contract issues and Dahye was added to form BESTie.

Fan Name: Bestinies

Introduction: Beside you bestie!



Main vocal born in 1991 (former member of EXID)


Lead Vocal born in 1990 (former member of EXID, stage name was Dami)


Maknae, Vocalist, Face of the group (former member of EXID). Also can actress and has starred in Nice Shorts (movie, 2009), My Lovely Girl (drama, 2014), High School- Love On (drama, 2014), and Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (drama, 2013)


Born 1993, Main rapper and vocalist

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Thank You Very Much

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Radio Live-

Hot Baby (funny antics)

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Special Videos-

Uji: Let It Go (cover)

Uji: If I Were a Boy (radio live)

Uji: Love Letter (featuring the Channels)

Uji in KPOP Generation

Uji: Autumn Leaves (OTS for Haeyeong’s drama)

BESTie performing MAMACITA by Super Junior

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So please please give BESTie a lot of love and support! They are a sweet group of girls who have worked really hard to compete against big companies to get where they are now.

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