bestie by bestie


I’d dreamed of seeing Roy again; how perfect everything would be. Though, the harsh reality was that nothing was the same. Or more so; I wasn’t the same. 

Aside from his new haircut and spots of facial hair, he was the same. His hair seemed lighter, but maybe that was just the gold reflecting off the leaves.

I knew he wanted to talk about everything, how I was doing, would I ever move to Oasis Springs; the same conversations I had been avoiding since he moved. I couldn’t do it, I felt so selfish. He was so incredibly happy, he was following his dreams; I was trying to do the same but I needed him. I tear him from his happiness; I need to find my happiness.


shoutout post for all u dms and gms out there (especially you newbie ones), y’all have such a difficult medium of storytelling to work with and it must feel like you’re herding cats 99.8% of the time but you guys have the absolutely amazing ability to engage your players in such a rich world where their words and actions matter and you turn absolute chaos into such a beautiful story that your players are so proud and happy to have had a hand in shaping and just….you’re all fantastic and i love you