BESTIE V.3 (v.1 / Us remake + some new)


  • 10 sets + Us All in one (4poses sofa related)
    • Teleporter must have
    • Andrew poses player is essential
  • Click pics for HQ
  • Old works:

So, here is the DOWNLOAD:


CCs credit lists: 1 / 2 / 3

<3 Hope you all enjoy, Any problem, please report. (›´ω`‹ )

I hate how much hate Bestie gets, specifically Hyeyeon, UJi and Haeryung get for “Abandoning” Exid and how bashed their group gets for not being as popular as Exid. It’s not even their fault, they’re still amazing singers and performers they just didn’t get a lucky fan cam like Exid did. I hope they get a break out moment soon too.


BESTie (Uji) - 160802 JTBC Girl Spirit - cover of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing


넘나 사랑스런울케이😍
케이와 유지가 함께한무대 기대해주세요😘
오늘밤 10시 50분 JTBC 걸스피릿 본방사수!!

My very lovely Kei😍
Please look forward to Kei and Uji’s special stage together😘
Tune in to JTBC Girl Spirit tonight at 10:50!!

trans cr; fy-bestie
please take out with full credits,