Artists that won medals in ISAC 2016


  • White: DIA, OH MY GIRL, April, Seventee, Monsta X, UP10TION
  • Orange: Mamamoo, Sonamoo, 9Muses, GFriend, Girl’s Day, EXID, Minx, Dal Shabet
  • Red: Red Velvet, AOA, Lovelyz, B.A.P, EXO, N.Flying
  • Blue: Twice, Melody Day, BESTie, GOT7, BTS
  • Green: CLC, BTOB, APink, BEAST, 4Minute, Jihoon
  • Dark Blue: VIXX, MyNaame, A-JAX, Madtown, 100%, Yoo Seung Woo
  • Secret Weapon: Mighty Mouth, Untouchable, Hello Venus, Boys Republic

60 meter sprint (Female)

  • Gold: Yuju - GFriend
  • Silver: Uji - BESTie
  • Bronze: Binnie - OH MY GIRL

60 meter sprint (Male)

  • Gold: Minhyuk - BTOB
  • Silver: Woosung - Snuper
  • Bronze: Jooheon - Monsta X

Archery (Female)

  • Gold: EXID
  • Silver: Red Velvet

Archery (Coed)

  • Gold: BTOB and CLC
  • Silver: VIXX and AOA

Wrestling (Female)

  • Gold: EXID
  • Silver: TWICE

Wrestling (Male)

  • Gold: VIXX
  • Silver: BTS

400 meter relay (Female)

  • Gold: APink
  • Silver: EXID
  • Bronze: GFriend

400 meter relay (Male)

  • Gold: BTS
  • Silver: B.A.P
  • Bronze: VIXX

Monkeying about with the kids before we paint the town RED! 🙈🙊🙉🙈🙊🙉
Who else’s heading out?! 🍺🍶🍸🍷
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여러분 설연휴가 시작되었어요
모두 행복하고 안전한 설 보내세요♡

Everyone, the Lunar New Year break has started 
Have a happy and safe Lunar New Year guys♡

(T/N: The first two lines are lyrics to Illionaire’s “YGGR”)

trans cr; fy-bestie
please take out with full credits


for anyone who hasn’t seen this masterpiece yet