Is there anywhere I can buy JUST the HALO 3 Limited Edition Bestiarum book? I’d rather not have to re-buy the game, since I already have it. Whenever I search for the book on Amazon or something, it comes up with no results, or just results from HALO stuff in general. PLEASE HELP.

Kilim Desert

An arid region to the northwest of Azul Bay, the Kilim Desert is home to a number of nomadic tribes. Although natural resources are scarce, the locals craft exquisite handmade goods which they trade with more fertile regions for food and supplies. Kilimish creatures exhibit a wide array of adaptations which help them to survive the desert’s harsh conditions.


“BESTIARUM HUMANIMALIS” (Le Bestiaire Humanimal)

Bestiary or Bestiarum

BESTIARY or BESTIARUM is a compendium of beasts, originating in the Ancient World.  They were made popular in the Middle Ages in illustrated volumes, that described various animals and birds.

The natural history and illustration of each beast was, usually, accompanied by a MORAL LESSON.  This reflected the belief that the world itself was the Word of God, and that every living thing had its own…

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  • Region: Danza River
  • Transforms From: Harumph
  • Transforms Into: Scaramouch

As Harumph grows, its whiskers become unmanageably large and bushy, and its desire to maintain its appearance triggers a transformation into Scarumph. Two claws on either of the creature’s front paws grow longer and sharper until they resemble a pair of shears, which Scarumph uses to trim its whiskers into a neat handlebar. There is a beautiful botanical garden near the Danza city of Sbocciare which boasts an incredible collection of flora and fauna gathered from all across the Territory. One of their most famous exhibits is a topiary garden, run by an elderly gardener named Crocetti who employs a veritable fleet of Scarumph to help keep the shrubs and hedges properly pruned. Crocetti told me that his trust in Scarumph’s neatness and attention to detail is so great that he even allows them to cut his hair when it needs trimming, and I must say that the look he was sporting suited him well.

Bestiarum, toda una sinfónica

La Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín realizará, BESTIARIUM - Suite original para Banda Sinfónica, el próximo viernes 15 de marzo en el Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe a las 7 de la noche. El concierto, dirigido por el maestro belga, Frank De Vuyst, se repetirá en el programa de formación de públicos del Teatro Universidad de Medellín el lunes 18 de marzo bajo la dirección de Hugo Andrés Riaño.


Adorable little bat - help to demonstrate the structure of bat wings, the flexibility of the skin, and just HOW CUTE IS HEEEE