Growing Up Me (Pt. 18)

The second day was not quite what I expected. Haven received a text the day before from a friend who was going to be in town on Tuesday (this day) and wanted to hang out. I was ok with this, but bummed out due to the fact that her friend was Conservative and looked down on cross-dressers. I bit my tongue and carried on, as nothing really came up that would offend me. That morning I did Haven’s hair for her (it was super cute) and we left to meet her friend. We met at the mall near Haven’s apartment and went shopping together. As a way for us to go shopping for accessories, Haven “drug” me to Claire’s to look at earrings and jewelry. She bought a pair of clip-ons and converters for me by saying they were for her sister.  She also picked out a pair of false glasses and had me try them on “against my will.” To balance out the “gender stores” we also went to GameStop where I bought a Legend of Zelda Christmas tree ornament. Haven wasn’t feeling well after about an hour of shopping, so we went back to her apartment, after stopping at Walmart for more groceries that is. That evening, Alice came home and I got to see her for the first time since July. I gave her her Christmas present - a pair of Captain America socks, an octopus tea infuser, a pair of octopus earrings, and a set of Hayao Miyazaki socks. We then decided that it was time for me to become a girl again. I slipped into my bathrobe and put on my new heat resistant wig. Alice styled it for me while Haven did my makeup. After they were finished, I decided to try on my new outfit. I wore a white blouse with a black skirt, red flats (that were too big), a scarf, leggings, a red pea coat and beanie, and a bracelet, earrings, and my glasses. After getting dressed, we decided that we were all hungry, so I left the house for the second time dressed up. Although we only went through the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant, I could slowly feel my confidence building up. Remembering what my friend Daniella told me years before, “what’s the point of dressing up if you’re going to stay inside? You need to go out and be yourself,” I realized that it would soon be time for me to make that leap. We returned home and Alice left to go back to her family’s house, so Haven and I continued girls’ night at the apartment. Haven and I did each others’ nails and watched television before finally calling it a night. The best part of this outing was the conversation the three of us had. After a number of attempts at creating a name for me, one was finally decided upon: Lana. (To be continued)