Surprise sneak peak! Yaaaay! I’m so sorry I’ve been missing in writing action lately. I’ve been quite ill, and only starting to feel normal again. Just barely. Back to work and study yay. But I missed you and I missed writing! So here’s a little sneak peak of this weekend’s update. Don’t worry, it’s still related to the LA Mini Series and it’s quite happy!

Thank you for the feedback too about the bestfriend name thing. I decided to give her a name for the story just to make it easier. But feel free to substitute according to your besties name when you read this! Alright. Enjoy this sneak peak, and come talk to me here. All the love! xxxxx Anna

So this must be how a boyfriend feels like while waiting in stores when their girlfriends shop, or while they wait for their girlfriends to get ready,’ you thought bitterly. 

You have been in the same spot for the last hour waiting for your bestfriend Kate to get ready. Rather, you have been in the same spot for the last hour watching Kate do everything BUT get ready. She was still in her dressing robe, fluffing around, pacing back and forth her tiny flat and gathering a few bits and pieces. It was driving you insane. 

Normally, this would be fine. You could even say that this was a normal occurrence now everytime you had a night out. But tonight you just did not have the patience for it, and you just can’t hide your irritation any longer.

“Remind me when I get a boyfriend,” you started, “to never make him wait like this. On me, on anything. Heck, I won’t even take him shopping with me. This is plain torture.” 

You were behaving like a small child ready to throw the tantrum of all tantrums and you knew it. But you couldn’t help but be whiny and complaining if only to Kate. She’d understand. You’d been friends long enough to behave like spoilt brats in front of each other. 

“There, there,” she said as she patted your head, treating you like the child you were being. 

“But Kaaaaaate,” you whined as you dramatically collapsed into her bed, “can we just go now?” 

“Y/N,” her tone was very patient with you, as if she was speaking to a young misbehaving child, “I’m not ready yet. I haven’t even decided what to wear and I haven’t done my make-up!” 

“Oh, but you look fine!” you assured her. And you weren’t just saying that so you could finally leave. Kate has always been beautiful to you, no matter what she was wearing or how she did her make-up. 

“Fine won’t do tonight. I have to look, like, I don’t know? Mega babe?” “But you already are a mega babe!” 

“You’re just saying that cos you want to leave,” she laughed, “but thanks. I know that already though?” she said as she poked her tongue out. 

“Kate, you’re lovely. He would be stupid not to see that. Or you know, not get with all that tonight.” 

“You know what? You’re right. I’m a fucking catch, okay? He’s lucky to even be the object of my desire, you know?” 

“That’s my girl,” you smiled. As annoyed you were that you were spending what was supposed to be a lovely Friday night in at home in your pyjamas, you couldn’t help but smile. Kate was your bestest friend and you would do anything for her. And if it was being wingman at some party where the love of her life will be, then so be it. 

“What’s the time anyway?” she asked. 

You checked your phone. It was almost ten thirty at night. “Almost 10:30,” you called out. 

She was practically inside her wardrobe that you can’t see her at all underneath all that pile of clothes. “Holy shit, why didn’t you tell me it was this late?” 

“Umm what do you think I’ve been doing for the last hour?” 

“Fair call, mate. Touche. So,” she said as she emerged from her wardrobe holding up two identical looking dresses, “what do you think of these?” 

“The first one. With that cute lace bit,” you said pointing to the dress on her right. 

“Yeah, but do you think it’s too revealing? Like I’m worried it will send out the wrong message, you know?” 

You laughed out loud. “You do realise you’re dragging me to this thing tonight, against my will, mind you, to be your wingman and you’re worried your dress is sending the wrong message?” “Oh my god, you’re right! I can’t wear either of these. I need a dress so hot it can be my wingman!” 

You grabbed one of her pillows and threw it across the room, but she managed to duck pretty quickly that you completely missed her. You gave up. There was no way this process could be sped up, and you were mentally kicking yourself for rushing out home, thinking you had no time to get ready because Kate said to meet her at 9:30. You should have known this was going to happen. Maybe you would felt more ‘party ready’ if you had time to at least make a bit of an effort with how you looked. 

“That’s it,” you said as you got up the bed to go where the pantry was, “I’m getting drunk.” 

You raided Kate’s pantry, knowing full well that she stocks up on wine regularly. You cracked open a bottle, not bothering with a glass anymore, and drank straight from the bottle. 

You walked over to where Kate was. It looks like she finally decided on a dress (thank goodness for that) and was wearing a red number that made her look really hot. She was sitting by her dresser now, carefully curling her hair. 

“So where did you say this party was again?” you asked, realising you knew nothing about what’s happening tonight except for the fact that you were going to a party and Kate’s love interest will be there and she needs your help. 

“Umm, at someone’s flat, I think. I have the address on my phone.” 

“Yeah, but where is that thought?” you asked as you gulped the wine as fast as you could. 

Kate pretended not to hear you, and instead focused her attention on curling the section of hair closest to her face. You didn’t like the sound of this at all. She usually did this when she knew you wouldn’t approve of her answer, like that time she told you she was going on a date with this douchebag in your first year of University. 

“Kate, where are we going?” you asked again.

“Umm, Peckham,” she said, not meeting your eye. 

“Fucking hell,” you practically yelled. So maybe you were overreacting. But Peckham wasn’t exactly the area you’d think of when it comes to a party. In fact, the south London suburb had quite a reputation. Peckham was said to be dodgy, full of the rowdy and the not so nice neighbourhood had its fair share of being the butt of many jokes. 

“I knew you’d not want to go if I said we were going to Peckham.” 

“Honestly, Kate. I’m giving up my nicely planned Friday night to party in Peckham? I thought we were going to Chelsea. Or Marylebone at the least. But Peckham? Really?” 

“Heeeyyyy,” she argued, “it’s not that bad. Have you not heard? Everyone’s saying that Peckham is the new IT neighbourhood. Celebrities are moving there, the scene is thriving, and now it’s super cool! See? We’re actually being ahead of the trend here cos we’re so cooooool.” 

Of course that’s what people in Peckham would say and you weren’t buying it. Unfortunately it was too late to back out now. Not with Kate sitting here like this is the most important thing in the world. 

“Fine. But I’m taking my pepper spray and we’re taking a cab to this place.”

“Yes! Yes. I’ll even pay for the cab, whatever. Anything to get you to come with, okay? So we’re going to Peckham,” she grinned victoriously at you. 

You rolled your eyes before laughing. “I guess so. This better be worth it, Kate. You better marry this guy and have lots of babies and make me their cool aunty.” 

“That’s the plan. I really hope he turns up to this party tonight, though. That would be a good start.” 

“KATE!!!!! What the fuck do you mean you’re not even sure if he’s coming or not?” 

“Well, I’m not sure if he is. But I’m willing to take a chance. Because that’s what you do when you really like someone. You take chances. You make it happen. You at least try.” 

How could you argue that? How could you even be mad at your bestfriend for taking you to some dodgy party at a dodgy neighbourhood for someone who you weren’t even sure was going to turn up. 

But here she was, ready to take a chance. It was more than you could ever say you’ve done. While she was out there, grabbing life and love by the balls, you preferred to stay comfortably in the sidelines, all your energy and focus devoted to things you could control like building up your career and making a name for yourself. 

“Kate, that was deep as fuck,” you smiled, “now can you please hurry the fuck up so we can get to dodgy Peckham?” 

You were starting to swear a lot more than usual, a sure sign that you should take it easy on the wine. You steadied yourself as you put the bottle down and got comfy in Kate’s bed. 

“Someday, Y/N, and I don’t know when yet, but you are going to thank me for dragging you out tonight. Who knows what could happen tonight?” 

“Hmm,” you answered skeptically, not quite knowing how to respond to that. You highly doubt it, anyway. What was there for you in dodgy old Peckham? Nothing. You were about to open your mouth and say another sarcastic comment when you stopped yourself. You’ve made your point already, whining and complaining all night, and you weren’t about to subject Kate to any of that any longer.

But the funny thing about all this, is that there really is no way of foreseeing what lies ahead. 

How were you supposed to know that between your ‘I don’t want to go out tonight’ attitude to your comments about ‘dodgy Peckham’, that this was the night that would change everything?

Grabe nahold up me sa P.Campa yesterday. Kasama ko yung dalawa kong bestfriend naisipan kasi naming maging pokpok at lumandi ng 5am ng umaga. Jokening magbebreakfast kasi talaga haha lol although may pagkapokpok naman kasi talaga kami hahal . Tinutukan kami ng baril tas sabi nung holdaper “mabilisan lang oh, bigay nyo cellphone nyo” mygieee I was like ohmygawd look at his face you like my next mistake!!!
Eto pa yung pinakastressful bibili na sana nila kong iphone 5s kaso pinaholdap ko yung 4, ayaw na tuloy akong ibili ughhhh. Mag ingat kayo lalo na yung mga nasa manila. The city is a scary place indeed huhu. Luh haha. Mwahh 😘

Weddings Aren't My Thing.

(Y/N)- Your Name.

(Y/BF/N)- Your bestfriend’s name.

(Y/BP/N)- Your birthplace name.

I hope that you like it!

The bride, your best friend, held onto her bouquet of white roses ready to launch, women gathered behind ready to attack. You could pick out the semi-intoxicated from the full on drunk half blind. Some fell over just moving the top half of their body.

You leaned against the wall, observing the women, sipping your fancy wine, off in some other world where you were anywhere but here.

“Aren’t you going to join the circle of drunk women?” A smooth voice whispers from behind you, encasing around you. His accent was familiar, some type of British Tongue.

You turn around, and are met with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes, and long sexy dirty blonde hair. His whole attitude screamed sexy and his tux was top notch handsome.

“Weddings aren’t really my thing.” You shrug and take another sip, feeling the effects of the wine slowly taking hold of your brain’s rational system.

“Well maybe you just need to be the star, dressed in white, with a handsome british man.. standing across from you.”

Is he flirting? Is he proposing? Your brain can’t process the right reply  of information fast enough, so you decide to set your response to random.

“Are you proposing to me?” Good enough. Flirty and somewhat seductive…. Or maybe it came off as creepy and clingy?

“I don’t-”

The group of tipsy woman screech from their circle, as (Y/F/N) throws the bouquet.

Though, it didn’t go to the women with outstretched hands, instead it made a straight B line towards you and the man, who’s name you just realised has not been soaked up into your brain.


The bouquet of flowers hits you square on the head, and you spill your drink on the man’s expensive tux.

“Oh fuck! I mean Shit! Ahh thats not better!” You panic and try to quickly dab your napkin on the mans outfit. 

“Weddings really aren’t my thing.” You grumble rolling your eyes.

He just chuckles lowly and bends down to pick up the fallen misshelved bouquet. 

“Here ma’lady.” Bowing he takes your hand kissing them on the knuckles, and placing the flowers into your hands.

“Thank you, sir. May you honor me with you name my prince?”

“I’m called Joe Sugg of Wiltshire, England. And you fair maiden?”

“I’m named (Y/N) of (Y/BP/N).”

A slower tempo song plays through the speaker, and the strobe lights on steroids, dim down a notch.

“May I have this dance?”

“Yes sir.”

“See.” Joe whispers across from you, his hands on your back slowly moving with the music.

You shoot him a confused look, and continue focusing on trying not to wedge your heels into his feet.

“I told you- you would like weddings if you were the star.” He cheekily smiles and you can’t help but smile back.

“With a handsome british man across from me, Mr.Sugg.”


from grilledcheese-aspiration

1) Why this Url?
tiz a nickname from my childhood bestfriend.
2) Middle name?
named after my grandma. starts with a d.
3) If I could own a fictional pet, what would it be?
i want my freddy back. or my first dog back.
4) Favorite colour?
teal or red for today.
5) Favorite song?
as of late its been this.
6) Top three fandoms?
i am a fan of things but i dont do fandoms.
7) Why do I like Tumblr?
all the cool people are here! fun,easytouse,addictive;)

anonymous asked:

You posted a picture of your friend near a car and said she's Kylie Jenner anyways I was wondering if she has Instagram or tumblr ?

Her name is Bianca to everyone else though
Her insta is bianca_coppa and her tumblr is vogue-tribe. Xxx

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why I love my bestfriend ~ her names Josie btw. mainly bcus she stuck by me while I was in a really bad state n was one of the two people who gave me the motivation to get myself back on track. n also bcus she’s very pretty n I love her to bits like srsly. she’s the only person that shares similar aspirations as me n I know I can tell her anything. also her hugs r great. she’s one of those friends that doesn’t give a fuck bout sexualisation of things, so ik I can just cuddle her when im sad, or jut show off my new underwear to her n whatever or go skinny dipping (one day). okay imam stop b4 I annoy ya’ll <3

phobia(s) ~ oh um. fear of failing probably. not sure tbfh

This void mean the world to me. They my best friend and we are perfect in all the wrong ways. 💕
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