♡ saturday night ships ♡

so it’s saturday night and i’ close to my next hundred so i thought i would do some ships for you guys!! :))


  • must be following me 
  • must reblog this post! (just spreadin’ the word)
  • must have a face or about me page or just tell me about your lovely self!! 
  • tell me your zodiac sign! (completely optional, just for compatibility purposes)
  • send me an ask! (it can be anything, fmk, wyr, mlt, ask for some advice or just a simple question!)
  • ship me! (it doesn’t have to be a blurb or anything, just tell me who you think i’d be cute with :)) here’s my face)
  • while you’re waiting, you don’t have to but…… check out my writing maybe?? (you can ignore this if you want, just some shameless self promotion)

what you’ll get:

  • a ship
  • ship name 
  • your bestfriend
  • your almost older brother
  • your secret (english) love affair
  • his pet name for you (babygirl/boy, prince/ss, babe, honey, sweetheart, etc.)
  • how you make him feel (kinda like the vibe he gets when he’s around you)
  • who makes the first move (you/him)
  • who’s big spoon (you/him)
  • who says the ‘big l word’ first (you/him)
  • who’s the clingiest (you/him)
  • who takes more pics of the other (you/him)
  • who asks to get a pet (you/him)
  • your special song (basically just a song off of shuffle)
  • a compliment (bc everyone could always use just a bit of positivity in their day!!)
  • pic/gif of your babe (not my pictures!!)

(these will be blacklisted with ‘mya does ships’)

please don’t let this flop

Hi! So I’m pretty close to my goal and I thought this would be fun!

a few rules:

.pls be following me

.reblog this

.have a face page or a description of yourself

.shoot me an ask! (any questions, tell me abt your day, wyr, fmk, book recommendations etc.)

what you’ll get!:


.ship name:


.who takes longer in the shower: you/him/both

.who enjoys cuddles more: you/him/both

.who sends the other memes at 3 am: you/him/both

.who takes sneaky pictures of the other: you/him/both

.who asks to get a pet: you/him

.who plans the dates: you/him/both


.blurb (if you send me a prompt):

.blog rate /10:

.playlist based off of your name:

also no notes and this never happened (and i’ll cry a lil)

anonymous asked:

White red orange yellow

white: (3 facts about my personality) - I’m very confident, borderline arrogant, and really funny (I cant take things seriously)

red ( 5 facts about my bestfriend) : His name is Sirius, he talks in his sleep, he’s been the happiest I’ve ever seen him while dating Remus, he likes sleeping at my house more than his house, we’ve been best mates since we were little

orange (6 facts about my hometown) : there are big houses, many people, it was quiet-ish, there were a lot of old people, it wasn’t in the muggle world

yellow: (7 facts about my childhood): I was very talkative, I had trouble sitting still, my teachers never liked me, I hated being an only child, Sirius and I hung out almost every day, my parents were very big on manners and I was very big on ignoring them, and that’s when I got my glasses and was teased but then @ask–sirius punched them

i was tagged by @sleeping-at-the-disco to answer 11 questions and tag 11 people. you answer the questions, and then make your own 11 questions for your tagged people to answer ^-^

the questions Sam’s asking are:
1: what is colors do you find aesthetically pleasing together ? Mustard Yellow and Burgundy all the way.
2. if you became ruler of your country, what’s something you would change? the law enforcement.
3. If you could ride any animal what would it be? (i know you want to ride an elephant) but i wanna ride a triceratops.
4. Favorite dipping sauce for fries? Sweet and Sour sauce or a nice vanilla milkshake
5. what’s your bestfriends name? SAM SAM DIGLIO
6. What’s the last song you listened to? I listed to Crave by Waterparks last night before i fell asleep
7. Have you ever kissed someone and regretted it? ??? fuck yes ??
8. Describe your dream home. BIG AND OLD AND POINTY.
9. Favorite lyric at the moment? “How cruel is the golden rule/ when the lives we live are only golden plated” Golden by Fall Out Boy.
10. Sun or moon? moon.

my 11 are
1: what’s your least favorite color combination?
2: what’s one song from one of your faves that you skip?
3: when’s the last time you were scared?
4: have you ever been with someone knowing you don’t/won’t love them?
5: were you a disney kid?
6: what was your fave book as a kid?
7: have you been to any reAL parties?
8: if you could live on any planet (pretending they could sustain life) what planet would you choose?
9: what’s your biggest fear?
10: do you have any pets?
11: tell me a funny story pls cx

i tag: @emopunk @gayvvarden @holdingontoanathema @bluwingskitty @ieropocalypse @unknown–persona @the-glowing-eyes @dumdumbrendon @cinderisablock @kellie-at-the-disco @slowtowndun @joshyface

anonymous asked:

In the anon that asked for advice ona webcomic, and my best friend seems rlly excited for it!! It came out of a joke where I personified like 27 pride flags and then I got attached and gave them all stories and my bestfriend suggested the name , seeing as the main characters are the bi and pan flag people, it's called "EVERYONE IS HOT AND I HATE IT" can't decide if I need a different title

is it on tapastic? I’m always a slut for countries or flags or anything at all being personified

mystiicaldork  asked:

Hello!😁 I have an about me page but i don’t have a face page so I'm 5'5, medium-ish long brown hair with green dip dye, and hazel eyes. Also wyr play video games with cashton or muke? 💕

video games with cashton bc i feel like calum would kill at mario cart

.ship: luke

.ship name: lukeren

.bestfriend: calum

.who takes longer in the shower: you/him/both

.who enjoys cuddles more: you/him/both

.who sends the other memes at 3 am: you/him/both

.who takes sneaky pictures of the other: you/him/both

.who asks to get a pet: you/him

.who plans the dates: you/him/both 

.blog rate /10: 8.5/10

.playlist based off of your name:

Love it All- The Kooks

Arabella- Arctic Monkeys

Undercover Martyn- Two Door Cinema Club

Rango- Catfish and the Bottlemen

Eddies Gun- The Kooks

No Surprises- Radiohead