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I've seen several times that D and C had an extra, uncalled for kiss on the episode where they got back together the first time...what's that about?

During one of the final takes during Got To Get You Into My Life, C and D were told they did not have to do the kiss at the end of the song as it was a wide, overhead shot and they wouldn’t be in it. They chose to kiss anyway. It’s what I love to call “CC as Klaine”. Here’s a gif of it - notice the crew member walking through the shot?

In lieu of a new illustration this week, I’m posting an oldie but a goodie I had buried in my photoshop files!

Been some time since we’ve seen these boys, but this part of my life I’ll always cherish the community and the creativity and rallying around fellow fans. 

Long live the Ghost and Phalanx, and long live the pair that inspired them :)

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The fic where Blaine was a doctor and kurts daughter fell off her bed is called "Dr Blaine Anderson" by Socialbutterfly85 :)

Thank you and thanks to @hkvoyage for also sending this in!

Dr. Blaine Anderson by Socialbutterfly85

Blaine is busy being an ER doctor. Kurt is busy being a fashion designer and single dad of two kids. What happens when their paths cross?


In Honor Of My Bestfriend Leaving……
I went through some of my favorite photos of us ❤️😊 you already know I’m going to miss you but I’m proud of you Ash @ashton-yourbodyguard I’m always here if you need.

Top two photos are from our last night together ❤️😩😍 He surprised me with gifts ! 🎁❤️