Having a guy Bestfriend

Having a guy best friend is the best thing in the world. He always knows what to say no matter why im upset, he instantly takes my side in any situation, and he is ver protective over me espacialy now that im not living away from home. I have thanked him sooo many times for being amazing and all he has to say in return is “thank you Jaime you’re the one that amazes me” i Love him and i don’t know what i would do with out him :) <3

MASTERLIST (updated 12/6/16)


the one where you two talk shit (bestfriend!calum)

the one where his gf is a gold digger (brother!luke)

the one where a laptop explodes (boyfriend!michael)

the one about lingerie (boyfriend!ashton)

the one where he’s an asshole (boyfriend!luke)

the one with yelling halsey lyrics (4/4)

the one about the billboard photoshoot (boyfriend!calum)

the one where he is an A+ boyfriend (boyfriend!ashton)

the one where he fell inlove (bestfriend!michael)

the one where he’s a bit jaelous (boyfriend!luke)

the one where you’re dating his band member (brother!ashton)

the one where his selfie is dOPE (boyfriend!luke)

the one where it is halloween (4/4)

the one where revival is out (boyfriend!calum)

the one where you dissapear for a day (boyfriend!calum)

the one with netflix and chill (boyfriend!ashton)

the one where sorry just got out (boyfriend!michael)

the one where luke aint a penguin anymore (boyfriend!luke)

the one where you are drunk (boyfriend!ashton)

the one where his hair is cute asf (friend!luke)

the one with hailey baldwin (brother!luke)

the one where you watch friends (boyfriend!ashton)

the one with his jealousy (boyfriend!calum)

the one about arzaylea part 2 (bestfriend!luke)

the one with popular song lyrics (4/4)

the one where you get lost (4/4)

the one where he doesn’t say ‘i love you’ anymore (boyfriend!luke)

the one with pregnancy cravings (fiance!luke)

the one about christmas travelling (boyfriend!michael)

the one about christmas presents (boyfriend!ashton)

the one about christmas songs (boyfriend!calum)

the one about buying presents for his siblings (boyfriend!ashton)

the one about the rolling stone interview (boyfriend!michael)

the one about the rolling stone interview (boyfriend!calum)

the one where he cheated part 2 (ex!luke and (boy)friend!calum)

the one where jailey has risen (boyfriend!ashton)

the one with love confessions part 2 (bestfriend!luke)

the one about how perfect selena gomez is (boyfriend!calum)

the one where you have celiac (boyfriend!michael)

the one about pll (boyfriend!ashton)

the one where you break your arm (boyfriend!luke)

the one about ‘if you don’t know’ (boyfriend!michael)

the one where you are an independant ass bitch (boyfriend!calum)

the one where it’s biebers birthday (cake)

the one where arzaylea blocks you (boyfriend!michael)

the one with private photoshoots (boyfriend!calum)

the one you are going to sleep (boyfriend!calum)

the one about bringing guys home part 2 (roomate!calum)

the one about finals (boyfriend!ashton)

the one about GoT finale (boyfriend!luke)

the one where it’s lukes 20th (boyfriend!luke)

the one where you don’t check who you texting part 2(friend!luke)


the one with christmas breakfast (daddy!ashton)

the one about a puppy under the tree (daddy!calum)

the one about a christmas vacation (daddy!luke)

the one about the christmas morning (singledad!michael)

blurb starters

‘’Let’s just pretend. Just for tonight.’’ (ex!michael

“Why are there four dogs in our house? We don’t own four dogs. We don’t even own one.” (boyfriend!calum)

“I did not scream.” (boyfriend!ashton)

“Do you know how good you look?” (bestfreind!luke)

“You should be with me.” (bestfreind!ashton)

“Holy shit, you’re real.” (boyfriend!michael)

What did you just say?” (boyfriend!calum)

“Can we just… Pause for a second.” (boyfreind!michael)

“Why won’t you let me steal your flannels?” (boyfriend!luke)

“I never should have let you go.” (ex!ashton)

“Baby, please.” (boyfriend!calum)

‘’It doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving you.’’ (ex!calum)

“Well, this is awkward.” (boyfriend!luke)

What, you scared I’ll kick your ass again?”

“Have you ever thought about… like… us?” (bestfriend!michael)


the one where jelena had risen (bestfriend justin)

the one where he talks about kids (boyfriend justin)

the one where he babysitts (bestfriend justin)

the one where you are a badass (boyfriend justin)

the one where he is jealous (boyfriend justin)

the one where you kiss him (friend justin)


A/N: G is your bestfreind, he’s on tour in Copenhagen and you are back in Cali and you miss him.  FYI Gerald actually calls himself a vampire which is hot but I added it because I know he likes it.  This was a cute au, it gets me in my G feels. To request more au’s click here.  Thank you, love you -i 

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im ignoring texts from my bestfriend cause he wants to go to the movies but im afraid of movie theaters and i don’t wan t to tell him cause i’ve avoided it this long save me. nate is rlly impulsive like “hey come to my house tomorrow” but i need like ,,,, weeks to mentally prepare myself and he has anxiety but like not as bad as mine and it make s me feel bad that I ignore him cause i love him but i just can’t AaaHHHAaHH and my other bestfreind just got out of jail but im too afraid to hang out with her and honestly i hate myself so much because i miss her but i have such bad social anxiety and she wants to do some scavenger hunt and that just sounds like an anxiety party and im sad because i love my bestfriends but im too fucking mentally ill to handle seeing them and i wish i could just be a normal fucking person who can look other people in the eye and not hyperventilate everytime i speak to another human ughughugh the people i love deserve better than me im a fuckin g mess

I Can't Take Anymore (Part 1)

Request: Could you please do a tony perry imagine where he is you are bestfreinds and you have an abusive boyfriend and tony finds out and beats him up and then you and tony get together xx i have asked so many people and no one has done it so please !!!! Xxx 

*Tony’s POV*

My best friend, Y/N, has been acting strange lately. She’s been really jumpy & scared of everything. This hasn’t been a one time thing though, it’s been going on for months & months. I hate seeing her like this. I’ve wanted to ask what was wrong so many times but..I was scared it would set her off.

Worst thing was was that I’m in love her. Yes, me, Tony Perry, is in love with Y/F/N Y/L/N. But I could tell it was never gonna happen. She’s perfectly happy with her boyfriend, Shawn. I snapped out of my trance when Vic, Mike, Jaime walked onto the bus.

“Hey Tone…we have to talk.” Vic said, followed by Mike & Jaime. 

“Yeah? What’s up." 

"Do you like Y/N?” I instantly froze. 

“Um, what?" 

"I said, do you like Y/N.”

“Um, pshh, where did you get that from?” They can tell I was blushing. 

“Dude, we know stuff, you like her don’t you?" 

"Like her? I’m in love with her. It breaks my heart to see her with Shawn.” I answered.


"Shut up." 

"How come you never told us?” Mike spoke. 

“I didn’t tell anyone really." 

"Tony’s got a crush, Tony’s got a crush.” Jaime sang. 


"Sorry. So are you gonna tell her?”

“Do you know how awkward it would be between us? I think we’re better off as friends.”

“But you wanna be more than friends, don’t you?" 

"Well yeah but-" 

"So go after her. Tell her how you really feel." 

"She’s in a relationship guys, I can’t just go after her. I can’t tell her I’m in love with her. It’ll ruin everything.” 

“Well I think her & Shawn are having problems.” Vic whispered. 

“How would you know?" 

"Well for starters, she’s always crying & so down. And yesterday I-uh.” He stopped talking. 

“You what?" 

"Um nothing.”  He quickly shot up, but I grabbed his arm.

“Vic spill it out.” He could tell I wasn’t joking. 

“Fine. I saw…a couple of cuts on her wrists. And they were new.” He explained. 

“What? Are you sure?" 

"Positive. I was talking to her about our album then I saw them on her wrists. I pretended I got a text from Mike saying he wanted to meet me." 

"Why would she do that?" 

"No idea." 

"Well..thanks guys. I'mma go talk to her later." 

*A couple of hours later*

After the band left he studio, I went to Y/N’s house to have a little talk with her. I NEED to know what’s going on with her. 

"Y/N, this is a really nice dinner your made but…can I talk to you?”


"Um, so why did did..for what reason…did you cut…yourself?” Nothing but silence. I should’ve minded my own business.  

“Um, well uh-I-uh-" 

"It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me. I’m sorry I aske-”

“No, no, it’s ok, I’ll tell you. Well, Shawn has been…hitting me & coming home drunk at like 2 in the morning.”

“So he’s been abusing you?” She nodded. I was in complete shock. 

“How long has this been going on?" 

”…about three months.“

"And you never told anyone?” She shook her head no. 

“Are you serious? You know how dangerous this can get?" 

"Did I forget to mention he cheated on me too?" 

"What the fuck Y/N!” This was making me sick to my stomach. “He cheated on you and you’re still with him?" 

"He apologized & I forgave him." 

"How’d you find out?" 

"I was at the park with Y/F/N I saw him lip-locking with this skank. I confronted him about it and he said it was a one time thing & he’ll never do it again. He lied. Then came the hitting & the cursing & the drinking. I always thought he’d change but it never happened." 

"Have you even thought about going to the cops?" 

"If I do, Shawn would just rough me up even more. He already gave me that bruise on my stomach & I don’t need anymore." 

”…you said ran into a door.“ 

"Yeah. A door named Shawn.” She mumbled. 

“Y/N, WHO ARE YOU IN THERE WITH?” We heard a voice coming from outside & keys jingling in the lock. 

“Holy crap it’s Shawn! Tony you gotta go." 

"But Y/N." 

"Go! Now!” She warned me. But it was too late. 


Requests on part 2?

Popsicle girl part (1/2) steve imagine

my first ever imagine sorry that it sucks ———————————————————————

mumbled sounds broke into your ears tearing you from the blank abyss that your mind was set in. trying to think about why you couldn’t open your eyes and wondering why they felt so heavy like you haven’t opened them in ages, giving up on trying to open your eyes you try to focus your ears on the mumbled sounds. finally being able to tell that it was voices, you strained your ears even more trying to actually make out words.

“why did SHIELD have some girl on ice?” Said a male voice that was still a bit foggy so you kept listening trying to better make out his words when a different male voice starts to talk. “it says in her file that she volunteered to be cryogenically frozen right after the war and she’s been frozen since then. Her profile Is normal except for a hand written note at the bottom saying that she is important and spacial” by now you could hear them clearly so you started trying to open your eyes again.

Then the first male voice started to speak again “what make her so ‘special and important’ anyway” he asked almost sarcastically. “I don’t know but if someone took the time to write this by hand she was really important to someone” the second male vocie said leting a big sigh at the end.

prying one eye lid open at a time just to be blinded by the bright light in the room making you close them just as you the same as you opened them. opening your eyes the second time
you could faintly mak out the silhouette of two men one on each side of the bed you were in, making out the face to your left from his facial hair to the wrinkles by his eyes. then he began to speak as you tried to sit up “easy there tiger just relax” so that’s who the first voice belongs to
you thought to yourself as you began to search the room for two people, not finding them you began to worry about them.

“Wh..where is agent carter and Mr. Stark?” You asked looking around the room to try and find again them but before you could find them the man with facial hair began to talk.

“Well my name is Tony Stark and what year do you think it is?” said the man that you’ve now know is Tony and looks kinda like Howard witch leads you think he may be his son or grandson, you disided to ask later. “1949 maybe 1950 why dose it matter i need to know where Howard stark and Peggy Carter are can you please tell me?” you asked sitting up again slowly so you could better see the other man in the room, he had dark brown eyes and a soft face. Not recognizing him you gave him a questioning look. “I’m dr. Bruce Banner” he replied to your silent question. Witch you found very nice of him.

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you both mr. Stark and dr. Banner. My name is (y/n) (y/l/n)” you said shaking each of their hands. “But I wasn’t expecting either one of you so if you don’t mind me asking why are you here instead of Peggy and Howard? they said they would be here when I woke up” you questioned sounding weak and worried because something serious would have had to happen or they would have been there when you woke up. And the scary part was that you didn’t know anyone in the room with you.

Dr. Banner was the one to reply while scraching the back of his head nervously and a shy smile “I don’t exactly know how to explain this to you gently so I’m going to be blunt the year is 2016” before he could finish what he was sayng Tony cut in “so they are both dead" “I grasp that” you said a bit snappy. “I’m sorry gentlemen for being so brash it’s just that…” And with tears kept at bay and small sniffles that you started to ramble so fast that you could barely understand what you were saying “the past few months have been horrible my bestfreind Bucky died he was like my big brother always there for to help mr or to make fun of me when I blushed because someone would compliment me . oh and Steve would get so mad when some punk would compliment me so much that he got into fights” you stopped crying just so you wipe your tears from your face before you started talking again “then Steve died and all I had was Peggy and Howard and now they are dead, everyone I love is dead” you sat there for a few minutes trying to get yourself to stop crying enough to talk.

“can I ask the both of you a question?” you asked sniffling. “sure” they both replied simultaneously. “what am I supposed to do now?”
it was doctor Banner that replied “that’s not something we can answer”
“then who?” it was Tony Stark who answered the question. “Steve Rodgers”