Harry walks out of his bathroom ten minutes later; Louis feels his lungs collapse.

The green top hugs him perfectly; his birds fly above the neckline while the hem of the shirt rests right above his butterfly. The shorts are tight, hugging every inch of his skin and showing off his long, long legs. The skirt moves around him beautifully. Harry shakes his hips a little and watches it swirl with unabashed delight.

“Feel just like my Queen, Lou,” Harry giggles.

[harry is obsessed with britney spears. louis doesn’t mind.]

lmao im sorrrrrrrrrrrry

It seems like everyone is making one of these so we feel like its time to make one of our own. We hope you enjoy our bootlegged header. Dolla’ dolla’ bills y'all! 


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As this year winds down to a close, I wanted to thank some of the people who’ve made it a great one. I’ve made many new friends on this website which I’m so grateful for. Even to those I’m not close with, I’ve thoroughly loved following you guys because you all have shining personalities and fantastic humor. Anyways, thanks for helping to make this year wonderful!

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I have undoubtedly forgotten some people; regardless, please remember that I love each and every one of you to bits and I hope you all have a fabulous 2013!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone! xo Megan

First time doing one of these, but it was worth all the work. Love all of you guys! If your name is bolded, you are either a tumblr crush or I just love you very much. ♡

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 Love all of you very much. ♡



heeello! so uh everyone’s making a follow forever and i thought i’d join in. most of you probably have no idea who i am, sorry. i just kind of sit here and reblog stuff. also, if you’re asking yourself why i’m not following you, it’s because i’m a sideblog! (my main blog is daizeh) also, thank you ivana for my url :) 


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sorry if i forgot anyone!! thanks for making my stay in this fandom so great :)

Since it’s that time of year… Here’s some amazing blogs + my favorite people.

+ ‘massive’ thank you to soulzara, & froso liveblogging buddies for always being there for me and sharing their feels with me even though i tend to make them worse.
+ thank you to paula for constantly helping and having to deal with my incapability to make up my mind.
+ thank you to aci for sticking around
despite the fact that i enjoy saying gross things to her and that we disagree on 95% of things.
+ and thank you to lottie and caryl for always making me laugh.

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bestfates asked:

WAIT NO SCRATCH THAT. top three harry quotes.

  • this one on fame </3
  • andd “I think looking in not everyone can understand it but to, you know, that girl or that boy it might be the most important thing in the world and just because, you know, we don’t understand it doesn’t mean you can say it’s crazy.” —  Harry Styles on One Direction’s fans

Follow Forever

These are kind of my favorite people ever, whether they believe it or not. 

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 horens | paulmeemaybe 

You should all check them out, I’m kind of obsessed with them :c