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Wolfstar Skam AU

So, yeah… @bastardsirius and I did a thing. After gay-screaming our way through Season 3 of the television show Skam, we realized that Isak and Even are basically the modern Norwegian versions of Remus and Sirius. 

After we took turns goading each other to write a Skam AU, somehow we ended up working together and churned out two chapters covering episode 1. It’s a magical AU set in canon marauder times, with Sirius transferring in at the beginning of year 5, throwing Remus’ world into chaos.

We plan to write all ten episodes, if BS can put up with my shit-talking and poor grasp of British slang for that long. Here’s the AO3 link if you want to check it out so far!

Minute by Minute- Wolfstar Skam AU

@itisasign awwwwww i guess it’s nice of your body to wait until you were done with exams???  mine usually jumps ship on me in the middle LOL

the cats in those gifs are literally me tho.  the second one?  the way it steals the blanket?  like “i need the large blanket but must avoid interactions with other beings” = me.  and of course, aggressive caring and comfort and cuddles always =v=

awwwww caerwyn is precious <333  i don’t think i could handle him though =‘D  i had an irl friend last year who tried to tell me to rest when i was sick before an exam and i literally avoided him the whole week >.<

also, here are some gifs of you that i found: 

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you and me ^^^

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you with a cat ^^^

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^^^^^ don’t forget to take your own advices, friend =v=

so i’ve had this blog for like what. a year. probably. i have 476 followers so now’s probably a good time to make an appreciation post to make up for the last 300 followers i didn’t make one for.

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Mghghff I never posted anything about this earlier but I’ve had 300 people following me now and honestly thank you guys hghhghgh I didn’t think that many people would ever care for this garbage dump of a blog or me cause I’m one of the biggest worst trash monsters of them all bless you all and shout out to @imasoundoftomorrow @lesbianmezzo @51potatoes @lesbroadwaymemes @thelattergaysaint @jemfinchknowswhatyoudidinthedark @diddlywackmackmormondaddy @iantomckay @aggressivelybreathing @planetorlandos @twelvecupsofcoffee @andrewsrannell @aquaholicmermaid @meggysmeg @elderkrelborn @whizzerwinsatony @insertacreativenamehere @whazzor-bruwn @tvheit @ciaowhizzer @duckaesthetic @donglaurens @shinyremix @whitefx @pin-eye @doebt

For all being such great friends and mutuals whomst I all love and adore ya’ll are the bestest people I’ve ever met
To all my mutuals and followers ya’ll are all fucking great people bless ya all!!
❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 💔 ❣️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 💟


I was tagged by @adoringjensen and @blissfulcastiel and @deanwinchcester who are all wonderfully beautiful 💚💛💚 to post my lock screen, background, current song and a selfie ^_^

BTW, go listen to that song (especially if you ship destiel) because it’s beautiful!

Featuring my bestest friend in the universe on my background 😊😊

I’m gonna tag @galaxystiel @jimminovak @lafitte @lovelybenny @destielonfire @emberscas and @radioactivedean

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Correction: Souda being the bestest of best boys is not a theory, but rather a fact and does not belong on a theory based blog. Perhaps try submitting such info to a blog that posts truths of the universe?

Another theory shown to be fact!

love came and hit me in the eye by niallhoranbitches for alnima as a part of @potterdirectionficexchange

Nouis | Hogwarts AU, Mutual Pining | 11k

“How to woo a Hufflepuff?” Zayn read with disbelief clear in his voice. “You’re kidding?”
“Nah,” Louis answered proudly. “This is serious research that will give me all the knowledge I need.”
Zayn rolled onto his back so he was now facing Louis. There were loads of emotions showing on his face, but from them all, the disapproval was probably the clearest.
“You said my advice was rubbish and now you’re going to do that?” Zayn asked, offended.

big love for @zarryzouis for the bestest of the best prompts, to @lepetitcomte for being McGonagall to my Louis and to the wonderful admin for running the exchange! ;)


I’m calling out @readyforhoenn for being the BESTEST girlfriend there ever was! 

You’ve always been there for me during my highest and lowest point in life these past 2 years, and I hope to continue pushing boundaries and striving through life’s adversities together as we try to tame this hellscape we call Earth.

It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago we started dating in what started as a long-distance relationship, but despite the distance being in different sides of the continent (and a little help and support from friends) we managed to have the opportunity to see each other on multiple occasions where we shared many experiences and fond memories together where we traveled far and saw many beautiful sites, (including you. ;3) and having fun while doing it!

(Ps. please ignore the fact i am holding plastic forks and knives and spoons in that picture, i’m self-consious about that– they were for a blueberry crisp i made.) 

I love you with all my heart and I hope no matter what path you choose in life, that it brings you the most satisfaction as I know how hardworking, charming, lovely, sweet, compassionate, funny, and especially how STRONG you are! I will never stop supporting and loving you, Meimei! I believe in you and wish you the best always! But you don’t need my luck– afterall, you are indisputably the best person I have EVER met.

Happy Second Anniversery, Mei! I love you so, so, so, so, SO S’MUCH.

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I honestly currently don't know a stronger, kinder, more loving, dedicated, hard-working, more pulled together or resilient 23 year old man, or any man for that matter, than Harry Styles (and doubt that that I ever will). I'm more proud of him, than anyone IRL. I will stan him until the day I die, he's a truly amazing human.

he really is the bestest

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*runs into the room* HIIII, LUVS YOU SO MUCH!! 20/10 best internet momma ever!!!!~ *huggles before running away again*

B-babe! Come back!!! LET ME LOVE YOU SOME MORE DAMN IT!!!! 
If if they best internet mama you have got to be one of the bestest internet babies a mama could have *i don’t play favourites between all my lovely bubs on here- you’re all so damn special to me and I love each and every one of you!!!*

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I'm not surprised Tom is slowly unfollowing Jade's friends, they weren't truly his friends anyway. As for Paul Hodge, we don't know enough but clearly Tom didn't crash at their place, he just sees them now twice a year. The Abels are gone. I think Tom has hundreds of acquaintances and drinking buddies but very few true friends, maybe only Greg. The sad truth is that even your bestest BFF will ditch you if their child is sick or another priority comes up. Every friendship has limitations.

May I ask how many true friends do you have? I have 2. And about 5 people i can hang out with if i want to. And some internet buddies whom i don’t know how to classify as i will probably never meet any of them in real life. My point is you can’t have many true friedns. Unless you Tom’s ex who calls everyone her BFF.

Tom has Greg. And yes, he has Paul Hodge too. Both he and his wife were wise enough not to pick sides. And Tom has his old friends from England. One of them was with him in Hawaii last summer and this year in Ibiza. Another one came to visit him in Vancouver and then they went to LA together. So there are people in Tom’s life who aren’t just “drinking buddies”