bestest scene

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch
If I had only seen how you smile when you blush
Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough
Well I would have known
What I was living for all along.

( ❥ –– Hunger Games verse | @diamonxds / @mversefunhouse. )

          Tomorrow was the day. Launch of the 73rd annual Hunger Games fast approaching, there had been an excited buzz around the Capitol all afternoon. Excited whispers, Caeser Flickerman’s all-too-jolly smiling face and the bowling ball-sized pit growing deeper and deeper in his stomach, it was a day that, if he somehow managed to live through all this, he would never forget - and definitely not, in a good way. In fact, the only reason he wasn’t passed out in a pool of his own vomit right now was the female he’d taken it upon himself to visit that night. A last call before he was inevitably led to his death, he had no initial intent to try and convince her of anything. But of course plans could change, and upon seeing her looking easily as distressed about the whole thing as he was, Thomas couldn’t help but let the quiet words slip. “There’s gotta be some way, right?” 

          “There’s gotta be some way to stop this happening - t-to get us outta here,” To get him out of here. Thomas wasn’t a selfish person, or at least, he hadn’t been up until his life was placed on the line. But just as much as he wasn’t selfish, he wasn’t strong. Thomas knew from the second his name was picked that he was a dead man. So much so that he’d spent hardly any of his time since then actually training; instead sucking up to mentors, to gamemakers, and to the whole of the Capitol through a persona he’d somehow managed to completely fabricate, there was only so long he could pretend he wasn’t being ripped apart by it all. Standing there almost in tears, lanky and worn down and not half as much of a man as he’d looked just a few short hours ago on TV, the fact his time was quickly running out appeared to be finally catching up to him. And rather unfortunately, leaving her directly in the crossfire of his frenzied escape plans. “The - the guards, guiding the door,” Thomas began, his voice close to breaking. “I could, or you could, pretend to be choking? Or badly hurt. Sprained ankle, broken foot, arm,” he gulped. “A-and then, when they come in, the other one-” A swift motion downward with his fist, Thomas mimed a hard whack to the unsuspecting guard’s head. “Y’know, just - bam. I bet the two of us could even take two,” It wasn’t something he was convinced of, but he was still hoping that somehow, she’d manage to cover for his lack of physical capability should the situation arise.

          “I’m sure Haymitch could help,” He could, if he ever managed to get off his chair and step away from the bottle - highly unlikely. And even then, Haymitch’s drive to fight against the Capitol was virtually non-existent. Asking for his assistance would be a lost cause, but if he could convince her it might be possible, that would be enough. Or, so he hoped. “We could take their uniforms, that’d slip right under the radar. I bet we’d make it - together, we would.” Despite how it may have looked, Thomas really didn’t want to put on her. After all, a few short weeks ago the pair were complete strangers. But reality hitting him like a ton of bricks, knowing that once they entered that arena he would be completely alone had the Tribute spooked. And, like it or not, she was now pretty much the only thing he had.


The Slave Hunters/Chuno

The uploader was smart for naming this vid the best scene from the series because it’s one of the biggest and most satisfying FUCK YEAH momets in the history of TV.

Basically a slave character from one of the series’ sub plots goes to the government building and shoots up a storm, killing the Big Bad in the process. One of the most epic shows I’ve ever seen and def up there with my other faves.