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22 with Cal? :)

#22: “I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.”

Silence. There was silence and you felt different. Normally, Calum would be up shouting some profanities at the TV, playing some video games while waiting for you from your date. He must’ve been sleeping or probably watching a movie, you thought. 

It was always a routine for the both of you. Ever since you went home from a disaster of a first date, Calum waits up for you to make sure you’re okay.

You slowly opened the door, careful not to wake up Calum just in case he really is sleeping. The living room was dark and the only light you could see is the one coming from the TV, a football game was on like the usual.

You tiptoed around the couch, peeking if Caum was indeed sleeping but he must’ve felt your presence because he’s rubbing his eyes and let out the most adorable yawn ever.

He saw you and grinned. “Did you get my Taco Bell?” you nodded as you raised your hand carrying a bag of his favorite. He sat up and grabbed it from her hands. “You’re the bestest roommate and bestfriend ever.” He ate it peacefully as you shrugged and sat with him.

“What happened to your date? You’re home earlier than usual.” you timidly smiled at him. 

“Didn’t work out I guess?” he smirked. “Knew it.”

You playfully slapped him on his chest. “I just want to give him at least a chance.” he scoffed playfully. “I bet you didn’t even kiss him.” you stuck your tongue at him.

“I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.”

He widened his eyes, “You just left him alone?” you chuckled. “I’m not that mean! I just told him you wanted me to get something which isn’t even a lie, you did ask me to go to Taco Bell.”

He nodded. “So you ditched your date and decided you want to spend the rest of the night with the cashier? Wow, your night’s been eventful. So did the guy ask you out on a date?”

“Yeah then I decided to go home when I realized my best friend’s cuter.”

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Preference #2: Roommates

Luke: “Luke I swear to god if you wet the whole fucking bathroom again, I will kick you out.” You yelled as you angrily made your way to the kitchen. “Woah there little bean, I’m sorry I won’t do it again.” He said grabbing your hand. You sighed loudly before letting yourself go in his arms. “I’m sorry, I had an awful day and I just..” “Shhh It’s okay, I got you.” He said stroking your hair. “He pulled you to his bed and sat you on his lap, still stroking your hair and spine. “Do you want to tell me what happened today?” He gently asked and you nodded. Telling him every thing that got to your nerves that day. “So yeah, it was horrible.” You said looking up at him. “Well, being the bestest roommate ever, I’m gonna go get ice cream and you’re gonna choose a movie. Okay?” He asked smiling. You smiles back gratefully and nodded, thankful to have him as your roommate.

Calum: You were currently laying down on Calum’s bed since yours was broken because of Calum and his last shag. "What are you doing in my bed?” He asked coming into your shared dorm. “Well, mister heartbreak, you and your blondie broke my bed and its moving around. So I thought I should just sleep in yours.” You smiled sarcastically. He smirked. “If you wanted to sleep with me, sweetheart, you could’ve just asked.” You rolled your eyes, annoyed. “I just want to sleep Cal.” You mumbled turning in the bed. He chuckled, slipping beside you in the bed, hugging your back. “Sorry for breaking your bed.” He whispered tiredlyas you chuckled. “As long as you get me a new one." 

Ashton: You loved having Ashton as a roommate, he was cheerful, positive and a great friend. But he wouldn’t stop playing the drums. You were play with him plying at reasonable hours but bow that you were laying in your bed, trying to sleep, Ashton wasn’t helping at all. You grumpily got out of bed, wrapped yourself in your blanket and made your way to his practise room. "ASHTON!” You yelled, your eyes closed. He jumped by your sudden outburst. “You scared me.” “Well, you won’t let me sleep so It’s fair.” You said eyes your eyes still closed. He looked at you guiltily. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’ll stop now.” You opened your eyes to smile at him with tired eyes. “Thank you… That sounds great by the way.” You said turning on your heels. “I know!”

 Michael: Currently, you and your bestfriend and roommate Michael and you were having a movie night, watching the most ridiculously funny movie ever. You couldn’t stop laughing, not because it was so funny, you just couldn’t stop. “Y/N shut the fuck up.” Michael said chuckling. “I can’t.” You choked out still laughing. He paused the movie as you kept laughing like a crazy person. “Y/N THE MOVIE IS PAUSED PLEASE STOP!” He yelled making you laugh even harder. Seeing you laugh that hard, he started laughing as well. Both of you triggering eachother’s laughs. After five minutes, both of you were a mess with tears in your eyes. You slowly started to calm down and regain your breath. “I hate you Y/N.” You slapped his chest. “I bring joy to this house Clifford shut up.”