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Meet Ms. RBF. A passionate girl lover, unpaid comedian, bestest friend anyone can have, romantic, and a lowkey freak.

She’s a victim of chronic RBF. She’s suffering this horrible disease. Someone please help her.

Any last words, RiRi?

So this may be my newest blog, but it’s by far my favorite! Not because of how comfy I am with my muse, or how fun things can get, but because of how awesome you all are! I’ve been on the tumblr RP scene for years and never before have I actually felt like I wasn’t ostracized.

This goes out to not only all of my followers, but some of the most amazing of the people I follow!

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Johnny Gets Jealous

Originally posted by blessedwifi

You were laying your head in Sodapop’s lap watching Mickey Mouse with him, y'all were the bestest of friends. Sodapop was playing with your hair while you ate some popcorn. Everyone was gone either to work or school. Soda was “sick” so you skipped a day of school to stay with him.
Your boyfriend Johnny and Sodapop’s brother Ponyboy came in the house letting the door slam. You didn’t move at all. Johnny knew how close you were to Sodapop and he didn’t seem to care bit today something was off about him.
“Soda when are you ever going to get your own girlfriend.’‘Johnny laughed but the look on his face was seroius I looked at Soda and he looked at you and smiled at Johnny.” I don’t know man I really can’t find a good girl.“ Soda answered back as he countinued to play with your hair. It was queit after Sodapop’s comment and Ponyboy cleared his throat indicating that there was akwardness going on. You and Soda remianed in your position and so did Johnny standing by the door but Pony sat down. Everytime you looked at Johnny he would aviod your eye.
’'Johnny can we talk. In private.” You say. Soda let you get up. From there you lead Johnny outside letting the door slam.“What the hell is wrong with you?” You asked at Johnny and he just rolled his eyes and sarcastially laughed.
“What’s wrong with me?” He yelled.“Why won’t you just go ask your new boyfriend Sodapop Curtis!’'He yelled you gasped.
’'You know that I am only just friends with Soda nothing more! I can’t believe you actually thought about that for even a second!’'You yelled.’'Don’t blame me for this! You’re all touchy feely with everyone in the gang!” He yelled back.
“Are you calling me a whore? Johnny Cade mark my words I’m not a whore. I hard plenty opportuinies to cheat on you but I didn’t!’'You yelled.
’'Maybe I am your closer to all of them than you are to me!” He yelled. Your eyes widen.“I’M NOT A FUCKING W-” You started to say but Johnny slapped you and he regretted it. You were now crying.“ You fucking promised not to hit me!” You yelled and Soda and Pony came outside and held you back.
“(Y/N) I didn’t mean to.” He whispered.“Fuck you Johnny Cade! All of this because you were acting like a fucking 3 year old!” You yelled at him and Soda held you back.“Let me go.” You plead Soda and he obeyed you started to walk in the house but punched Johnny in the face. He went down to the ground.’’Fuck Johnny’’ You yelled.

Sometimes your best friend can be your best end, you’ll be okay again. So keep wandering until you find yourself, you’re not lost I promise. You just have to be your own hero for a little while…

jayjaygirlculture-deactivated20 asked:

You are so beautiful! You look too young to be a mother! How old are you and how old is/are your child/children?

Ahh thank you sweet petal ♥*:・゚✧  *:・゚

I’m 27, and my son Ashton is 5. 

I was 21 when I had him, exactly one week before I was 22. He is my best friend in the whole world. My reason for existing. Becoming a mother has honestly been the best thing that has ever happened in my life.


Legend of Korra Crack!Video

My best friend is better than yours and made me a Legend of Korra video with an absurd amount of Kuvira and Korrasami because she’s amazing.

Thanks Chelsea! (aka love-order-chaos-repeat)