bestest boys



as much as i love ot7, sometimes jin is still ignored or the “oh wow, he’s part of bts?” member. either (strickly) labeled as MOM or namjoon’s wife. christ, is that the only thing he has to offer?

his grad was like what? *cricket noises*

vocals? slays everytime but 0 lines and new fans wouldn’t even notice that if they don’t squint their eyes.

visual? extremely amazing but the only time he really bloomed for some armys is when he dyed his hair blonde.

dance? he practiced real hard and long to perfect his steps but somehow some armys consider him as a blackhole in dancing.

acting? ohhhh boy, house of army was great but really tho, he was a fucking banana and clock.

jesus christ. maybe just maybe he’ll be appreciated if he leaves the group and gets a solo career.


It’s time… to stop talking

the bestest pal a boy could ever have
  • Listen my boi christopher franklin chow is one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals to ever grace this earth

  • nursey Knows, and therefore tries not to take it to heart that chowder remembers his favorite drink and book and his childhood dogs name. he really does.
  • he also tries to ignore that the full force of chowders attention makes him feel so important and cared for
  • y'all hes only human tho and like… he cant stop himself from spending like 99% of his time with chowder. (who is so nice, he doesnt care at all!! not one bit… because hes… just so nice)
  • and in that time, not only does he feel more validated than he has in his entire life, chowder just also happens to be the best person alive and oh shit… Nursey’s Gay (i would like to think his realization is like… grand and overdramatic like chowder is like “hey man i saved u this banana nut muffin because i know its your favorite” and nursey is like “bro ur the best ily” and then he realizes o shit i definitely meant that in an explicitly homo way rip and then he has like an existential crisis over a muffin & his crush)
  • honestly he feels so bad about it bc.. he can justify lust for chowder obviously bc hes a good looking person and a lot of smh is pr fine lbr but… having a heart hard on for ur best friend is very different
  • he’s also like… positive theres no way chowder could be into him because hes just… so emotionally distant and fucked up and hes not good enough to be happy, essentially
  • the first person he asks abt it is holster but it goes SO AWRY bc he goes “hypothetically… if u were to like ur best friend who may or may not be ur teammate and ur pretty sure hes straight but might not be but probably is… and is like way out of ur league but u like him anyway what would u do about that?” and holster says “well….. HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING…. id spend as much time as possible trying to get along with him and taking it slow, get to know him better” and holster walks away thinking nursey has a crush on dex and THat does not go well
  • basically nursey spends like several months pining over chowder but all along… chowder was doing the same thing!! he even sought essentially the same advice from bitty!!! but bitty ALSO thought chowder liked dex so it was like… all the upperclassmen firmly believed there was a frog love triangle happening… and then when nursey finally said fuck it and kissed chowder it was like a soap opera for them and they were all like :oooo and dex was like “fucking finally”


I know this doesn’t look like much of a celebratory gift to my loves, that’s because it’s completely self-indulgent……………….It’s my birthday today too >/////w////> 

so I drew my fav boys and girls in my fav tabimatsu outfits!!! d(>///u///< ) <33333

okay, but look at this:

exclusive footage of xiumin flirting with their security guard

chen, doing the same thing

xiuchen, being adorable w each other

and here we have chen, telling you to mind yo own damn business

aka: this is made out of pure love and happiness and friendship and they already brightened my day :’)