we had a sick time on our North American tour earlier this year ! here’s a video from when we played the Best Buy Theatre in NYC :D #5sosUnicornsDinosaursBigApples

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Figured you'd like to know Best Buy is officially consolidating all their Future Shop locations and shutting down the Future Shop locations with little to no notice, throwing a bunch of people out of work with no warning.


Future Shop stores closed across Canada, some to become Best Buy

Dozens of Future Shop stores have been closed across Canada, its parent company Best Buy Canada Ltd. announced Saturday.

The company said it was shutting down 66 Future Shop stores effective immediately. Meanwhile, another 65 stores will be closed for a week while they are converted to Best Buy stores.


The company said approximately 500 full-time and 1,000 part-time positions will be eliminated as a result of the consolidation.

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