Sixth Grade

AU where Ram is a year older than Kurt and therefore a grade above him.

I would like to dedicate this work to one of the coolest people I follow, @kurtkellyisgay. I don’t know if you like to read or not and I’m probably annoying you but here you go. Thought it would maybe cheer you up?

Anyway, to everyone reading, I hope you enjoy.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Sweeney, but your son will not be advancing to sixth grade. I’m afraid we’ll have to hold him back a year.” Came the deep voice of the elementary school principal as he gently set down Ram’s file on his large, wooden desk.

The boy in question gulped, his stomach sank, his heart was beating out of his chest, and his eyes dared not look at his father. Bill, however, was calm. He graciously looked over all of Ram’s poor grades, asked about his behavior in class, and questioned how this would affect his future.

That just terrified Ram more. Bill Sweeney was a very passionate man. You knew when he was angry. So, to see him this collected, not one vein popping…well, Ram knew he was in for quite a show once they got home. He put his hand in his pocket. The crinkling of the paper there calmed him.

“He would just be a year behind his original class. As long as he gets his act together from here on out, your son should be just fine.” The Principal must have knew Bill as well, that or he just felt bad for the poor kid, because he continued on to say, “It’s good this happened now, in elementary. Usually, once a kid gets held back a year it never happens again.”

Bill cleared his throat and stood to shake the other man’s hand, effectively ending the conversation.

“Thank you for meeting with us, Mr. Martin.” He said simply, turning to look at his son who still had his head down. “Ram, we’re leaving.”

The two walked out, Bill’s hand resting like a two-ton weight on Ram’s shoulder. The Principal watched them go, looking as if he might not see the spunky kid ever again for he’s watching him walk to his death.

Ram was pulled out of class for this meeting. School was only in session for a few more days and the last hour of the day was being spent outside as a means of keeping the kids busy.


Ram remembers the conversation before his fate was officially sealed. Despite the situation, a small smile sprawled on his features as he thought of his best friend and their future together. He lightly touched a hand to his cheek as his dad led them to the parking lot.


“Okay children,” Came the sweet voice of their teacher. “We’ll be having free period since the school year is almost out and there’d be no reason to give out work.”

Cheers erupted as kids jumped out of their desks and left in what could hardly be called a single-filed line. The teachers gave a sigh of relief as they could let the kids run free without keeping such a close watch on their behavior.

Ram lit up as his fifth grade class made it’s way to the small park and field of grass. All the elementary grades were being let out to play, including fourth graders, where Kurt was at. Ram always hated being a grade above Kurt. Always separated.

Kurt ran right up to Ram once he saw the older boy exit the building. Kurt had the biggest smile on his face as he tackled Ram. The two fell and wrestled for a moment.

“So, do you wanna pass a football today or play tag?” Ram asked, eager to get moving. Kurt, however, looked around and made sure no teacher or student was looking. His eyes looked back up to Ram’s.

“Wait, first I gotta give you something. It’s important, Ram!” He grabbed the older boy’s hand and started dragging him to an isolated part of the park. He crouched and crawled under a metal slab, behind the infrastructure holding a slide up. Kurt took a moment to try and hear if anyone was around. He beckoned Ram to join him and once the other one sat across from him cross-legged he began.

By punching him.

“Ow!” Cried Ram, “What was that for?”

Kurt looked a mix of angry and hurt.

“For being older than me.” At that, Ram’s face softened.


“I know this is the last time we go to school together so I made you this.” He pulled a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it over. Ram blinked and carefully opened it up, reading the message.

It was a doodle in crayon of two people holding hands with a football near them.

‘You are my bestest friend in the whole world ever and even though you are leaving me I will always come and visit you and make sure to bring you snacks because you’re always hungry.’

Ram looked up from the note and realized just how hard it was on Kurt that he was leaving. Ram thought only he would hate it and miss Kurt. He saw the younger boy wipe a hand at his eye.

“You have to promise you keep that,” Kurt said. “You keep that and tell everyone in middle school you already have a best friend” He warned a bit more defensively. Ram smiled and decided to tell Kurt the good news now instead of surprising him. He gently folded the note back up and put it in his own pocket.

“Kurt, I’m not going to sixth grade,” Ram admitted. Kurt’s eyes widened as his mouth went slack.


“I’m failing fifth grade.” He told him, expecting the other one to jump into his arms in joy.

Instead Kurt burst into tears.

“You’re gonna fai-ail!?” Kurt choked around his heavily pouring tears. Man, this kid is like a waterpark. Ram jerked his body in surprise. He’s…sad?

“No, it’s a good thing.” He tried to explain, Kurt swatting at him.

“It’s not a good thing! You can’t come ba-ck to school!” He shouted around his crying. He’s never been angrier.

“You-your dad’s gonna ki-kill y-you!” He hiccuped. “I’ll never see you aga-ain!”

Ram put his hands on Kurt’s shoulders. “No, Kurt, it’s okay! I’ll be okay!” He was trying to convince himself of that just as much as he was trying to convince Kurt. He was in no way prepared for that conversation much less the punishment.

Kurt was shaking his head now, hot tears pouring down his face. He didn’t believe Ram for one second. He’s seen both their dads mad. It was never a good time.

“No, we have to run away,” Kurt rubbed a fist at his eyes. “School’s stupid anyway…”

Ram opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a far-away voice.

“Ram Sweeney! You’re Father’s here to pick you up! Ram!” His teacher yelled. Ram’s heart sank as both of their heads swiveled to where she was starting to walk around to find him. Ram knew this day would come, he just didn’t think it would be today.

Kurt’s eyes let a few more tears escape. This is the last time he would ever see his best friend besides his funeral. Ram turned back to the raven-haired boy and grabbed both of his shoulder’s.

“Listen, I’m gonna be held back. I did it on purpose.” Ram clarified. Maybe Kurt was just sad that it might hurt Ram to be failing. 

“Why would you do that, dude?” Kurt screamed. Boy, Ram didn’t know which form of chastising is worse, his dad or Kurt. Ram sighed and wiped Kurt’s tears away. He needs to get Kurt to understand before he leaves else the poor kid will be in shambles for a week.

“Ram Sweeney, your father is waiting for you!” The voice now held agitation as her form strutted closer to where they were hiding.

Ram was running out of time. Minutes passed of his dad waiting for him probably made the situation worse.

“I did it for you, Kurt.” He confessed. Kurt’s breathing stopped. “I failed tests and homework so I would be held back. I didn’t want to go to middle school without you. I don’t wanna go to highschool without you. I don’t wanna do anything without you.”

Kurt put his hand on Ram’s where it was on his cheek.

“I don’t wanna do anything without you, either…”

“Ram Sweeney, this is the last time, young man!”

The boy being yelled at swallowed the lump in his throat and looked in his best friends eyes.

“I gotta go, bro.” He said. Kurt shook his head like he was going off to war. Ram went to get up. He felt the smaller boy tug on his arm.


“What Kurt,” He said as he turned. He felt a pair of lips on his cheek and he immediately blushed. Kurt pulled away with a red face as well. They stayed in their positions for a moment as the world seemed to stop. 


“Promise to come see me when I’m grounded?” Ram asked. Kurt nodded like it was the most important mission given to anyone. And it was.

“Promise I see you again?” He asked, the fear of Bill Sweeney planting a seed in his mind. Ram nodded as Kurt let go of his arm.

Kurt watched Ram run up to the teacher. She led him back in the building. The now alone boy slid to sit back down in the mulch. He touched his fingers to his lips and smiled.

Ram walked to his inevitable doom, gently grazing his cheek and suppressing his grin.


“What’s that, dude?” Kurt asked as he returned from the kitchen with two beers and a bag of chips. Ram invited Kurt over to watch a game as they’re dads went to a car show.

Ram looked up from the note he was holding. He carefully folded it back and slid it into his pocket where it always was, always has been for years.

“Oh nothing,” He dismissed it as he accepted the offered brewski and the opened bag of doritos.

“Man, I’m always visiting you and bringing you snacks, dude,” Kurt commented offhandedly, plopping himself down on the couch beside his best friend. Ram smiled as he took a sip.



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greyhoundsgirl  asked:

For your prompt requests, only if you like it, of course! I love Derek and the Sheriff being friends, so what if Stiles starts getting jealous cos suddenly Derek is really busy all the time and Stiles assumes he's dating someone, but he's been helping John out?

oh yessss, Oblivious!Stiles, Jealous!Stiles, and BestBros!Sheriff&Derek, everything I could ever want

“Whatcha’ gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?”  Stiles jokes, sweat pouring down his face.  Jeez, it’s hot.

“None of your business, Stiles,”  Derek says quite irritably, slamming the Camaro’s trunk shut—hiding what looks to be fishing rods, of all things—after pulling out a toolbox.  “Don’t you have anything better to do than bother me?”

“Nope,”  Stiles pops his lips, throwing a grape at Derek’s head from the porch step he’s sitting on.  It bounces off its intended target, rolling into the long grass, and Stiles says, “It’s summer break, remember?”

The air conditioner’s broken and it’s at least a thousand degrees inside the house.  Buuut, there’s a slight breeze outside, and Stiles is trying to milk it for all it’s worth.

“Yes, I remember.”  Derek walks up the steps, toolbox in hand.  He nudges Stiles to the side as he goes to open the front door.  Curious about why Derek’s at his house, Stiles gets up and trails after him.

“Then where have you been?  Allison had a barbecue last week, and you never showed up.”

Derek places his toolbox on Stiles’ kitchen table.  “I was out of town.”

“Doing what?”  Stiles asks as Derek starts pulling wrenches and screw drivers from his fancy looking toolbox.  “And what the hell are you doing?”

“Stuff,”  Derek says, and sarcastically, “What does it look like I’m doing?”

Stiles folds his arms over his chest.  “Uh, making a mess of my kitchen table?”

“Go away, Stiles,”  Derek mutters, not bothering to even look up from what he’s doing.

Frustrated, Stiles throws his hands up in the air.  “Fine!”  He marches off to sit on the sofa, instead of heading outside again, muttering under his breath about poor conversationalist werewolves.  What? He’s worried Derek might hurt himself with his own tools.  He’s seen his dad hammer his own finger instead of a nail too many times to count.  A handyman, his dad is not.

Stiles pouts, sinking further into the cushions.  Derek’s been pretty much MIA this summer, and it sucks because Stiles hardly ever gets to see him during the school year at Berkeley.  He just wishes Derek would try to make an effort to hang with Stiles.  At least so Stiles could justify the huge, honking crush he’s been nursing for Derek since senior year.

He thought they were friends, but apparently Derek’s found some other friends to spend all his time with.

Stiles may be many things, but stupid ain’t one of them.  When he’s at Berkeley, and they’re in the middle of a Skype call, Derek sometimes gets texts from random strangers.  Stiles knows it’s not anyone in the pack.  They know not to come between Stiles and Derek and the few times a week Derek thinks about him enough to give him a call.

It has to be a stranger.  A stranger who knows Derek well enough that their texts bring an adorably shy smile to his lips and a slight flush to his cheeks.  Jesus, Stiles can’t even hate this other person properly.  Anyone who makes Derek smile like that is good in his books.

It doesn’t stop Stiles from being jealous as all heck.

He turns on the TV, and sulks.  

After some time, the front door opens and his dad enters, throwing his keys in the bowl by the front door.  Stiles is just about to get up to greet him when he calls out, “Derek, you still here.”

Stiles’ freezes, eyes wide, as Derek peeks his head out of the kitchen, a smear of what looks to be grease on his face, and says, “Yeah, just about done repairing the A.C.”  His dad walks over to Derek and claps him on the shoulder, causing Stiles’ eyes to bug out of his head.  What kind of bizzaro hell dimension is this?  “There was a problem with the coils, but I got it fixed up just fine,”  Derek says, scrubbing a hand through his hair.

“Thanks, son,”  his dad says, “Did you eat lunch?”  Derek shakes his head, and his dad frowns, turning to Stiles with a displeased look on his face.  “Stiles, why didn’t you feed Derek?  I know it’s summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude.”

Stiles blinks, “I didn’t know feeding Derek was something we did in this house?”  His dad purses his lips, and Stiles continues in a very quiet voice, “I’m feeling very confused right about now.”

His dad rolls his eyes, turning back to Derek, “I’m sorry my son’s a lazy, impolite ass.”

“Hey!”  Stiles protests, just as Derek throws his head back and laughs.  Like full on belly shaking, world changing, unicorns are falling out of his mouth, laughter.  Stiles is feeling so attacked right now.

Derek looks at him, an actual smile on his face, and says, “It’s just one of his charms, I guess.”

So attacked.

His dad gets this look in his eye, and glances between the two of them in a way that could only be described as snake-like.  “You know that thing we discussed on our weekly fishing trips, Derek?  And that I keep texting you about, but you just blush and smile like an idiot?  Well, you might want to talk to Stiles about it.”  His dad smirks and walks towards the front door, grabbing his keys.  He leaves the house with a wave, and a, “I expect to see you at Saturday dinners from now on, Derek!”

Stiles frowns.  Saturday dinners?  The last time Stiles had a girlfriend, his dad demanded that she show up for Saturday dinners.  Stiles looks to Derek, expecting to see the same amount of confusion on his face.  Instead, what he gets is Derek gazing up at the ceiling, as if praying for divine interference, with his face the colour of a ripe tomato.

Ohhhhh, Saturday dinners.

Stiles giggles.

cvtestiel  asked:

what.... happened... to the Cow .... ?!!!

They decided to keep it on the ship, despite Shiro’s, Allura’s and Coran’s (the “Adults’”) protests. 

  • Lance: Thinks it’d be cool to have a Voltron mascot. Plus, Pidge got to keep Rover so it’d only be fair if he got to keep a pet cow too. 
  • Hunk: Just went along because Lance wanted it (#BestBros)
    • Lowkey also wanted it so that he and Pidge could make lame cow puns to annoy Lance (they keep a running tally — one point for every pun, double for everytime they get a reaction out of Lance)
  • Keith: Free milk for his pining ass to chug to drown his sorrows. 
  • Pidge: Agreed to all of this because she can’t wait to see shit go down
But can we talk about the bromance Lexa and Octavia would have had?

Lexa : so you put a ring on it dude?
Octavia : I did bro.
Lexa : dude can I be your bestbro?
Octavia : You’ve always been my bestbro dude no matter what.
Lexa : bro.

Or Lexa wingbroing for her bestbro

Lexa : *at Lincoln* bro do you have a bandaid? Cause Octavia scrapped her knees falling for you.
Octavia: B rO.

Or at their 5 years of bestbroing anniversary while they’re giving each other’s flowers

Octavia : Dude I got you some broses
Lexa : oh man bro same I got you some daffodudes
Octavia : dude its like we can read each other’s mind
Lexa : brO