Supporting Shinhwa 2015  표적

Here’s a list of things we can do to support Shinhwa’s comeback. Let’s do all that we can to get them those no. 1 wins! Most of this information is word of mouth data gathered from other fans. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to message me. 

  • Most important for weekly music show rankings with Melon ranking the highest in weight
  • Downloads: count once per song for each account
  • Streaming: counts once per hour for each song
  •    M  E   L  O  N    
  • Most Important Digital Music Site
  • Install (not optional): app (smartphone), Melon player (pc)
  • Cost: 1. free (MP3 gift) 2. $8 - $10 for streaming coupon
  • Detailed tutorials & info: Setting up Melon and coupons/MP3 gifts, downloading and streaming
  • After the initial set up, you can just leave Melon streaming 표적 
  •     G   E   N   I   E    
  • Cost: free
  • Install (optional): app (smartphone), through website (pc); genie download for android phones (you can look in the Korean app-store for the app for iPhone users)
  • Can stream up to 3 full songs per twitter/facebook account
  • Space out your 3 free streams over 3 hours since the stream will only count once per hour
  • For those who don’t want to continuously make new twitter and facebook accounts, @shinhwa12shcj occasionally posts free genie streaming links on her twitter. Please log in before streaming through those links. Stream the song once per hour per account. 
  • Detailed tutorial
  •     B    U    G    S     &     S   O    R    I    B   A   D   A   
  • Install (optional): app (smartphone), through website (pc); bugs download for android phones, soribada download for android phones (you can look in the Korean app-store for the app for iPhone users)
  • Cost: ~$5 - $8 for streaming coupon
  • Needs the streaming coupon to stream and download. After the initial set up, you can just leave Bugs and Soribada streaming on your computer or phone and it will contribute to the charts
  • Tutorial: similar to purchasing streaming coupons for Melon (must be made via an in-app purchase by those using apple products with iTunes)
  • Shinhwa’s Official TwitterYoutube ChannelFacebookWeibo
  • Like, Share, and Comment on Shinhwa’s official updates 
  • Use the hashtags #신화 and #표적 in your comments

    ★    T   W   I    T   T   E    R     
  • 1. Use #신화 and #표적 after 80 previous characters
    2. Only use these two hashtags in your tweet
    3. Separate the hashtags so they are not like this #신화 #표적
    4. Use only letters and numbers 
    5. Do not include any kind of punctuation or symbol (including @)
    6. Make sure your account is unlocked
    7. Retweet Shinhwa’s official tweets
    8. Retweet other tweets with #신화 and #표적 in it. 10 retweets = 1 point. After that 1 point is earned, no more points can be earned for that original tweet (20 retweets will still only count as 1 point). 
    9. Do not include links or pictures in your tweets
    10. Do not end or start your tweet with #신화 and #표적
    11. Example of a good tweet:
    Shinhwas 12th CD We is a really good CD
    Im really glad that they came back cause #신화 sniper #표적 is so good

    ★    Y   O   U   T   U   B   E    
  • 1. Search for the Shinhwa Sniper music video:
           - Search: “Shinhwa official” to get to Shincom’s Sniper MV
           - Search: “Shinhwa sniper” to get to CJEN’s Sniper MV
    2. Play entire video from start to finish without pausing or skipping
    3. Close the browser and wait a couple of minutes
    4. Open the browser again, search for the MV, and watch again
    5. Do not refresh the browser or the video (don’t use the replay button)
    6. Must watch on youtube or through youtube player, not another form of embedded player
    7. Do not use automatic replay players, they will not work
    8. Watch in 720p or higher (you can use the google chrome extension Auto HD)
    9. Do not mute the volume; volume must be at least 50% (if you don’t want the music playing in the background, you can lower your browser volume or computer volume in the audio mixer instead)
    10. Like, comment, and share the official MV
    11. You may want to clear your cookies and history after 10+ plays or stream via incognito/private mode on browsers
    Views from BOTH Shinhwa Company and CJEN’s Sniper MVs will be added for scoring
  • For MBC Music Core, click on the link provided in their page to stream Sniper 
  • Purchase Shinhwa’s “We” (Limited or Thanks edition) from websites that contribute to official charts: Synnara is the best option since it will be counted twice for Music Bank (how to purchase from Synnara)
  • Limited Edition: Synnara, LeesmusicHottracks, Applemusic, Dvdheaven/Ktown4u, YesasiaKpoptown
  • Thanks Edition: Synnara, LeesmusicHottracks, Applemusic, Dvdheaven/Ktown4u, Yesasia
  • You can also find the album on e-commerce websites like eBay and gmarket; just make sure to read whether or not the purchase will count to the official Korean music charts
  • Note: For those who are looking to purchase digital downloads of the album, iTunes will not count on charts. It is better to download via Melon, Genie, Bugs, or Soribada as they will count and it’s also cheaper! 
  • For Mnet Countdown, MBC Music Core, SBS Inkigayo
  • If Shinhwa is in the running for first place, fans can vote for them during the live broadcast by sending a text message from their phones.
  • Voting must be done during the time frame that the show announces to vote during the live broadcast
  • NOTE: They will not send you a confirmation text, so do not send it more than once looking for a confirmation

  • Mnet Countdown: airtime = Thursday 6PM - 7:30 PM KST
    To vote, send 신화 to +822566 (or 00822566 if your text doesn’t send or 2566 if you’re in Korea)
  • MBC Music Core: airtime = Saturday 4PM KST 
    To vote, send 신화 to +820505 (or 00820505 if your text doesn’t send or 0505 if you’re in Korea)
  • SBS Inkigayo: airtime = Sunday 2:20 PM KST
    To vote, send 신화 to +821245 (or 00821245 if your text doesn’t send or 1245 if you’re in Korea)
  • You must only send 신화 in your text and it must be in Hangul 
  • The text costs 200 won ($0.20) on the Korean website and whatever your telephone provider will charge you for an international text. 
  • If you cannot do international texts, try smartphone apps or websites that allow you to text internationally (like Afreesms, Pinger/Textfree WebYahoo Messenger, SMSRR, and Slide SMS). I have confirmed that Afreesms and Pinger work (couldn’t get the rest to work). If you want to try it you can but ONLY VOTE ONCE PER IP ADDRESS 
  • Don’t forget to stream/search when music shows are airing because real-time charts count
  • These things are not confirmed to improve Shinhwa’s rankings on music show, but they do not hurt to try and are other ways to support Shinhwa during their promotional period! 
  • Requesting Shinhwa for MBC ShowTime: board to request Shinhwa, tutorial to request (credit kjshcj.tumblr)
  • Sending Shinhwa a special message on KBS Music Bank
  • Searching 신화 on Korean websites to help 신화  trend (NaverDaumNateMelonMnetBugsGenieOllehSoribada) - may or may not help; doesn’t hurt to try. Please log in to your account when searching. Tutorials on how to sign up for these websites
    Clear your browser’s cookies and histories before each search
  • For performances, stream them through the official broadcast channels: SBS, MBC, KBS, Mnet
  • You can make up to 5 twitter accounts per day (per device and IP address) before they ask for phone verification
  • How to use multiple twitter accounts via Tweetdeck to improve social media scores (credit: crabbielife)
  • Using Gmail is the best for making multiple accounts; you can make multiple accounts with just one email by adding a period in your email. It will register as a different email but it will be sent to the same email address without the period Ex: —> —> can all be used)
  • Google chrome proxy extensions for changing your IP address: Zenmate, GeoProxy, Bamboo Spear, Proxy-on, Foxyproxy, EverProxy (just go to the google chrome extension store)

Credit: This post was written by iheartshinhwa/iloveminbong. Credit to the other fans who wrote the tutorials included in this post. Please do not take out without credits. This list is intended to be used to support Shinhwa only! Please spread and share and do a couple of these things each day while Shinhwa is promoting. 신화 산! 


Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Stars Divulge Secret Hotel Behaviors

I think Lexa was perfectly in character tbh. The mountain men came to make a deal to free her people and that is literally her mission in life: to keep HER people safe. That’s what she has been chosen for and she said she made the decision with her head not her heart cause her heart would’ve chosen otherwise. Last episode she risked things on her feelings which probably made her feel weak at some point? Realizing that she cares more about Clarke then she should. I mean look at her facade when she is talking? Full commander mode. I do think this decision broke her but she had to do whats best and keep her facade. She has been the chosen one to lead and she can’t risk the mission she has been sent for just because she has feelings for someone. She always talks about making sacrifices and that they she also made one. I think one part of her knows its wrong but she had to do whats right for HER people. Even if this blows and I hope that she will go back for Clarke because she realizes that life should be about more than just surviving. 

no gem on this earth will ever be
as precious or rare as she is.
no storm as strong,
no love as gentle.
she is a whirlwind of everything you wish you were,
and when you were falling fast, she caught you
before rock bottom had the chance to break you.
you will never know how to thank her for that.
—  a miracle came to me in the form of Amy