What I learned in vet school

If all goes well I graduate in around 4 months time and I thought it’d be a nice time to reflect on the four year ride that is vet school. 

1. I learned about death. Horses run towards it, cats go quietly seething, dogs give it their best shot and cows just say ‘fuck you’

2. PPP is inevitable. Poos pus and pee on all of the things

3. There are some really cool people who do vet school. Some of them are crazy but they’re a pretty awesome bunch. Neurotic for sure but fun

4. ‘Professionals’ are still human. You can break that glass ceiling! No one knows everything and we’re all forever learning and trying to better ourselves

5. Don’t compare yourself to others. I don’t even look at class averages anymore, it’s a lot more peaceful that way. I just keep trying my best

6. Nasty people are normally unhappy people. Do happy people belittle other people? No, because they’re happy people, they get their kicks doing other things

7. There is more than one way to do a thing. More than one way of getting into vet school, getting through vet school and progressing your career, heck even putting a bloody catheter in

8. There is such a thing as studying too much. You get burnt out…and end up crying in the middle of your exam as everything you thought you remembered seems to leak out of your ears

9. Work life balance is important! Note lesson 8

10. It helps having a good support network. It could be friends, family, whatever!

11. When it’s time, it’s time. This is applicable in many scenarios. Even though I am sure many in my cohort don’t feel ready to graduate, we are all tired of being students and it’s time to take that next step…mmm maybe leap haha

Reasons why Castiel is the best

1. His eyes, like wow

2. He fails to understand sarcasm 

3. He looks confused like 99.99% of the time

4. He’s chill with LGBT+ people (like yes accept me Cas)

5. He tries his best

6. He does what he thinks would be good for his friends

7. He considers Sam and Dean Family 

8. He wanted to help Clair even though he didn’t have to 

9. He looks so smol next to the Winchesters because wow they have much tall

10. He wears a trench coat 

11. He doesn’t get swearing 

12. He is a literal angel, like not just species wise

13. Not many people can look like tiny children when they are 6 foot tall


- Favorite Albums of 2016 -

Kilo Kish - Reflections in Real Time

Chairlift - Moth

Ravyn Lenae - Moon Shoes EP

Club Cheval - Discipline

Lady Gaga - Joanne

Josef Salvat - Night Swim (US Release)

>Night Swim for the second time, it’s still top worthy<

*in no specific order, they are all great albums*

go listen to them if you still haven’t!

anonymous asked:

how did you do your gifs?

i make them on photoshop cs6!

1. first i import video to frames

2.  then i narrow down the bit i wanna gif

3. then it makes a shit load of frames for me which i then i narrow down to what i want

4. crop it to 268x150 or w/e you wanna crop it too i go with tumblrs new sizes because i like bigger gifs

5. set the time to 0.09 but you can pick how fast/slow you want them to go i like 0.09 but i’ve seen a whole range of times used so pick what you like best

6. then u get this

(this gif would’ve been like 55 frames but to make sure it’d upload to an ask i cut to 40 i couldn’t remember if asks had a gif limit like they used to)

7. then it’s time for sharpening and i use premade sharpening actions becaue i am weak and lazy and all you gotta do to do that is convert your frames to video timeline

click that little button and you’ll get

and click on convert to video time

8. which will make your frames look like this now

9. then you’ll wanna convert your frames to smart filters so you’ll wanna select all your frames in the layers part which is on the right of you in photoshop

10. then go to filters and click on convert to smart filters

11. then you can apply your sharpening action or you can make up your own i am lazy and use a sharpening actions (which you can find some here if you want some) and now it’ll look like this

12. after that it’s just coloring or psd (psds x x) however you roll and ta-da

13. you had made a gif probably one that will look better then me because that coloring could be better