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BTS’s best friend accidentally kisses them (maknae line)


You and Jimin had your usual movie nights. You two were cuddled on the couch both sharing a blanket intently watching the movie.

“Jimin-ah can you get me some popcorn please?~” You asked dragging out your request with batted eyelashes and a pouted lip. He only smiled and looked down at you.

“Ah why don’t you get it Jagi I’m watching the movie.” He said, his attention now turning to the movie as he cuddled further into you.

“Pretty please?~” You asked him this time with puppy dog eyes and a slight smile on your lips because you knew you were about to get what you wanted. Jimin exaggeratedly sighed but got up off the couch none the less.

“How could i say no?”

“Thank you!” You continued to watch the movie silently awaiting for your best friend to finish making your popcorn. Not too long after Jimin had returned with a bowl of popcorn. He sat the bowl on the coffee table and sat back down going to cuddle you. You jokingly brought the side of his face to yours squishing your faces together.

“Such a sweet chim chim.” You cooed patting his cheek. You both exchanged joking laughs about turn back and settle into the position you were in before. You both turned your heads towards each other causing your lips to brush against his.

You widened your eyes in surprise but Jimin only smiled cheekily grabbing your face in his hands and bringing your lips back to his.

“I really like you Y/n.”

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You finally got to spend quality time with your best friend after not seeing him for awhile; And by quality time that really meant him beating you at every single video game you suggested. You really only suggested to you two playing games for the day because you wanted this to be your chance at finally beating Taehyung at one game for once. Unfortunately, you had no luck.

“Taehyung! Go easy on me!” You whined becoming frustrated with all the losses.

“Y/n I’m getting bored beating you at everything.” He laughed. You huffed in response and ushered him to quickly choose a mode and character for the game so you could try again.

“One more time.” You said with determination.

“If I win you have to pay for my meal when we eat.” 

“And if I win you have to pay for my meals the rest of our lives, deal?” You put your hand out feeling confident.

“Deal.” He laughed shaking your small hand with a firm grip. You both turned back to the tv with determination in each others eyes. You started to lose hope when you saw that you were behind. You quickly used a different strategy for the game and you were surprised to see that it got you tied with Taehyung.

“Oh watch out Tae!” You yelled slightly rising from your seat as you came closer to beating him. You saw him bite his lip in anticipation from the corner of your eye and that only make you smirk.

“Aha! I won!” You exclaimed throwing the console remote in surprise. You threw yourself at Taehyung making you both fall over on the couch. You smiled with glee at your achievement. Taehyung laughed grabbing you by the waist hugging you tightly. 

“I let you win.”

“You wish.” You and Taehyung laughed still in the hugging position, You had decided to release yourself but unknowingly Taehyung pulled you back into the hug making you fall into him and crash your lips to his. Your eyes widened but Tae had made sure you stayed where you were when his grip around you became tighter and he brought his hand up to your cheek.

“I really don’t mind buying you meals as long as it’s on our dates.”

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You and Jungkook had been at the park for hours playing like little kids but being happy to be spending time with each other. You two were on the swings seeing who could get higher.

“I’m higher Y/n just deal with it!” Jungkook laughed at you as you complained about him cheating.

“Your legs are longer that’s not fair!” You whined slowing down on the swing set. He did the same putting his foot down stepping off the swing and going over to help you down.

“That was not fair.” You huffed trying to show him you were mad but you only laughed afterwards.

“Ah Y/n such a sore loser.” He joked grabbing your shoulders and bringing you to lean on him.

“Am not i’m just standing for my right thank you very much.” You defended wrapping one arm around his torso. You two were so caught up in your quarrel you didn’t see a large group of kids run past you towards the playground. Jungkook grabbing you pushing you back in order to not bump into a child but you only stumbled over your feet making you and Jungkook fall to the ground. You fell on top on him accidentally pecking his lips. You both laid on the ground with red cheeks and small smiles on your faces.

“Can I kiss you for real this time?”

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Hope you all enjoyed this reaction! 

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do you take prompts? would you write a friends-to-lovers bellarke au where they decide to volunteer at a dog rescue or pound or something and the sight of bellamy playing with the dogs and puppies makes clarke's crush on him even worse? bonus would be if they end up adopting a dog together or something (also i would adore mutual pining !!!!) or anything along those lines of a prompt! bellarke + puppies is my secret weakness

A|N: Technically, this isn’t 100% fall-themed, but I’m a sucker for puppies and the friends-to-lovers trope so I’m just going to kick off my Halloween bash with this, tbh! Let’s just pretend this fic takes place in fall and hence is entirely On-Theme. 
Ironically enough, she’s the one who comes up with the idea of volunteering— which means that there’s no one to blame for this entire situation but herself, really.

“Run this by me again,” Bellamy asks, dry, “but how is this not a entirely self-serving move on our part where we get to play with numerous dogs on a regular basis?”

Arching a pointed brow over at him, she tilts back her screen, bringing up the shelter’s website. “Because, that’s not what fostering is,” she says, folding her arms across her chest. “We’re providing dogs with a chance at finding their permanent homes by giving them a place to stay in the meantime, see? It’ll reduce a load on the shelter’s resources too, so.”

The problem with living with her best friend for the better part of the year is that he knows her too well, really, so the only reaction she gets from that is a unimpressed sniff. “So what you’re saying is that we’ll get to play with several different dogs on a regular basis?”

Glaring, she manages a scowl, which only serves to make his smirk grow wider if anything. “Fine,” she bites out, slamming a pen down onto the sheaf of application papers before them, “maybe. Now will you please fill these out?”

“Only because you asked so nicely,” he grins, tickling at her wrist before reaching over to pluck the pen out of her grip triumphantly.

Their first dog arrives, a week after—  a husky mix called Peanut, of all things— which as far as Clarke knows, is the beginning of the end.

Because as it turns out, the sight of Bellamy taking care of a tiny, helpless puppy is a whole new level of distracting.

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some random dp headcanons i wrote earlier instead of doing my mythology homework

  • Danny was immensely disturbed when “It’s Not Gay If He’s Dead” exploded all over the internet.
  • It was on shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatpants and underwear. He even saw a small poster in Kwan’s locker.
  • “Listen Dash. It’s not “hella necro.” He isn’t a dead body. He’s a spirit. It’d be “hella spectro” if anything. Still, that’s fucked up. Why are these shirts not banned yet? They have to be against dress code. Who the fuck started making these?”
  • It wasn’t long after that that Paulina showed the school the wonders of creative writing.
  • “My eyes are not pure ectoplasm. The only time where there is ectoplasm in my eyes is when I’m building up to shoot rays from them. Yeah, it swirls around a bit and - how did she know that? Oh my god.”
  • “She is writing about my penis.”
  • “Tucker, she is literally writing in extreme detail about my dick.”
  • “Tucker, why did you send me this?”
  • Sam prints out some of the best lines from the most popular fanfiction written about him and sticks it all in a binder.
  • Danny starts crying when she hands it to him during school.
  • “I wasn’t ready.”
  • “They literally quoted Harry Potter. ‘His eyes were swimming with the ghosts of his past.’ It’s a fucking pun. They go on to talk about how ‘Phantom recapped the fights he endured earlier that morning.’ Jesus Christ.”
  • “I appreciate that these people are fueling their creativity but do they have to write porn about me, I mean, some of these stories were written by people in our school. Stop laughing Sam. They know me. Well, they don’t know me but you know what I mean. People in this school spend their spare time writing about my dick.”
  • “They are very generous about the size of it though.”
  • No, no. It’s totally that size.”
  • “Tucker stop laughing.”
  • No one in the school had ever heard Danny seriously swear before all this went down so the first time he drops the f-bomb, people take a step back.
  • Danny has almost completely controlled his anger towards the people at Casper High. Instead, he takes his rage out on ghosts that interrupt his sleep.
  • “Skulker fuck off, alright. People are writing about my dick and I’m not in the mood right now.”
  • “Stop laughing at me. That’s not cool.”
“But I’m trying”

I never understood how anyone could ever stay with someone who hurt them, emotionally or physically.

But now I do.

Because you love them. You love them so much, you blame it on yourself for wanting too much, even if you only want them to care about you how you care about them. You show them all the love in the world, and they show you just enough to keep you around, keep you under their control.

They subtly blame you and guilt you into thinking it was your fault for asking for ‘too much’ - for asking for fairness. They make you feel deplorable for wanting basic human decency. And then, at the end, they ‘accept’ you for your ‘flaws’ and tell you they’re trying. They’re trying to get better, and they love you so much, they’re willing to work through it with you - if you’re willing to stay and watch your relationship grow and them get better as a person. They tell you they’re so lucky to have you. They might even say outright that they know they’re treating you badly and that they’re a bad person. But they’re trying, you think. So you stay, full of hope.

But they don’t change. They blame it on their circumstance, their mental issues, their lives, their bad luck, the fact that they were taught how to act (even though they know very well they can be better people if they actually made an effort.) Your hope drains away. You become empty, from giving them all your kindness, effort, compassion, inspiration and time.

You drain away. And they absorb all the goodness from you. In the end, you even truly believe that you deserve it, that it is your fault.

But, oh, sweetheart, it isn’t. I promise.

It isn’t.

ons crew acting headcanons

(i know this ‘if ons was a tv show thing’ has been done but we need more happy hc’s tbh bc why not)

  • little ‘behind the scenes’ snippets of everyone just completely goofing off sometimes dancing around
  • there’s a ton of bloopers on the show like seriously how can there not be
  • there’s countless lines that have been fucked up. most certainly and no one can prove to me nOT otherwise like
  • imagine the one scene where mika asks yuu to runaway with him and he can’t even finish because they both burst out laughing and the director has to yell cut
  • the shot was probably taken about 500 times
  • “how long do i have to stand in this shower for? my hair is already wet enough”
  • (shinoa’s not the one complaining in that scene definitely)
  • “how long do i have to keep these chains on me? can’t i break them off because i’m a demon?”
  • “i’m just a filty– pfft
  • off-set stories about others in the cast because everyone is all friends and they occasionally hang out when not on set
  • asura, kiseki-o, and krul are all besties 
  • ferid and guren spending time together off-set and guren pretends ferid’s a pain in the ass
  • cast vines
  • one-on-one interviews
  • i doubt anyone could wield their weapons so easily if anyone kureto’s probably the only one who’s done a perfect shot without dropping it
  • it took like days of practice for shinoa to wield her weapon and swinging it around she’s dropped it while shooting a couple times and just went “fuck it”
  • don’t even get me started on kimizuki he’s probably tied with yuu on the amount of times dropping their swords jfc
  • “what do you think of [insert two characters]”
  • “why do we always get this question–”
  • “that one line’s gotta be the best part of the show”
  • “can you say that line again?”
  • “have you read fanfiction about [insert bizarre topic here]–”, “–I’m sorry, what? Could you repeat that?”
  • guren would be the type to hog up the mics whenever someone asks a question so his answer could be loud and clear
  • he also cracks everyone up with horrible jokes that shinya thinks is gold
  • “i’m the queen therefore everyone should have questions for me first”
  • “i swear to you off set i’m not a murderer and i would never murder an entire family”
  • the highlight of every panel is when someone is asked to say something in character and they just crack up because of how hard it is to keep a straight face
  • mika pulls it off somehow because he’s simply perfection
  • nobody really gets left out because the entire cast is literally just one big happy family pretty much

This was actually a request from an anon for Emilie’s BRILLIANT AND AMAZING AND FANTASTIC fic, “The Lines That Lie Between

“Caroline Forbes was born and bred to serve the Originals, but when she is placed in Klaus’ service will things go as planned?”

If you haven’t read this, you’re gonna want to hop on that train, A-SAP.

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I know you have your top 10 favourite fics, but I want to read the best in the dramione ship fandom. So the best, slowburn, amazing plot line fanfiction you can find or think of.

We are SO glad you’ve asked! Because we have answered that question here.

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Riarkle - "I can't breathe!"

Okay so this is a paramedic!riarkle AU. I don’t how much of this is accurate, my googling skills can only take me so far and seeing as I’m not allergic to anything nor am I a paramedic I had to rely on Google. If there are any glaringly obvious errors feel free to point them out.

They’re about 20/21 in this. Surprisingly, you only have to be over 18 and have been an EMT to be a paramedic. Go figure. 

Hope you enjoy this.

Line of Dialogue Series:

In which she’s kind of glad he forgot.

Rating T: for swearing mostly, trigger warning just in case but no one really dies but better to be safe than sorry, it’s kinda fluffy 

Words: 1279

“I can’t breathe!”

Her fork clatters loudly on her plate. Maya notices her pale face. ”Riles, are you okay?” Oblivious Lucas takes another bite of his steak.

Riley raises a trembling hand to her neck, “I can’t breathe.” Her vision is getting spotty, Maya and Lucas are becoming blurry. Sitting is suddenly a huge effort.

“Riley,” Something falls to the floor. It’s only Maya’s screaming that makes her realize that it’s her. She fell on the floor.

“Stay with me Riley!” Warm hands cradle her face. “Call 911 you fucking Huckleberry!”

“What was in the salad?” She pants, her tongue feels ten times bigger. “That’s the only thing I ate.”

Maya flags down a waiter, “Yes, you.” He bends down and unwillingly finds himself nose to with Maya. “You’re going to tell me what the hell was in that salad or so help me god you’re going to be lying right next to her.”  

The poor waiter gulps, looks at Riley, then at the salad, and immediately begins listing ingredients. 

 “Lettuce, Swiss cheese, onions, mustard, olive oil…” He trails off nervously.

“What kind of salad…”

“It’s a cashew salad ma’am.”

Maya explodes, “Cashews? She’s allergic to cashews! Honey, why would you order a cashew salad?” Riley shakes her eyes, it wasn’t her.

“I didn’t.” She wheezes at Maya’s outline. Lucas had ordered for her. They’d been in the bathroom primping while Maya listed off all the reasons he was wrong for her.

Maya gently sets her head on the ground before springing to her feet. “Huckleberry!”

Lucas turns around the phone pressed to his ear, “They said the paramedics should be here any minute now. We’re lucky the hospital is close by.” He laughs.

Maya screams bloody murder and for once, Riley isn’t there to stop her.

“I’m gone for five seconds and you murder my best friend!” There’s a grunt. “Five seconds! That’s all it takes for you to kill her.”

“She never told me she was allergic to anything!”

Yes, she had. The purple and green lights are beginning to fade and she thinks it’s ironic that this is how she dies. Her boyfriend of two years being unable to remember she’s allergic to cashews.

“You’re her best friend, shouldn’t you have an EpiPen?“ His voice sounds like it’s coming through a tube which now that she thinks about it goes great with her tunnel vision.

“No, because I’m not stupid enough to give her cashews!” Maya yells back.

“Are you calling me stupid?”

“If the boot fits…”

The sirens drown out his retort. There’s a commotion and then there’s another yelling voice that isn’t theirs. It’s rich, commanding, and vaguely familiar. “Roll her onto her side, prep her for a steroid shot. We don’t want her to stop breathing. You two,” as they roll her over she catches a faint glimpse of a young paramedic pointing his finger at Lucas and Maya who look like they’re about three seconds away from killing each other. He towers over both of them. “Shut up.”

“Who do think you’re talking to?”

“I’m her boyfriend!”

Fingers circle against her wrist and stay there. “170/110.” Someone with a slight Texan accent says. She’s spent so much time around Lucas that she knows the difference.

“So you’re the genius who poisoned her in the first place.” He scoffs, Riley hears the snap of gloves. A pair of blue eyes come into view, they startle a moment then steel themselves. “She’s still swelling.” Says someone to her right.

He curses under his breath, “We need to get her out to the rig.” His eyes are the last thing she sees and his voice is the last thing she hears.

“Riley, c’mon Riley, wake up. There we go, show me those pretty brown eyes.” She blinks away the spots in her vision, two paramedics stand over her.

“Can I sit up?”

“If you want.” A tawny hand gently grasped her arm, careful not to touch the protruding tubes. “Slowly, take your time. Don’t really wanna clean any vomit up.” A friendly smile greets her less puffy face. Certain that she’s not going throw up he grabs a clipboard. “It’s happened,” he defends at the other paramedic’s snort of disbelief.

“How are you feeling Riley?” Blue eyed boy asks. Seemingly magnetic her eyes are drawn to his. Her north to his south.

The paramedic without the gorgeous blue eyes slants him a glance. “I didn’t know you knew her.”

The boy turns around and grabs an IV. It’s now she notices she’s no longer in the restaurant, but in an ambulance “I don’t, not really.” His pink ears say otherwise.

“You know her name, which is the first thing I was going to ask.”

“You’re in my psych class, you’re Farkle.” She says to his broad back, her throat feels like it’s on fire.  She rubs her neck, relieved that it’s back to its normal size. Her skin is a fiery red, the usual shade it tends to be after an allergic reaction. She’d gone years without one but thanks to Lucas she’d just been put through one.

Surprise shows on his face, he scratches his head, “Yeah, that’s me.”

“I’m Zay.” Farkle bumps him with his hip, he reluctantly moves over. “Not that anyone cares.”

“I care, Isaiah,” the voice comes from the front Riley jumps, Zay blows a kiss at the girl driving the ambulance. Farkle places a hand on her shoulder. He motions at the needle in his hand, she grins sheepishly. She’s grateful that she was out when they inserted the catheter, needles were not her thing.  


“It’s okay,” Zay waves her off. “Most people assume that this thing just drives itself, how are you feeling?”

“Better. I feel a little dizzy, but overall I’m feeling better.”

“This might feel a little cold,” Farkle murmurs, she shivers but not because of the solution being pushed into her veins.

“It was touch and go for a couple of moments there.” Zay jots some things down. “Good thing we didn’t have to give you CPR. Although I doubt your boyfriend would have let us. Did you know he gave birth to a horse?”

“He didn’t,” Riley groans. He told that story to anyone who would listen. “And ex-boyfriend.” She clarifies.

“He did,” Zay says grimly, Farkle nods his head in agreement. “And good for you.”

Zay asks her a couple of question, cracks a couple of jokes before clicking his pen. “The IV should help you feel better.” Zay finally says.

“We’re almost there,” Farkle takes off his gloves. “You shouldn’t be at the hospital long. Just take the Benadryl the doctor is going to prescribe and avoid cashews and you should be good as new.”

Zay shoves him, “I was gonna say that. Gotta impress the pretty girls.”

A loud cough is heard.

He grins. “Just kidding Izzy.”


Zay shoves the heavy clipboard into his hands, “Your girl your paperwork.”

“She’s not…” But Zay’s already off to bother the girl she still hasn’t seen yet.

“I didn’t know you were a paramedic?”

“I don’t really advertise it,” Farkle looks up from his writing, “It usually attracts the crazies.”

“Is that why you’re taking a psychology, to avoid the crazies?” She smiles, she’s sure she looks deranged with her swollen face but she doesn’t care.

He laughs, “No, that’s not it.” She watches him scrawl his signature at the bottom of the page, “Maybe I’ll tell you one day.”

“I look forward to it.” She says sincerely.

“We’re here!” Zay exclaims.

“Do you want to get dinner sometime?” Farkle whispers as they help her out of the ambulance and into a wheelchair, “No cashews, I promise.”

“I’d like that.” Riley beams up at him.

“Aww,” Zay coos, “I can’t wait to be best man.”

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Heya! How’re you doing? I got a prompt for you. Waitress!cosima (who’s totally charming obvz) comforts patron!delphine, who has gotten into a fight with her bf.

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One of the best lines I've ever read in fanfiction

This technically isn’t a thing two straight guys would do, Tony thinks, but he’s too drunk and miserable to care. Plus, he’s only about 92% straight anyway. Steve, on the other hand, is probably 150% straight, minimum, so together they add up to almost two and a half straight guys. When you look at it like that, this is practically the least gay thing Tony’s ever done.
Semaphore by DevilDoll