best. concept album. ever

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Top 6 albums OF ALL TIME??


these are 6 albums I love, like 10/10 love and think are absolutely essential for everyone ok THAT’S THE BEST I CAN DO. in no order:

  1. Astral Weeks - i don’t love many artists like i love Van Morrison. and while you may start this album and be like ‘am i in my grandparent’s jazz den? have i stumbled into the ending of a mark ruffalo romantic comedy?’ KEEP ON, because it amazing, and idek how to explain it but this whole album (but ESPECIALLY sweet thing, one of my favourite songs EVER, literal play this at my funeral music) is just one of those sounds that stays with you forever and i really love it for that.
  2. Hadestown - IF YOU FOLLOW ME AND HAVEN’T LISTENED TO HADESTOWN YET MAN IM SO DISAPPOINT IM SHAKING MY HEAD the best concept album ever EVER even if for some wild wack reason you don’t like greek myth, because it’s done SO WELL and the imagery of this world is conveyed so completely through the songs you can see it when you listen IT’S SO COOL AND GREAT IT’S GROOL
  3. For Emma, Forever Ago - probably my most listened to album? and DEFINITELY my most cried-to, i get to the end of ‘the wolves’ and i just start bawling LITERALLY EVERY TIME AND IT’S ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SONGS THAT IS SO MANY TEARS LOOK AT THIS JUSTIN VERNON LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE but yeah probably the best breakup album ever??? TOUGH CALL but it’s just so introspective and sorrowful but also brimming with this sort of lost passion that has nowhere else to go but into the music IT’S A LOT BON IVER IS A LOT PLEASE LISTEN
  4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - as close to flawless as an album can maybe ever get and i’m okay with that, and i think kanye would be ok with that too? (or not. he’s gonna keep trying to top mbdtf until he dies tbh WE ALL KNOW IT) but yes it’s just so INTENSE and furious and joyous and when you get to lost in the world and it’s just full bore in your face creativity i can’t even explain JUST LISTEN AND LISTEN AGAIN
  5. The Joshua Tree - there are probably only a handful of albums where i love, like truly love, every single song as much as all the others (and that includes albums on this list), and the joshua tree is one of them. U2 is one of the bands i grew up listening and i kind of inherited my love for them but going back and listening to this whole album from start to finish was such an awesome experience because it just flows so well and like the quality of EVERY SINGLE TRACK is practically unheard of. even if you don’t like u2 or bono or whatever LISTEN TO THE JOSHUA TREE. IT CAN’T LIVE WITH OR WITHOUT YOU
  6. Rumors - probably the most raw and emotionally brutal album you’ll ever listen to - and you don’t expect it AT ALL because it’s all wrapped up in floaty stevie nicks lyrics and fleetwood mac harmonies, so when you like actually LISTEN to songs like ‘dreams’ or ‘silver springs’ you kind of have to sit down and be like oh god… i feel like they’ve been punching me in the heart… and i DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT fuck all y’all man

oh and BROTHERS by the black keys too okay if you haven’t listened to it PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE