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If the Axis and Allies were to go to HOTTOPIC, what would they moat likey buy?

America- Keep calm and kill zombies tank top 

Canada- Deadpool Hoodie

England- anything to do with Nightmare Before Christmas (the best movie EVER)

France- he’s not going to shop, but he may bum a cigarette from someone there

Russia- is there anything in his size? 

China- Fucking EVERYTHING, that store needs to restock NOW

Italy- How may I ignore you today tee-shirt

Japan- Joins China in buying out the store

Germany - anything with kittens or sarcasm 

Christmas headcanons for some of my boys ☆ Not Requested, but needed ♡

Tendou Satori:

-Really really hype about Christmas. He’s the one guy who owns three hundred thousand ugly sweaters and decorates his house literally the day after Halloween. Christmas has always been tied to good memories, so he can’t help but love it so much.

-His favorite gift to get is graphic t-shirts. That’s literally all he wears, and he loves them. This year, he got a Hamilton spin-off T-shirt that said “Rotten: A Number One Musical” and he plans on wearing it everyday.
((I actually got this T-shirt but I can imagine my lizard son loving himself a good meme))

Daishou Suguru:

-Says he despises Christmas, but secretly loves it. He rarely ever sees his family because they’re scattered all over, and Christmas is the only time during the year where he actually gets to see them. His family is absolutely crazy, too, and as much as he says he hates them, he thinks they’re hysterical.

-He loves getting books. He’s such a nerd to the point where all his money goes to books. His mom accidentally bought him a book they turned out to be 700 pages, and while his mother apologized for not realizing how long the book was, he was already reading it, planning to finish the whole thing before break ended.

Yamaguchi Tadashi:

-Loves the whole “comfy-cozy” vibe, and boy, does Christmas deliver. Whether he’s with his family or not, he’ll always brew himself a hot cocoa, curl up under a quilt and watch a Christmas movie or two. Its the best feeling ever, in his opinion.

-He loves getting bracelets. He finds them to be so thoughtful and wonderful, even if they are little. He especially loves bracelets made out of stones that have spiritual meanings, like how Rose Quartz makes you calm and happy and how Agate makes you happy. He also adores Lokai bracelets, he owns at least 10.

Tsukishima Kei:

-Hates Christmas, and actually kinda hates it. His family is an absolute mess, and its hard to deal with them for two days straight. Although, its the only time of the year when he gets to see his Grandparents, and despite his utter bitterness towards his relatives, he enjoys seeing them above all else.

-He got tickets to go see his favorite band in concert, and he actually cried a little bit. His mother was recording the whole thing and, much to his demise, there’s a whole video of him sobbing, now up on Facebook. Although, he didn’t really care much in the end, he was going to see his favorite band after all.

Kuroo Tetsurou:

-Such a nerd for Christmas. He’s the kind of guy who’s hanging mistletoe up at every doorway and every corner, throwing tinsel on anything that can support it, and bakes so many cookies, so many, and he takes his sweet time perfectly decorating each and every one.

-He ended up getting a telescope, and he was so thrilled. He took it outside immediately, despite it being 9:00 AM and tested it out. Of course he couldn’t see anything then, but he was so thrilled that he finally owned one. His poor family, though. They’d have to deal with constant space facts for the rest of their lives with that thing in his possession

Sugawara Koushi:

-Christmas aesthetic on point. He holds a part every year where he invited his teammates over and they all sit around and decorate cookies and watch old movies. However, Christmas does make him a little bit stressed because he feels the need to buy everyone presents and needs everything to be prefect.

-He knows its pretty feminine, but he loves Lush products. Bath bombs, shower jellies, all of that stuff. If he got a bunch of bathbombs in his stocking, he’d be so thrilled.

Ushijima Wakatoshi:

-Since it was only really him and his mom growing up, Christmas was never really a big thing. Although, he became an excellent baker thought all those years, and its one of his favorite things to do. (Him and Sugawara probably meet up at one point and make a bunch if cookies, try to convince me otherwise.)

-He’s that basic boy who gets a whole bunch of sporty things. T-shirts, shoes, all of that. His favorite thing was a pair of white and gold Kyrie iD2’s, which he adores, but kind of skeptical on because of how close the colors resemble a rival team in Tokyo…

Holiday AUs!!

Heh guys, Mun Wells here, with my first set of AUs that I just came up with while almost falling asleep to Christmas Music on the couch. As I only have experience with Christmas family wise, that’s what I’m going off. Sorry!!

Here we go!!

- Person A dancing to Christmas music with their kid. Works especially well if it’s snowing out and the whole family is there being domestic and cute.

- First Christmas together. Tiny apartment with a tiny tree. Little gifts, cuz it’s their first Christmas living on their own and they have bills and adult stuff.

- Military AU. Person A is deployed during Christmas, and cries during a Skype call.

- (continuation) Person B gets a notice that A is MIA or KIA on Christmas eve/day.

- (even more) WW2 AU. Person A has Christmas in the trenches. Even worse if you kill them while they read a letter. Have them holding a Christmas photo.

- “I just knocked the tree over while trying to put the star on. Crap.”

- “Oh shit. I forgot to get a tree.”


- The in-laws are coming.

- Christmas Party!

- Christmas with roommates. Trying to have a “proper” Christmas only to wind up eating chinese/pizza while watching Christmas movies and laughing. Best Christmas ever.

- French Christmas traditions meets Italian Christmas traditions. Or any other. Especially French Canadian Christmas traditions.

- “You want to rent out what for a Christmas party WHAT size?”

- “I want to rest out a hall for a Christmas party. I’m inviting everyone I have on Facebook… Yes I know I have 500 people on Facebook. And they are all invited.”

- Little kids trying to stay awake for Santa.

- Anything domestic. Literally anything.

- Christmas in the hospital.

- Car accident leaves person A in a coma. They pass on Christmas eve/day.

- Cancer. They can’t leave the ward. Weak, bedridden, and sick.

- Remember that military AU? Yeah, now let’s see Person B during that. Ouch.

So that’s all! Wow… Just call me Domesticity McAngsty McGee.

Christmas Writing Challenge for Polyglots

Whatever language you’re learning, it’s always good to practice. I was inspired by @blackteaandlanguages post to create this 24 day version for a December countdown to Christmas. There we go!

1. Write about what you wish for Christmas this year.

2. Write about your favourite Christmas songs.

3. Write about your favourite things about the Christmas season.

4. Write about what you like about winter.

5. Write about what you dislike about winter.

6. Write about your favourite Christmas themed book.

7. Write about your favourite Christmas themed movie.

8. Write about best Christmas present you’ve ever received/given.

9. Write about your best winter holiday experience.

10. Translate the lyrics of one of the Christmas songs.

11. Write about your favourite Christmas dishes and/or sweets.

12. Write about how your house is decorated for Christmas.

13. Translate a recipe for a Christmas dish.

14.  Write about how Christmas is celebrated in a country where your target language is spoken.

15. Write about how Christmas is celebrated in your country.

16. Write about how you celebrate Christmas.

17. Make a Christmas vocab list in your target language.

18. Write about what you’re giving your family/friends for Christmas.

19. Discover new Christmas songs in your target language and express your opinion on them.

20. Design a Christmas card or write wishes in your target language.

21. Write a Christmas story (its length is up to you).

22. Write about celebrating Christmas at yoour school/work.

23. Describe your Christmas tree (if you don’t have one, imagine what you would put on it).

24. Write about how you feel today, since it’s finally Christmas!

Days 8 + 9: 12 Days of CP! Christmas

Prompt list here

A/N: Just little drabbles today, to get me up to date.

Watching a classic movie with hot cocoa

The movie was just starting as Bitty walked into the lounge, carrying the last two cups of cocoa for him and Jack. The boys had all offered to help him bring the drinks out, but no one was surprised when he declined. Everyone knew that Bitty’s great joy was providing for people, and he loved to hand them all their cocoa individually.

“Yes, The Santa Clause,” Holster said from the floor where he and Ransom were sharing a blanket. “This is the best Christmas movie ever.”

“That’s a lie,” Ransom shot back, “Everyone knows it’s Elf.”

“Wrong again,” Nursey said from the couch, squished between Dex and Chowder. “It’s clearly The Grinch.”

“I prefer Love, Actually,” Jack said, taking his drink from Bitty and sipping carefully. As soon as Bitty sat down, his back leaning against the couch, Jack wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

There was a collective groan from the boys, but Bitty just grinned and leant up to plant a quick kiss on Jack’s smiling lips. He tasted like chocolate.

Singing carols

“Oh Lord, Holster is singing Mariah Carey again,” Bitty said as he closed his bedroom door. Jack looked up from where he lay on Bitty’s bed, admiring Bitty’s softly tousled hair and sleep-wrinkled pyjama bottoms. He looked good enough to eat. Or kiss.

“Come back to bed, I’ll make the pain go away,” Jack said, lifting the covers with a smile.

Bitty came over quickly, sliding under the covers and nestling himself right up against Jack’s naked front, his head tucked under Jack’s chin. “He’s a good singer, really,” he said into Jack’s collarbone, “But it’s only 7am and honestly there’s just no reason to be belting it out so loud.”

Above them came the sounds of heavy footsteps, and the muffled tenor of Holster’s festive wailing. Shortly after there was another sound, a very clear, ‘Fuck OFF, bro!”

Jack chuckled and wrapped his arms tightly around Bitty, felt Bitty sigh against his skin. The Haus was waking up, and in a few hours it would be Haus Christmas Lunch. But they had some time.

So Jack sang softly into Bitty’s hair. “All I want for Christmas is yooouuuu.”

The Polar Express

I just watched that movie this morning, and it’s like the 178563th time I watch it, and I still love it. The animation, the story, the soundtrack.. I love everything in it. Truly the best Christmas movie ever. My favorite.

B  e  l  i  e  v  e 

I Thought Those Meant Bad Luck

Okay so warning, this is hella fluffy, this is also my second story for haunted septiween, so I hope you guys like this, but I’m glad on how it turned out. ALSO, I have started tagging all of my stories under ‘Juliannas collection of stories’ so if you ever want to find something I wrote, or just want to read everything I’ve written you can look that up.

As Mark was going to sit on the couch to watch his favorite Halloween movie, and Christmas movie for that matter, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ there was a knock on the door. Mark stood slightly annoyed, he just wanted to watch his movie.

“What do you ne- oh hi” Mark was met with an unfamiliar face, a very attractive, unfamiliar face. He scanned the man in front of him and saw Clyde, his black cat, in his hands. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry for him” Mark exclaimed taking Clyde from the mans hands. 

“It’s fine, hes walked in a couple times, I’ve fed him and hes left, I thought he was a stray until  saw him walk in here last time, so I assumed, by the way, I’m Jack, I’m your new neighbor. I moved in like a month ago, and I never introduced myself.” Jack finished by sticking his hand out. He also wasn’t expecting an extremely hot man to own this cat, he was expecting some old woman named Mildred or something. Mark lifted his brow to show his confusion.

‘What is that accent? I know I’ve heard it before’ Mark thought because he could not place exactly where Jack was from

“I’m Mark” he shook the mans hand. “Hey, I’m about to have some coffee would, you like to join?” Mark asked slightly looking at his feet, slightly at Jack.

“No, no I’d hate to intrude” Jack stated

“No, you wouldn’t be intruding, take it as a thanks for feeding my cat” Mark smiled.

“Well, alright” Jack smiled and walked in. He followed Mark to the kitchen, Mark pointed to an island chair, then looked at Jack. Jack took a seat while Mark went to make the coffee. They stayed in a comfortable silence. 

‘Why am i so comfortable with this guy? we jus’ met’ Jack thought, he was brought back to reality, by a cup of coffee being placed in front of him. Mark leaned on the counter across from him.

“You seemed like someone to liked black coffee, so here it is” Mark chuckled. 

“Well, you would be right” Jack smiled as he took a sip

“So, not you’re not from around here, huh?” Mark finally asked so he would quit wondering about it.

“No” Jack chuckled “I’m from Ireland, I moved to LA for work” Mark nodded, understanding where he was coming from.

“Yeah I did the same, except a much more boring place” Jack took a sip from his coffee while looking at Mark signaling for him to continue “I moved here from Ohio” Jack nodded, acting like he knew where that was. Jack watched as Clyde jumped onto the island and walked past them. 

“I thought those things were considered bad luck here?” Jack stared at Mark as he turned to look at his cat

“Eh, yeah I guess, but I mean he hasn’t done me bad so far” Mark replied looking at jack, catching him staring at him. They both felt the heat go to their faces as they prolonged eye contact. Jack interrupted the ‘moment’.

“So uh, you got a girlfriend?” Jack asked hoping for the answer he desired. Marks arm flew up to his neck, causing his muscles to press up against the flannel he was wearing.

“Funny thing about that… I don’t swing that way..?” He stated, but it came out more as a question.

“Eh, that’s alright, I don’t either” Jack smirked as he turned around, seeing the TV come into view.

“What is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas?” Jack asked looking back at Mark, who was still looking at Jack. Mark was so caught up on how a 20-something year old could pull off salt and pepper so well, that he had no idea what Jack had said to him.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat that?” the heat returning to his face. Jack laughed, Mark was also memorized by that.

“ What is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas?” Mark gasped.

“Only the best movie ever, do you want to watch it?” Jack smiled 

“Yeh, that sounds good.” Mark led him to the couch as he sat down and tapped the couch next to him. Jack sat next to Mark, practically on his lap. Mark smiled as he picked up the remote and pressed play. As the movie continued the more the men got closer to each other. First, Mark put his arm around Jack, Jack reciprocated by leaning his head on Marks shoulder. Then, Jack Placed one leg on top of Marks, which were propped up on the coffee table. By the end of the movie, the men were tangled in each other. When the movie ended Jack looked at Mark and smiled.

“and I thought black cats were bad luck” both men laughed as the continued to watch more movies far into the night.

Friendly Neighbor- Part 8

Dean Winchester has been your neighbor for the last few years. He’s obnoxious and full of himself, and the two of you have done nothing but compete since he moved in.

You hate it.

Until his girlfriend Lisa moves in, and the competition stops.

So why do you miss it? And when you notice Lisa moving out, and don’t see Dean for a couple of weeks after that, why are you so concerned?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Summary of Part 7: Christmas as a couple.

Word Count: 2100ish

Warning: Smut

“Charlie! That isn’t helping!”

Charlie giggled as she continued to writhe around in the snow, creating a perfect snow angel. “I know. I never said I was going to help. I said I was going to play in the snow!”

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