Actual Conversation That Just Happened

Me: Havoc, are you gonna help me with this spell?

Havoc: *trundles out of the bedroom, meowing* I’m up! I’m here! Let’s witch!

Me: Okay, let me just find the amber oil… *searches with kitten at my heels* Hmm…can’t find it. You think I could just burn some amber incense instead?

Havoc: *grunts* Nope.

Me: What about using some of the Lucky Day powder?

Havoc: *shakes head* Nuh-uh. Gots to be amber oil.

Me: All right, all right… *goes and finds the bottle* This stuff? *holds it up*

Havoc: *purrmew* Yeah!

Me: What should I do with it?

Havoc: *paws at the marker I used to draw the sigil*

Me: Good call. *traces sigil with amber oil* You think we can skip the dragon’s blood?

Havoc: *emphatic meow* Yeeeees. *sneezes*

Me: Should we add a little Lucky Day powder just for oomph?

Havoc: *grunts* Nuu. Is good.

Me: Allrighty, we’re ready to seal this bad boy up! Good job, partner.

Havoc: *trots away to snooze on the couch*


disney witch heroines: Nani Pelekai

abilities: spells and potions, ocean magic, hula magic

Even though Nani’s always saying that Lilo is more powerful than she is, Lilo doesn’t think so. Maybe Lilo has more magic than Nani, but Nani is amazing. Nani can make fourteen different types of spells from memory without looking at their mom’s old spellbook, even though she does sometimes burn the potions. Nani can surf on the biggest waves and eat an ice cream cone really fast. Nani can work at any job and she’s really good at singing when Lilo’s sad. When Mom and Dad died and Nani was supposed to be living all by herself and hanging out with David Fancy-Hair, she came home and took care of Lilo and now she takes care of Stitch, too! So maybe Nani’s not the best witch in the world, but she’s the best sister in the UNIVERSE and Lilo thinks that’s even better.

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