Best Buy employees surprise teen by giving him a Wii U after seeing him play Smash Bros. at the store every single day.

Over the last 30 years Link’s partners have included at least five different fairies, a talking ship possessed by the ghost of the king, a robotic spirit that lives inside his sword, a flying bear, and a sentient version of his own hat, yet somehow people seem to feel the strangest and most illogical idea we have been presented with is Link going on his journey alone

god never forget how thirsty I was for wind waker HD when i got it tho and then my Wii U broke and I had no access to it for nearly a month and I was going through these insane withdraws so I went and bought the gamecube version and started over

Palm Tree Paradise (Sunny-Side Up)
Ryoji Yoshitomi
Palm Tree Paradise (Sunny-Side Up)

Japanese Lyrics:

Hello there!
Ukurere Mitaina
Tabiwo Shiyo
Aruite Iko Tsukino
Kakewaro Hiroinagara
Chizuno Kawarini Kyanbasu
Nijino Shizukude
Hinodeni Mainauyoni
Boyaketa Tokeiwa Oiteko
Umini Tameiki Tokashite
Ishini Koewo Kizamo
Tsukiwo Supuni Ukabetara
Hyougarano Kumoga Warau

English Lyrics:

Hello there!
Let’s take a trip
Like a ukulele
Let’s go on foot, While
Picking up moon fragments
Canvas instead of a map
With drops of rainbow
(Let’s color)
Let’s put up a blurred clock
So that we can make sunrise
Let’s dissolve our sighs in the sea
And carve our voices in stone
When we float the moon in soup
A leopard-print cloud/spider will laugh

vulcanvampire  asked:

Dude! You have a Wii U! What games do you have?!

Dude, I have a Wii U! Let me think what games I have (it’s at my dad’s house and I’m at my mom’s now)

- Super Smash Brothers
- Mario Kart 8
- The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
- The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
- New Super Mario Bros. U
- Super Mario Maker

I might have a few more but I’m not sure… I’ll look monday and if I have more I’ll let you know :D :D