Protective dad Draco and his beloved son Scorpius.♡

I had a few people (and anons) ask for some dad Draco + Scorpius art, so here you go! The shadows in the BG kinda look like dementors, but if you squint you can kinda see that they’re a mass of people staring in contempt :’(

Draco being a father would include…

-him being totally overprotective towards his little girl/boy
-you coming home and finding him asleep with your child in his arms
-taking so many photos of your little family
-him nearly bursting into tears when your child’s first word is “daddy”
-the three of you cuddling on the sofa on rainy days
-Draco spoiling you and the child because he wants the two of you to have the best life possible
-you having to clean up the kitchen after Draco made a mess when he tried to prepair breakfast
-reading bed time stories to your little one together
-Draco always making sure that you and your child know how much he loves the two of you because he wants his little boy/girl to have a better childhood than he had

Finding out that my wife has a running list on Amazon (that she’s constantly adding to) of little things that she just buys for me when she feels like it.

The last thing was The Age of American Unreason, because it is on David Bowie’s list of 100 essential books and I mentioned once that I wanted to read them all.

I’m really not trying to make you guys jealous.

But shit.