I love screencapping prop documents and I was super intrigued about some of the ones from 4x01, so here they are:

The Blackmail Letter

Dear Grand Duke Romanov,

I want to congratulate you on your continuous struggle to fight the Soviet Regime. My support is ever-growing.

I believe the explosion of the railroad was a truly magnificent operation. I can guarantee our support hereon.

Yours, George R


Letter in the ‘King vs Shelby and Gray’ case file:

(Obscured by photo) are having a garden part at our house in Dorset. I would like to invite you and your wife and family as my special guests. The weather is expected to be very seasonable (i think ti says that). I will be pleased if your family will honour us by letting us entertain you for the weekend. I hope your children are in fine health and please give my best regards to your wife Lady Asimov. I will arrange for you all to be met at the station. I hope this arrangement will be to your satisfaction and I greatly look forward to your arrival.

MY WIFE, MY BEST FRIEND, MY SOUL SISTER, MY ABSOLUTE LIFE…DID YA SEE ‘ER OUT THERE?!?!?!!!!!? OH MY HOLY MOTHER O’ GOD SHE KILLED IT AND UGHHHH I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE YA BACK, YA DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND. And yes, I cried. I 'ave no shame in admitting this. I just wasn’t ready okay. And that pop … that pop would be enough to set anyone off. I LOVE YA SO MUCH OH MY GOD. @araiadiaphora

My husband’s work is selling fudge and I told him not to buy any because it’s really easy to make. I didn’t make any right away so he was like, “If it’s so easy to make, why don’t I have any?”

…I have now made six batches of fudge in the past three days. I have a couple more batches I can make before I run out of condensed milk. Every day he comes home there is more fudge. He can’t keep up. I’m not slowing down. I may just buy more condensed milk and various flavored baking chips when I run out. Why? Because I am a passive aggressive wife and this is Fudge Wars.

Pretend | Park Chanyeol

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Royalty AU | Arranged Marriage AU | Slight Angst 

Summary: You’re unsure but hopeful about your arranged marriage to the handsome Prince Chanyeol of the neighboring kingdom. But you’re in for an unpleasant surprise when you find out he’s in love with someone else, and completely despises the idea of being married to you. 

Word Count : About 5.5k (i don’t know how this got so long)

A/N: I was originally considering making this a series because it’s so long, but I think it works as a super-long oneshot? I do hope you enjoy this, it’s probably the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted to write :) 

“Are you ready, your Highness?”

“I will be in just a minute!” you said, as your lady-in-waiting, Lily, gently placed the delicate tiara on your carefully styled up hair. You took a deep breath and stared at your reflection in the mirror.

“You look absolutely radiant, Princess,” she said, smiling. “I’m sure Prince Chanyeol will be swept off his feet with one look at you.”

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