Navasana… Err damn day!🚣😜💜This was taken the morning of our wedding. @sbickle taught a big, random yoga class in the grass in front of the castle and I put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt over my dress so I could join in. We were all falling out of our handstands left and right (or just me??)! Might have had something to do with the mimosas we were drinking. Or the tequila shots the night before. Our wedding was rowdy!!! Best weekend of my life. Is it ok to get married every year? It should be!😔

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I forgot who tagged me lol but anyway 2015 has been the best year of my life!! I proved to myself I could travel to a diff country alone without knowing anyone in my uni group. I thrived and lived!! I saw beautiful people, art, and history every weekend. I miss it a lot. and this fall school year was stressful but I took some classes that changed me and became so close to my group of friends from my study abroad trip. I’ve grown a lot. I tag @guavavenezolana @innermachinationsofenigmas @boys-latinx @berlin1991 @peppermintcafe


Madewell continues, season after season, to be a symbol of effortless tomboy women in womenswear. Every year I’ve had my blog, as I mature, Madewell has matured with me. Almost as I develop a sense of what can be edgy bohemian, menswear inspired, and functional in my own life, Madewell becomes the epitome of it in a brand. 

It’s the girl that lives in your town that you really really want to be best friends with to go out antiquing for living room furniture, to bluegrass folk concerts in some local legend’s secret bar in his garage/barn, and to the MET on a weekend followed by champagne and gin in lower manhattan. 


After months of trying to get his attention on Instagram, we met on July 21, 2014. I knew I loved him at first sight, as corny and unbelievable as that may sound. His kiss, his touch, and his most perfect freckles melted my heart. We were together for the best year and a half of my life. When he finally told me that he loved me, I turned around so that he wouldn’t see me cry. He lives in Canada and I live in the US. We would cross the border twice a week to see each other and spent every weekend together. We shared a beautiful love and we threw it away.

“I’m actually not going to that convention with you. Sorry. Bye.”

She texted me as I was walking into work, so I had no chance to respond before she blocked me on every form of social media.
We were best friends for 7 years. We played games together on xbox every day. We had gone on a weekend vacation together in August and celebrated her birthday together. And then, a month ago, she was suddenly gone from my life and I have no idea why.

I wish I could at least apologize for whatever I did. I miss her so much every day. I still have the habit of saving funny or cute photos I think she would love. I still send them in texts even though I know she will never get them through the block.

This weekend, I can honestly say, was the best weekend of my life.
Even if I blistered my feet from wearing my boots for so long, I got to meet my inspiration of 3+ years, Vic Mignogna. He came to our small convention in Indiana, and he was an absolute joy. There was a line every day stretched around hotel walls, waiting to meet him. Your time was limited, but it was worth it. He taught me a lot about life, not taking anything for granted, and doing what makes me happy. For the record, I started heavily sobbing as soon as I walked up to the signing table, and he told me not to cry, that everything was alright, and when he embraced me in those warm, happy arms, It was like he was telling me I was perfect. I was one of the last people in line, and he still wasn’t a jerk, even if he was tired from seeing over 100 people already, it was like every person was a new experience. I showed him my sketch book and he asked to look through my art, and told me I was talented, amazing even. it was like he was looking at professional work. he exclaimed, “Just look at this! This is amazing!”, He was the sweetest man I’ve ever met. And even though I was bawling into his shoulder from meeting my hero, he didn’t turn me away, he didn’t disrespect me, and he was nothing but pure happy sugar. I can’t even believe one would believe some of the rumors that are spread about him. Not when he acted so amazing to me. Not when I was an incoherent mess, and he was able to calm me down and tell me how beautiful I was, and that he wanted me to keep drawing. Like it was for him, a favor almost. He taught me how to be happy in a matter of days, something I haven’t been able to do in a long while.

My one and only~

[ Dan Imagine- Bieng best friends with Dan since you were kids and he finally admits he loves you and asks you to move into his apartment :) ]
You’d never really had a best friend your whole life, You spent every second with Dan, You would spend every weekend with him and text him every night untill you fell asleep and now 8 years later, You moved into a close apartment in London neer where him and his friend Phil lived.

You woke up one morning with a text from him “Hey Y/N wanna meet at starbucks later? x” You smiled at the text, You didnt think he wanted to see you as much now he lived with Phil and had all his fans, You quickly text back “Sure x” You dressed in a red dress and leather jacket with blacl boots with simple winged eyeliner and walked down to starbucks.

As soon as you arrived you waited for Dan since you were a few minuits early so you decided to check your phone looking at the instagram and tumblr photots dedicated to your fans shipping you with Dan, Since you were a youtuber too but you were no where neer as popular as Dan. You felt two cold hands coming from behind you and covering your eyes making you jump slightly. “Guess who” You heard a familiar voice whisper, You removed his hands from your eyes gently and looked behind you!! “Hey Dan!!” You said and smiled at him as he pulled that gorgeous smile at you which made you melt every time. “So Y/N theres a reason i asked you to come here with me” You giggled slightly “Whats up?” He took your left hand and caressed it softly,“Y/N, We’ve been best friends for what feels like forever, And 10 years later, It seems like its harder to see you, And i love you and everything about you, I want to see your beautiful smile everyday” You were suddently breathless, Did he really love you? “Dan- I–” He then took your right hand “Y/N, Ever since i saw you, Ib wanted you to be mine and to stay by my side. I feel so stupid that i never had the confidence to tell you this years ago.” You smiled and kissed his cheek from the other side of the table, “I love you too Daniel” He blushed and smiled again “I was also thinking, uh, Do you wanna live with me and Phil, In our apartment, I mean- You dont have to- We can still be a couple if your not ready yet” He stuttered but you grinned with exitment “Dan oh my god id love too, I mean, Its boring living alone to be honest” You walked to the other side of the table and kissed him again but this time on the lips, “ I love you Dan, I always have too to be honest, You have the cutest smile and eyes, Sometimes it made me jealous” He smiled back “ I love you too”

~ This is my first written imagine ive posted on here i hope you like it :))

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So, to explain my radio silence on here as of late, I was madly prepping for Emerald City Comic Con (read as sewing a ten suit for my fiance, and failing miserably before giving up)!!!!  I got to hang out with some incredible people for this epic weekend.  I’m sad I didn’t take more pictures than I did, and it’s pretty obvious learning how to use the camera on my phone was a process, cuz dang some of these pics are blurry.  But I did manage to catch some GREAT moments of some AWESOME people.

SO MANY DOCTOR WHO SHENANIGANS happened all weekend that I can’t even begin to explain/retell all the silliness.  xD  Oh lawdy.  But I was dressed as my Fear Her Rose on Friday (no pictures yet, makes me a sad Rose) and my Empty Child Rose on Saturday and Sunday.  

We ran around all over Seattle both days (my feet are killing me)  Gingerten’s ego was stroked quite nicely by random strangers in Seattle going “Oh!  The Doctor!” or “Look it’s David Tennant!” xD  Him and Pinkpolicebox ended up in more adorable poses than I could capture with a camera!  And I managed to snag us a Donna for Sunday and Jack found an Ianto that hung with us too!  IT WAS ALL SO PERFECT!  I LOVE MY FRIENDS TO BITS!

i’m in my 20s and i’m at such a weird in between stage in life. some of my friends are still in uni, some have graduated. some are living at home with family and some own their own houses. they have god damn mortgages. some are boozing it up every weekend and some just sleep because their full time jobs don’t leave much room for fun. one of my closest friends has a toddler. an honest to god tiny human being with chubby little hands and feet who’s learned to walk and call her mummy. my brother (older by less than two years) is getting married in july. my best friend is still working in a supermarket and trying to decide whether she can scrape together enough money to take her driving test. i still don’t think a single one of us knows what we’re doing. i’m not even sure we’re adults yet. being in your 20s is very stressful.
Pulse wasn’t just an Orlando nightclub. It was a safe haven. | Fusion

The first time I ever entered Pulse, everything changed. For the first time in my life, I saw people that looked like me living freely. I saw people in their joy. I saw people in their celebration of life. Here’s a photo of me on my first night at Pulse, 8 years ago:

Over the next several years, Pulse became the place where my best friends learned to be themselves. I’ve seen Pulse go through renovation after renovation, growing to accommodate the crowds of people who came there every weekend to celebrate. A small bar area with a stage (which was mostly used for drag shows) expanded to another stage in the main room. An all-white room got repainted. No matter what though, Pulse was always packed.

While a lot of people turn to churches, LGBT communities are often forced to use nightclubs as our safe haven, and Pulse was mine. Although I had built armor to defend myself from the hatred that was spewed to me when I came out (including some from my own mother), the reality was that I still hated myself because of my identity as a gay man. It didn’t help that I had grown up in a church that had conditioned me to hate myself for loving other men.

I grew up in a small town up north with a stable full of horses, riding every day, competing every weekend. I thought that was going to be my life. But a bad injury put me on a different path. I never knew where that path was taking me, I just trusted it. Who knew a few years later I’d write a book, move away from home, model bikinis, travel, go to college. I had this life all planned out but God wanted a different life for me. Back then the injury wrecked me, now I look back and think it’s one of the best things that ever happened to me. God had a different life in mind for me. And even though it’s a much different path than what I was on, I’m happy to be on it. Thankful for the people I’ve met along the way. All of you. The experiences. Everything. God’s working behind the scenes always. So when you don’t know where you’re going & you’re unsure of what the next step is, trust life a little bit. Be open to where you’re going next, and never forget where you came from. 🍁

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iiiiiiiiiit’s my best friend’s birthday and this year i’m celebrating by humiliating him with every embarrassing skype thing he’s said to me over the years and some bonus material!!!!!!!!!

i love @cohensdisciples so much he’s my ride or die and i am so Sad i can’t be in oklahoma for his birthday this weekend BUT i at least get to talk to him (read: annoy him with 300 messages) every day of my life. i don’t know where i would be without this little asshole and we have gone thru so much crap together within like…just the last year alone lmao but! i am so thankful he was born on this day 21 years ago and then the stars aligned for us to meet on this horrible blue website to yell at each other about homestuck. what the fuck. how good does it get??? how lucky am i 

he is the devil and i hope he gets riggity riggity rekt this weekend LEGALLY buying some fucking everclear or some shit. please don’t die of alcohol poisoning i love you