My weekend agenda :)


  1. Showering would be a capital idea.
  2. TV MARATHON ALL DAY. I really need to catch up on EVERYTHING. Okay not everything. Well here’s my list for the day:
    Smash, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Switched at Birth, Once Upon a Time, Jane by Design.  
  3. Eat lots and lots of Nachos
  4. Practice Madrigals and Senior Solo songs cause Mr. T is a buttface. Well that doesn’t really concern the Senior Solo songs…much..
  5. Skip through 27 Dresses or Pride and Prejudice on my DVR. (27 Dresses has been there since last October..just sayin)
  6. Read The Age of Innocence.


  1. 7:30 Mass (bleh :p)
  2. Read FictionPress fluffiness.
  3. Make a CD or another Playlist.
  4. Start English Paper on A Room with a View (It’s honestly one of my favorite books now)
  5. Attempt to research for AP GOV paper. 
  6. See if I can get my Dad to take me shopping. or get my Mom to take me to the used bookstore.
  7. Watch the BAFTAs :)