My first post after the Murdoch Mysteries Convention week-end.
One word : AMAZING
I will send you some official pictures when CBC send them to us ;) Fans are lovely, it was great to meet you all

To Melissa, Diane, Cast and Crew




Now I enjoy visiting Toronto ;)

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Day 4: Blossoming Romance

Time always seemed to slow down during these times. These times when they were together. In each other’s own company. The activity had so much less significance compared to it. He picked up on it a short while ago. He found it pretty amazing and crazy when he noticed it. The two of them changing their rivalry and friendship to rivalry and romance made him realize the reason. That spending time with a loved one could actually be slowed down, in an abstract sort of sense. He normally found it endearing for the most part though. That May was able to do so many things to him. However, he quickly decided that this was one of those times where the precious slow moving ticking of time, that love apparently brought, was working against him.

“May, this isn’t a Mareep farm.” remarked an impatient Drew as he watched the brunette girl feel the material of yet another dress that she “claimed might be the one”.

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Hardest Goodbye {a Matt Espinosa imagine}

“I don’t want you to go” I mumbled playing with Matt’s fingers, he let out a sigh a sat up from his laying positing, resting his back against the headboard “I don’t want to either but I have to, baby” he said pulling me up, I quickly sat up beside him and wrapped my arms around his waist hugging him “I’ll miss you” I whispered closing my eyes taking in his scent.

After Matt came to visit me we spent the whole 3 weeks together, we went swimming, we cuddled, we watched tons of movies, we laughed…it was the best 3 weeks ever, but everything had to end and Matt had to return to LA.

“Come on, we have to go” he said and stood up, as much as I wanted to let him stay for a few days more I knew he had worked there, this was his future, it meant a lot to him so I nodded and wore my sandals and off we go to the airport.

I clutched onto Matt’s arm the whole ride and he kept telling me he loved me, I smiled and kissed his cheek “How I wish I could stay here forever with you, or you could come with me” Matt said as he drove us there, “I wish I could but my studies-” I was cut off by Matt saying “I know baby, I know” he said.

The car stopped and he was about to get out when I straddled his hips, he watched me with a shock expression and I smiled “Kiss me” I whispered before his lips were pressed against mine, his hands roomed up and cupped my breast over my shirt, I let out a gasp and he smirked “I could take you here but..” He stopped and pointed his head to the people outside who thankfully weren’t paying attention to us. He opened the car door and I stepped out, he soon followed and he grabbed his suit case.

Hand in hand we walked inside and stood close to where he was going to enter, he looked down at me and I couldn’t help but frown “Don’t do that, Baby” he placed his finger under my chin lifting it up, his soft lips pressed onto mine and my hands went up grabbing both of his cheeks.

“Attention all passenger flight 549 to Florida is now boarding” Said the woman on the speaker and suddenly my heart fell, tears started rolling down my cheeks and Matt frowned pulling me into his arms “I love you so much! I’ll come back I promise” he said kissing my head, my arms wrapped around his frame wishing that I could never let him go, but I had to.

Once our 10 minute hug ended we pulled away, he grabbed his suitcase “I love you, (Y/N) hold on to that, never let that go” Matthew cooed making me smile, I nodded before saying “I love you, always” I blew him a kiss and he caught it placing it over his chest “And Forever” he said loud enough for everyone to hear, I giggled and watched him slowly walking away from me, he turned around once and winked at me before he disappeared. Saying goodbye is always the hardest.

If anyone has any requests send them my way guys! It could be smut as well 💋
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I was leaving my hotel to the subway to go back home…and look what i’ve seen : Les Twins for eleven paris…It’s a sign !!! Lol best week end ever !!! Thanks #lestwinson #lestwinsoff and #fusionconcept It was awesome !!!! ❤❤❤❤