6. Tenderness On The Block

Saturday (13th) Undercover Couple

Tenderness On The Block - Warren Zevon

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It started out as a joke. Of course, like everything in a hunter’s life, it ended up dead serious. Dean had dropped out of school three states ago, but he’d pick Sam up from every school every afternoon, leaning against the side of the Impala and grinning.

His mere presence made the girls whisper to each other and the boys turn loud and boisterous. Dean would spread his arms and Sam would hasten towards him, fuck what people thought of them, and hug Dean and smell him just for a second and be grateful that the schooldays was over.

“What’re they whisperin’ about, Sammy?” Dean asked one afternoon after Sam had walked around the hood of the car to climb in the shotgun seat.

Sam snorted. “They think you’re my boyfriend.”

Dean laughed. “They think that? The hell?”

“It’s actually kinda awesome,” Sam said, eyes trained on the footwell. “All the boys respect me and the girls all want to hang out with me because everyone’s got a crush on you.”

“Everyone?” Dean laughed a bit more, wiggled his eyebrows.

The next day when Dean picked Sam up from school, he picked his brother off the ground, pushed him against the door of the car and kissed him on the mouth. That was the way it started; as a joke, maybe. But as soon as Sam started kissing back and opened his mouth a little to let Dean in, it became dead serious.

Hossa's injury

Based on the mechanism of injury by looking at the play and video. I think Hossa has a sprained/torn MCL in his knee. Please dear god let it not be because that would leave him out for 3-4 weeks at best.

anonymous asked:

I haven't been on tumblr in a while, what did I miss jynsen!!! why was it the best week?? hope everything's going well!

Wellllll let’s see here.. I didn’t have to go to school all week, I was funny af in some anesthesia videos, I auditioned for a Macy’s prom event, today was a great day for selfies not gonna lie, I’m moving so our house is just about empty (which means no food :( ), andddd hopefully the music video I was in will be released soon!


So, funny story!
Ha ha…ha

As fate would have it, this month has been a total three ring circus!
A long way back, I agreed to be the most enthusiastic third-wheel on my friends’ annual anniversary trip to Disney World- I had never been! Mid January? Sounds great- New England is at its most miserable and I can’t think of a better time to escape to palm trees and the Happiest Place On Earth.
Besides, the month is wide open! Book the tickets!
Or so I thought- but a long conversation with Disney: let’s do the project, but it will be a month-long Rush project due at the end of January. No problem, the month is wide open! Book the t- wait.
So a 4-week rush became a 3-week rush. STILL DO-ABLE.

Somewhere in the early weeks of sketching I saunter on over to the Apple Store and make a quick decision to invest in the iPad pro and pencil…more of a long term investment, I figure. I order it and it takes the sold-out pencil [indefinite amount of time] weeks to ship.
Work is going steadily, a friend finds themselves in a store overstocked with Apple pencils and offers to ship me one! Sweet!
The pencil arrives just in time, before I saddle up and leave for Disney World! I throw the pencil and pad in my luggage to play with it on the flight. On a whim, I save some of my work files to the cloud so I can pick at them on the road if I have time. We fly out of NYC.

Disney is amazing. Just amazing. A wild blur of novelty and good food! It’s over too soon, if anything- or so we thought.

Snowzilla hits NYC.

Our flight home is cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled again and rescheduled again. Instead of Saturday, we’ll be getting back Tuesday. Deadline? Friday.

I can’t post the in-progress pieces because giant scary NDAs, but needless to say: the iPad pro got itself a proper road test. Holy butts.
We happened to have friends in Orlando, who had friends, who had an empty apartment for the week they were willing to let our motley crew settle in til we could head home. Unbelievable.

Major shoutouts to Reagan, Trag, Brad (for dragons), Josie, Kelly, Fabi, Sofi, and Jansen. The month is almost over!! Thank you guyyyyssss.
And Erika, for making this all way more fun. 💚

Above are some iPad doodles from my week-and-a-half away.
Conclusion: thank God for amazing people and insane timing? Also the pro and I are growing a kinship forged in battle.