i love baby rotten and i can’t believe i haven’t drawn her yet. i imagine her social skills are pretty much on par with azula’s

feat. stephanie in a tuxedo because yes

i don’t know if i love you.

but god, i want to.
i want to love you like no one has before.

i want to love you just so you believe it.
even if you don’t love me back.

you should know that:
i am real and i am good.

and you should be loved.
there are people who want to love you.
if only you’d let them.
if only you’d want that for yourself.

i wish you would want good things for yourself.
i wish you the very best.

—  letters from drake’s ex; cause baby you’re my everything, you’re all i ever wanted

She said “hey, don’t expect anything too amazing” and then took me on the best date I’ve ever been on.