cypeo asked:

How do you make such gorgeous gifs?

*O* Thanks for calling my gifs gorgeous! I try my best, haha.

As for the actual process, I currently make a folder of the image sequence I want to gif first in Sony Vegas. I save the image sequence in png, as I’ve found that setting provides for the best quality on tumblr.

Then I move over to photoscape and use Batch Editor to both crop and color all the images I created in Sony Vegas. For Steven Universe, I usually up the contrast, darken the image, and deepen the midtones. Then, I animate them!

So with Love Letters, the image went from this:

To this:

I hope that helps a little bit! I could do a tutorial if you or anyone else is interested, but it would take me a few days. 

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Hi! Do you have or can you make a clear picture of the boys faces with there name next to them because I just joined the fandom and I have trouble remembering! Thanks ^_^

hello welcome to the fandom!! i hope u enjoy ur stay :-) i’ll try and do this using recent(ish) gifs so i can give you the most accurate representations ! 

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{ graysonagarwal}

The weather in Southport was unfortunately not showing any changes, so Evangeline dropped Laila at her mum’s, where she would be totally safe and sound for the night. After kissing her daughter goodbye, she then grabbed her car keys and slowly drove to Grayson’s house. It was a long time ago since she had taken that same route and she was both bitter and happy. But most of all, she was anxious. It was crystal clear that Grayson was not doing drug use anymore and he was a changed man. That being said, he had to know the truth. He deserved to know. Once the brunette was out of the car, she quickly run to his doorstep to prevent herself from getting completely wet and after taking a deep breath, she rang the doorbell.


Danny knew Kaya was still upset about losing her favorite stuffed animal back on the island, but he figured the best he could do was try and get her to love another as much as she did Lilo. He went to the store, getting the best and softest plush tiger before going back to his place and waiting for her. “I know that he’s not Lilo. But this little guy could use a new owner as well.” He said, holding up the plushie with a small smile when she walked in.

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i'm the anon asking about the tutorial. i was hoping you could do one about making one (if it isn't too big an inconvenience) thanks :)

oh absolutely! i hope an iris/felicity gif is okay bc that’s where i’m at right now! so i’m gonna try and break down - to the best of my ability - making this:

if anything isn’t clear enough or you still have questions afterwards, let me know!! here we go!

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Could you name the best fic you've ever read please? The one I'm reading rn is about to end and I need another one to cope

Oh god…the best fic…don’t do this to me!!! 

*insert gif of Niall having to choose his fave food* 

I can’t, they are all my babies!!! 

I would kindly direct you to my fic rec tag #fic rec and/or the fics i tagged with #fave fic. Though there are so many more! The fics that own my ass/heart right now are Relief Next To Me and Wild And Unruly they are WIP’s but so damn worth the wait for each chapter!

If you tell me what kind of fic you like, genre/aera, angst/no angst, funny, xfactor, football au and so on…i might be able to help you better ;)

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ur gif are the best, could you create a tutorial "how to make a gif" ? pleeeaz

Oh my god TT you have no idea how happy I am reading this TT I still need to learn and there are many people who create much better gifs than I do but thank you! ♡
I’m using photoshop elements. You can watch the tutorial on I learned how to make gif from there and there are many more gif tutorials on youtube.
Once again THANK YOU ANON!! ♡♡♡ :“) I hope this would help :)

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Ohhoohh, I'd love to aks for a request but I wish I knew waht to ask for! Well, since Arthur is the light of m ylive something with Arthur Pendragon would be awesome. Arthur and sweaty hair! Or Arthur and seasons? Do you think we could make that happen? Mabye we can use our fantasy for spring and autumn :) Or Arthur and deep thoughts?! Would love that toooo. oops. I better shut up now, huh? Sorry! But yeah, love your gifs. (Oh, and I happen to like Merthur but you can ignore this!!)

Awwww, you’re adorable!!! Of course I’d love to do any of those! I’ll try to do my best to do some of your ideas as soon as I can :) And I love all Merlin fans (even Merthur shippers ;) sometimes it’s hard to deny the tension between them tbh!)    

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'(Under the gif of Adam saying being single is fun) # i could say so many things but it's probably best i don't' No come on tell us I'm curious. Btw I hope your day is gonna get better!

but if i do i’m gonna offend people and that’s never good no ):

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do you realize a lot of your gifs are stretched out or not proportional which makes them look weird?

I didn’t realize that, no. My older gifs aside -they were terrible, they look okay to me? I use this method to try to make sure they don’t look too stretched out when re-sizing. Some of them are sized 180 x 200 which could account for the disproportions, but they looked better to me like that. I’m sorry if they don’t look right though, I really am. 

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Just wondering - would you possibly be able to do a moodboard gif hunt of Chandler Bing? I think he'd have some pretty interesting quotes/expressions that people could use

ahhhhh yes, 100%!!! (-: 

i love friends so this’ll be really fun. i’m about to go out now and won’t be back until tonight but i’ll try my best to get it posted before tomorrow for you xo