thanks to everyone who entered!! there were so many great blogs and 100+ entries so as much as i wanted to, i couldn’t pick everyone, but i still love u all <33

i also added a best icon category (+ honorable mentions bc y’all were so great)!

winners in bold, runner ups in italic

 - obi wan award // best url - @thefirstorders,  @daniellewild,  @kevinsday
 - ahsoka tano award // best icon - @alderaen, @bisexualbvcky, @reysfalcon
 - leia organa award // best theme - @dicnaprince, @hhermes, @artcmisia
 - finn award // best star wars blog - @theforcee, @anakinskywkler, @kcenobi, @stcrforce
 - sam wilson award // best marvel blog - @jamesbcrnes, @supersoldeirs, @fvalcon
 - t'challa award // best multifandom - @potterjames, @poeedamerons, @ernmaduval, @jameskvrk
 - poe dameron award // best upcoming blog - @heathenbarnes, @hvnsolo, @msximoff
 - rey award // best original content - @mlder, @ughura, @illuminosity
 - obi wan award // best posts - @jakkew, @nyvmph, @etoilies
 - anakin skywalker award // personal favorite - @boyeuga, @alrightanakin
 - honorable mentions!! - @mvntague, @geraltvakarian, @skywalkars, @hcneyduke

you can check back here for your prizes!


finally, i got this done!!!! i’m so so incredibly sorry for the huge delay, but my life has Not Been Good this summer. anyway, THANKS FOR 200 ENTRIES!! it was fun to do this, and i love everyone who entered. it was so incredibly hard to pick winners and runner-ups, so i’m sorry to the people who didn’t win. also, considering this is so late, the time limits (for example, how long winners will be in the updates tab and such) i put in the awards start now. (i know i’m not peteyparkers anymore lmao.) :D

so here we gooooo!!!!!! (winner; runner-up + runner-up) 

the natasha romanoff award: best url
@crystalreed; @havleyatwell + @vancampe

the tony stark award: best theme
@spidermmans​; @preserumstcve​ + @stormjohnny

the sam wilson award:
best icon
@chrisievans​; @paavelchekov​ + @tomhollcnd

the wanda maximoff award: best original content
@sbstianstan​; @tomhallond​ + @peteysparkers

the t’challa award: best marvel
@scarwitchh​; @buckyfalcon​ + @drbanner

the bucky barnes award: best multifandom
@superheroings​; @michaelbjorden​ + @harleyiquin

the clint barton award: nicest blogger
@robbie-quinn​; @bavton​​ + @romannoff

the scott lang award:
best newcomer
@margotsqvinn​​; @peteysparkour​​ + @scarletswtch

the steve rogers award:
personal favorite
@grantsgustins​​; @ezlybored​​ + @withspidey​​

the peter parker award:
best overall
@arthucurry​​; @scarletwitchd​​ + @team-spidey​​

again, thanks so much everyone for entering!

you can see what you won here!!!!!!!!

Part-of-a-disney-world's awards!

Since my blog excist almost 1 year ( 8th March ) I thought it would be nice to do some awards =D

Categories that you could win in:

Best url

Best icon

Best theme

Best sidebar/header

Best gifs

Nicest blogger

Best overall

At the 3th of March I will pick a selection for each category, and your followers have to vote for you.
You can send me a message saying that you, or someone else, wanna join a specific category.
At the 8th of March I will anounce the winner of each category!

Winners will receive:

  • A follow back (if I’m not already following)
  • A place on my blog as the winner
  • Request anything (except gifs )
  • A new friend
  • Eternal love from me <3


  • only reblogs, likes don’t count
  • Reblog as many times as you like
  • This must reach at least 50 notes
  • Only 80% or more Disney blogs can join

Goodluck and may the odds be ever in your favour.


Hi! Toddhewit and Davyprentis here. We’re doing out first tumblr awards. 
There will be 2 winners per category, and the categories will be:

•Best Theme
•Best URL
•Best Hunger Games Blog
•Best Harry Potter Blog
•Best Doctor Who Blog
•Best Chaos Walking Blog
•Best Sherlock blog
•Best Avengers blog

You can only win one of the fandom awards if you post at least around 50% of that fandom. 


•Reblog once
•Liking won’t do anything 
•Must be following both Toddhewit and Davyprentis (we’ll check, if not, you get disqualified)
•You must be a fandom blog.
•Must reach at least 50 notes
•Ends on the 30th of November 

Winners will get a follow back from both of us, one solo promo (from whichever one of us chose you) on demand, and a link on our blog for a week :)

my second tumblr awards (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  • you don’t have to be following me, but it will raise your chances in winning
  • reblog this post! (you can like for reference)
  • needs to reach atleast 50+ notes or this didn’t happen owo
  • that’s it
CATEGORIES (1 winner + 2 runners up)
  • best anime blog
  • best monochrome/manga 
  • best kawaii blog
  • best theme
  • best url
  • best playlist
  • favourite blogs overall (3 winners!)
  • (winners) you can ask for promos whenever!!
  • (runners up) you can ask for a promo 2 times maximum whenever!!
  • a follow from me if not already!
  • a link on my tumblr award winners page (forever)
  • a blog screenshot promo when you win (for runners up & winners) and fav overall blogs get a blog & archive promo!!


good luck!~

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

since i reached 400 followers i’ve decided to do a mini tumblr awards to say thank you to everyone that followed me!

I won’t say (I’m in love) award - for best url
 When you wish upon a star award - for best 95-100% Disney blog
 Its a small world award - for best up'n'coming blog (100 followers or less)
• F
riend like me award - for nicest blogger
 Zip-a-dee-doo-dah award - for best all-rounder 

This is to say thank you to my followers so you must be following me. Please don’t unfollow if you don’t get nominated or don’t win!
• If you would like to be nominated, reblog this post. Likes do not count!!
• If you would like to be nominated for the ‘Its a small world’ award then you must drop me an ask stating that you have 100 followers or less (if i get less that 4 nominations for this award, it will be dropped)
• This post must reach at least 30 notes as otherwise i won’t really have enough people to hold an awards!!
• You can also nominate people for each award by sending me an ask with which award you would like to nominate them for and their url
• I will chose the nominees on the 26th April 21st April!

The winners will get:
• A link on my blog for a month
• A promo every week
• A super lookalike for each of these character types: heroine/hero, princess/prince, smaller character and villain (if you don’t want to submit a picture of yourself i will attempt to do a Disney personality! just let me know)
• An edit type thingy of any animal character they would like to be best buddies with! (a weird one i know but i wanted to do something different!)
• Any other bits and bobs you would like (within reason of course)

I hope everyone enjoys the awards and happy awarding!! aha c:

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

 Hello! Since we both have heckle cool followers we are have a tumblr awards!

  ✿ must be following me and Anna

  ✿ roblog this post (likes don’t count but you can use them to bookmark)

  ✿ two winners per catagory


  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Icon
  • Best Posts
  • Cutest People 
  • Nicest Person
  • Best Overall

                  ✿What You’d Get✿:

  • Our eternal love
  • Selfie/text post reblogs
  • Chance to be in our Network
  • Promos (reasonable number)
  • An internet high-five
  • Link on our blogs 
  • Announcement post
  • Follow from both of us
  • Internet hot chocolate or lemonade

Good luck and you all deserve brownies

✿You Must…

  • Must be following me!
  • reblog to enter!
  • likes don’t count but they’re good for saving
  • this must reach 35+ notes

✿Awards for:

  • best url
  • best icon
  • best theme
  • best banner
  • best posts
  • best playlist
  • best hover tab
  • best html stuff
  • nicest blogger (how they treat other followers)

✿Winners will get:

  • The ULTIMATE WINNER, we will discuss the prize ;)
  • help with getting votes, likes etc.
  • We'l be friends
  • a follow back 
  • a link on my blog for a whole month

This ends on April 15th. I’ll post the winners on the 16th  


January 31, 2016: My first post!! I’ve been following the studyblr community since this past summer, but I’ve finally decided to start my own blog! I’m really excited. I’m very pleased with how my habit tracker for this coming month came out in my bullet journal. Anyways, glad to be here! Follow if you want :)