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I just hit my 20k+ followers milestone and to celebrate, I decided to do tumblr awards! Thank you for putting up with me and for finding my blog cool enough to follow. I love you guys so much! Here we go:


  • mbf me
  • opens until 28 September (likes are bookmarks)
  • check out my graphics ♥
  • one winner, 1-2 runners up depending on entries


  • Andromeda Award: best url
  • Hercules Award: best icon
  • Orion Award : best theme
  • Pavo Award: best mobile theme
  • Lyra Award : best content
  • Eridanus Award : best creations*
  • Perseus Award : best writing*
  • Cassiopeia Award : best aesthetics
  • Delphinus Award : best harry potter
  • Lynx Award : best multifandom
  • Cygnus Award : best anime
  • Aquila Awardloveliest blogger
  • Cepheus Awardoverall favourite (no runner up)

*please mention in the tags where to find your creations/writings


  • follow back from me, if not already
  • a spot on my updates tab
  • winners: a moodboard/gifset/graphic of your choice, and three promos upon request
  • runners up: a moodboard/graphic of your choice, and one promo upon request
  • my eternal love and friendship

Drop me an ask if you have any questions! Once again, thank you so much for following me, you are all amazing ♥

Hey lovelies!! Audrey and I decided to do an awards together because we’ve never done one together and we thought it would be super fun :) We present to y’all the GEM AWARDS! I hope y’all are as excited as we are xx


  • mbf @assume  and @spehck
  • do not delete the caption or self promote :/
  • must reblog! (likes only count as a bookmark) 


  • jade - best url 
  • moonstone - best url
  • sapphire - best posts
  • ruby - best posts
  • ametrine - best new discovery
  • citrine - best new discovery
  • peridot - best different style
  • spinel - best different style 
  • amethyst - best icons
  • amber - best icons
  • emerald - best theme
  • garnet - best theme
  • pearl - best overall
  • diamond - best overall
  • tourmaline -nicest blogger
  • rose quartz - nicest blogger
  • turquoise  - dav’s fave
  • opal - audrey’s fave

Higher Chance: 


  • gain two new friends!
  • a follow from us if we are not already following you x
  • a feature somewhere on our blog 
  • a promo (of your choice) once a week on request


  • banner made by moi ( @spehck )
  • message us for further info x
  • we will look through the notes when we are happy with the number


Audrey and Dav xx