cross out the things you’ve done.

Lied to your best friend | Graduated university| Kissed a boy | Taken Ecstasy | Smoked hookah| Got so drunk you can’t remember parts of the night | Gone to a Taylor Swift concert. | Been to a wedding | Kissed a girl | Read a Harry Potter book in 1 day| Watched an animal die | Watched a human die | Stolen something worth over $20 Cut your own hair | Had 10 or more sexual partners | Self harmed | Been to Japan| Swam under a waterfall | Got a tattoo | Performed CPR | Learned another language fluently | Donated blood | Sent someone nudes | Met a celebrity | Been to Rome | Received a postcard from another country | Been in a long distance relationship | Gone snorkeling | Had an allergic reaction | Been engaged | Been bitten by a wild animal | Changed religious beliefs | Littered| Written a poem about your crush| Swam in the Pacific Ocean | Cried during an exam| Watched the “50 Shades of Grey” movie | Listened to music you pretended to hate | Painted a room | Driven a motorbike | Fantasized about someone you find unattractive| Been on the radio | Milked a cow | Decorated a cake | Accidentally eaten an ant | Shot a gun | Quoted The Simpsons| Gone zip-lining | Had an orgasm| Played Monopoly | Mastered a musical instrument | Written fan fiction that you are proud of | Had stitches | Taken a taxi alone | Watched the sunrise | Tried to convince someone you were a foreigner | Picked up dog poo | Gone white water rafting | Got drunk on a plane | Been parasailing | Been in a coma | Had a pregnancy scare |  Given birth | Camped on the beach | Gone 70 hours straight without eating | Rented an apartment | Dated someone of a different race or ethnic background than you  | Made out with a stranger | Played strip poker | Made breakfast for a friend | Won something worth over $100 | Sewn your own clothes | Bullied someone online | Suffered with a mental illness | Performed in front of an audience | Done a back flip | Volunteered at a fundraiser  | Had surgery | Worked in retail | Kept a dream journal| Not showered for more than 1 week| Have a secret you have never told anyone.