For the past two years, we have been trying to Disney Channel’s attention to get a movie for their hit series, Austin & Ally. The show is not only one of their most watched and talked about today, but was the ONLY series ever on the network to get a season renewal due to POPULAR demand and is the 5th show to recieve a season 4 in Disney history. The show not only deserves a movie for its record breaking success but also for the cast and crew who have spoken numerous times about wanting a movie for the show. It also will be following the path of many other Disney shows who have gotten movies and Austin & Ally fits the criteria. In 2015 alone, the show wrapped up a 4th season, was the FIRST live-action disney show to go to Paley Center, & has WON all the catergories they were nominated in at the Kids Choice Awards; while being the first show in over 10 years to recieve Best Kids TV show. Please help us out and sign this petition so that we can show Disney that we do want a movie! (at link in bio)

The Signs as Early 2000′s Cartoon Shows

Aries: “Invader Zim”

Taurus: “Hey Arnold”

Gemini: “Courage the Cowardly Dog”

Cancer: “Powerpuff Girls”

Leo: “Codename: Kids Next Door”

Virgo: “My Life as a Teenage Robot”

Libra: “Dexter’s Laboratory” 

Scorpio: “Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”

Sagittarius: “Jimmy Neutron”

Capricorn: “Rugrats”

Aquarius: “Teen Titans”

Pisces: “Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends”



What are you watching?!


EVERYONE WE MUST KEEP THIS SHOW ON AIR!!! It has been said that there MIGHT be Galavant season 2 if we all keep watching! SO WE HAVE TO MAKE SEASON 2 HAPPEN! How exactly do we do that you might ask? WELL THERE’S A LOT WE CAN DO!!!

step 1: get all your friends to watch Galavant! - this will add to the fandom!

step 2: follow Galavant’s official twitter and FB accounts- this will show the executives that Galavant has a big fan base!

step 3: buy the Galavant soundtrack on ITUNES AND RATE IT 5STARS!- this will show that audiences respond very well to musicals like Galavant

step 4: USE THE HASHTAG #wewantgalavantseason2 and tell all the writers and actors how much you’ve enjoyed the show!! AND HOW MUCH YOU WANT SEASON 2

WE CAN DO THIS GUYS!!! I believe that we can make this fandom so big, all we have to do is give the show more exposure!!!! Sharing the official Galavant trailer or your favorite clips certainly helps!!!  TOGETHERNESS WILL SEE US THROUGH! 

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