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Anyone who was following me for Shameless stuff may have noticed that I have posted almost nothing about it since the season finale. I am just so incredibly disappointed, I barely wanted to think about what I once considered the best show on TV.

Season 5 was a complete disaster for every Gallagher that we used to care about. I fell in love with a show about a family struggling together to overcome poverty, addiction and abuse. I rooted for the Gallaghers (and the Milkoviches) because, even when they had to do shameless things to survive, they were doing those things out of love for one another. These characters lie, cheat, steal, fuck, fight, do anything just to survive. But in the past, they have always done it together, as a family. Their love for each other was the driving force for these bad behaviors and the heart that we could all cling to and it made us root for this family.  

The family that I cared about had a little boy who shaved his sick father’s head in hopes that the sun rays would help him get better. They had a young girl who worked her ass off taking care of children in the summer to help her family eat. They had a young man whose unwavering love broke through the town’s most outwardly homophobic thug and gave him the courage to stand up to his abusive father. They had a young genius who stood up and took care of his family when there was no one else. And they had a lady willing to take custody of four siblings to save them from their father’s abuse. 

But, sadly, that family was destroyed last season. All those loving, selfless people became a bunch of ego-centric individuals who care about nothing and no one but themselves. They barely even interacted with each other. The season was all about them being horrible to people outside the family while basically ignoring that their family even existed. You know it’s a bad season when the only Gallagher worth rooting for is Frank! 

I know a lot of people are upset about the idea of Mickey not coming back because in season 5 he was the heart and soul of the show. But I could even continue to watch Shameless without Mickey if the Gallaghers were still the family I loved. However, with the spoilers that just came out, it sounds like season 6 is going to be a continuation of the writers destroying the show that I once loved. 

So I won’t be watching season 6 or posting about it. I will continue to follow Shameless blogs in hopes that I see something positive coming out that may pull me back in. And I’ll read Gallavich fanfiction because this fandom has stayed more true to the characters than the show. Here’s hoping that this show redeems itself somewhat. Until then, though, it’s no longer enjoyable for me to watch.

The Signs as Early 2000′s Cartoon Shows

Aries: “Invader Zim”

Taurus: “Hey Arnold”

Gemini: “Courage the Cowardly Dog”

Cancer: “Powerpuff Girls”

Leo: “Codename: Kids Next Door”

Virgo: “My Life as a Teenage Robot”

Libra: “Dexter’s Laboratory” 

Scorpio: “Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”

Sagittarius: “Jimmy Neutron”

Capricorn: “Rugrats”

Aquarius: “Teen Titans”

Pisces: “Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends”



What are you watching?!


EVERYONE WE MUST KEEP THIS SHOW ON AIR!!! It has been said that there MIGHT be Galavant season 2 if we all keep watching! SO WE HAVE TO MAKE SEASON 2 HAPPEN! How exactly do we do that you might ask? WELL THERE’S A LOT WE CAN DO!!!

step 1: get all your friends to watch Galavant! - this will add to the fandom!

step 2: follow Galavant’s official twitter and FB accounts- this will show the executives that Galavant has a big fan base!

step 3: buy the Galavant soundtrack on ITUNES AND RATE IT 5STARS!- this will show that audiences respond very well to musicals like Galavant

step 4: USE THE HASHTAG #wewantgalavantseason2 and tell all the writers and actors how much you’ve enjoyed the show!! AND HOW MUCH YOU WANT SEASON 2

WE CAN DO THIS GUYS!!! I believe that we can make this fandom so big, all we have to do is give the show more exposure!!!! Sharing the official Galavant trailer or your favorite clips certainly helps!!!  TOGETHERNESS WILL SEE US THROUGH! 

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