One Year Anniversary

In June of 2014, Hubby and I began watching Arrow, after some nagging from our friends.

“You have to watch Arrow. It’s one of the best shows on television right now.”

Our usual answer to such things is to say “Yeah, I know,” feel guilty-ish that we haven’t, and then forget the conversation. It was always on our “Should Watch” list, but we never got around to it.

Oh boy, did I get hooked.

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o boy but the filming of HEATOISE up the BEST show on television sure is going late tonight im getting sleepe



What are you watching?!

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: why was hannibal cancelled? it has canonically queer characters and the show is pure art? it won best network television show AFTER it was cancelled and hugh dancy won best actor at the saturn awards? he tied with andrew lincoln, the main actor on one of the most popular television shows in america and the cinematography is amazing and mads mikkelsen and caroline dhavernas are treasures? and the show’s writing is amazing as well as the crew especially bryan fuller and i mean i know the show is violent but have you SEEN the walking dead or game of thrones like why was hannibal cancelled?


EVERYONE WE MUST KEEP THIS SHOW ON AIR!!! It has been said that there MIGHT be Galavant season 2 if we all keep watching! SO WE HAVE TO MAKE SEASON 2 HAPPEN! How exactly do we do that you might ask? WELL THERE’S A LOT WE CAN DO!!!

step 1: get all your friends to watch Galavant! - this will add to the fandom!

step 2: follow Galavant’s official twitter and FB accounts- this will show the executives that Galavant has a big fan base!

step 3: buy the Galavant soundtrack on ITUNES AND RATE IT 5STARS!- this will show that audiences respond very well to musicals like Galavant

step 4: USE THE HASHTAG #wewantgalavantseason2 and tell all the writers and actors how much you’ve enjoyed the show!! AND HOW MUCH YOU WANT SEASON 2

WE CAN DO THIS GUYS!!! I believe that we can make this fandom so big, all we have to do is give the show more exposure!!!! Sharing the official Galavant trailer or your favorite clips certainly helps!!!  TOGETHERNESS WILL SEE US THROUGH! 

waddup nerds please read this :)

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