Ode to a black sail

The writing for Black Sails is some of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing translated to screen. Even though I know the historical/fictional outcome of many of the characters, every week I’m in awe of the twists and cliffhangers. The best part is that I cannot figure out how they are going to get to the inevitable conclusion. I’m floored with the storytelling every single episode. This is how I feel while I’m watching (in the best of ways):

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part 2 of supergirl s2

Scenes i wanna see in part 2 of the second season of supergirl: - kara walking in on alex and maggie
- alex getting kidnapped and maggie and

kara have to team up in order to rescue

alex and they NAIL IT
- more danvers sisters scenes (e.g. alex coming out as maggie’s girlfriend to kara)
- alex and maggie undercover
- cat grant coming back
- lucy coming back
- more kissing between sanvers
- sanvers saying ‘i love you’ to each other
- kara and lena admitting their true feelings for each other
- neither alex, maggie, kara or lena dying
- maggie meeting alex’s parents for the first
time and they embarrass alex (like: “so
you’re the girl alex won’t shut up about…”)
- somebody being a homophobic asshole at
the deo and kara being all supportive of
alex and maggie
- more kissing between sanvers (have i
already said that… 😉😄)
- sanvers being all domestic
- maggie or wearing nothing but a long
shirt in their apartments
- musical episode
- sanvers singing a cheesy love song

And yes i’m hardcore sanvers trash…

“I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself - we are creatures that should not exist by natural law.”

True Detective: Season 1 (2014)

Barney Stinson, thank you. Thank you for the gags, for being an amazing friend, for being smart, funny, for the catchphrases, for the legend- wait for it- dary, for the laser tag, thank you for the jokes, for the jokes about Canada, for the naked man, the lemon law, the possimpible, the plabook, the suits, the dance numbers, brover, the ducky tie, the slaps (well, I have to thank Marshall), the bro code, the rehearsal dinner, for desperation day, for haaaave you met Ted?, for “challenge accepted”, but most of all…thank you for THE ROBIN.

ok so i just rewatched stranger things for the second time and i’m probably gonna go and watch it a third time and a fourth and a fifth until they release season 2 cuz i’m addicted to the piece of art that is this show!!

This fandom is still so new and inactive it actually motivated me to start my own fandblog, I can’t believe it.
There’s probably gonna be a lot of The Rowdy Three, Amanda (and Farah, and Amanda/Farah bc honestly, how can you not ship them), Dirk/Todd and just generally me admiring how great this show is and how great the characters are and what a genius Douglas Adams was and how much he would have loved the TV show.