I’m as guilty as anyone of forgetting that characters need friends (in my case usually because I substitute them with a family member), but I’d love to see more references to emotional connections to friends.

Instead of having a character run into an ex, have them run into a friend they drifted away from and haven’t seen in years.

Have them follow a former friend on Facebook and think about reaching about, but not being sure of their welcome.

Show characters who can’t listen to a song without thinking of a friend they used to listen to it with all the time.

Show the pain of having an unhealthy or abusive friendship.

Have a character who would rather spend time with their best friend than their significant other—not because they are in love with their friend or because they aren’t in love with their significant other, but because their best friend knows them better.

Have friends who have known each other since before they can remember.

Have friends where, when for one their parents die, they are adopted by the other friends’ parents.

Have friends who enable each other’s bad habits.

Have friends who encourage each other’s good habits.

Have friends where one moved away but they still talk every day.

Have friends who have never met in person but still talk every day.

Have friends who only talk once a week or once a month but still consider each other best friends.

Have friends who can communicate with a look or a gesture.

Have friends who learn another language to be able to communicate with each other.

Have friends who help each other through hard times or life changes.

Have friends who can argue and debate for hours but back down instead of getting angry.

Have friends who get angry at each other but will always defend each other and help each other.

Have friends who are respectful of each other’s different religious or cultural beliefs.

Have friends who love each other.


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Caption from Weibo:  Coming soon! All Of You That Are Mine, Let’s have a hug.  

Note: JYPE’s sign was covered with clothes

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TV Shows

Week Ending May 22nd, 2017

  1. Supernatural +9
  2. Voltron: Legendary Defender +2
  3. Samurai Jack +4
  4. Steven Universe −1
  5. Supergirl +4
  6. Skam −4
  7. RuPaul’s Drag Race +8
  8. Billboard Music Awards
  9. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir −4
  10. Villainous
  11. Sense8 −3
  12. The 100 +1
  13. Once Upon a Time −2
  14. American Gods +6
  15. Riverdale −9
  16. Brooklyn Nine-Nine −4
  17. Doctor Who
  18. The Flash
  19. 13 Reasons Why −5
  20. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

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Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol