Day 4- Your favourite friendship

Lucas Scott and Haley James Scott

I have so many friendships that I love, ones that were from the beginning and ones that develop over the years. But Laley were my all time favourite! They are just so cute! I love how the series starts with them being best friends and we all just accept it, we don’t need explanation, they just have this immediate connection. I love that Haley just fits right in with Lucas and Karen, like she’s a part of the family. The way they can tell each other everything, no matter what it is. I know it sometimes takes them a while, just because they are worried about hurting each other. But they are always okay with everything, Haley dating Lucas’ worst enemy, Haley finding out Lucas was cheating on Brooke, Naley getting married. I love that Lucas was the first person Haley told she got married. I love the way he can just hold her when she’s upset and celebrate when they’re happy. The way he walked her down the aisle at her wedding and she officiated his. I love that he is Jamie’s godfather and helps raise him the way Keith did for him! I love that even though he moved away Haley never forgets about him and the look they give each other when he comes back in season 9 just gets me so much! I love that no matter what happens, they still stay best friends, even though Brooke comes into the picture and becomes Haley’s “best” friend while Lucas is away, no one will ever replace them in each others lifes!

Haley: Not like now. Who’s going to go thrift store hunting with me, Lucas? Who’s going to buy bad music or lie to the campus lost and found and claim dumb stuff? Who’s going to do that with me?
Lucas: … I am sure going to miss you. You’re my best friend Hales. Always will be.