twenty // IU at the 2014 MAMA red carpet


One of my absolute best friends, Mama Rena,  made an incredibly beautiful lullaby and I just needed to show her off. This girl is one of the best things to have ever happened to me because not only did she help Alex and I get together, she has helped me numerous times and I seriously can’t thank her enough.  Without her, who knows where I would be.

Look at how talented my Mama is!!! Go watch her video, go follow her, go subscribe to her!! She is so amazing and talented and she deserves more recognition!! Please go check her out!!!

Today (April 30th) would have been my mom’s 59th birthday. 

That’s her. 

The lady with the beautiful smile and most of my features. 

That’s me. 

(The baby wearing shades and simultaneously throwing shade). 

I miss her every day. 

She’s been gone since 2007. 

I’ve been letting her down since that very same year. 

But back in 1981, I was the best thing she and my dad ever did. 

(Or perhaps I was the best outcome of something they did). 

I think sometimes I’m intent on being a friend to my kids because I know what it’s like not to have a mom anymore. I might embarrass them occasionally, but I think more than not I encourage them to live their best life and not to give a shit what other people think. 

My mom was the best lady I ever had the privilege of knowing. 

With one of the most beautiful laughs and smiles I’ve ever heard and seen. 

Miss you mom. 

You weren’t perfect, but you were enough. 

idk what’s the best part about this

a) taylor writing a song about herself (assuming it is about her)

b) nils sjoberg, the masculine pseudonym she pulled straight out of her asshole

c) c*lvin’s #1 hit that he’s been acting like is the best thing anyone ever did for the world, She Wrote - and had to promote for it to become a #1 hit.

d) all the promo she did wasn’t just her being a weirdly supportive girlfriend and promo-ing his song that would have been a cheap shot if he’d written it about her... she wrote it which makes it So Much Better bc that means it wasn’t some Gross Misogynist writing a song about his girlfriend entirely focused on how entranced by him she is and hinting at sex.

e) discourse. 

f) katy perry trying to be relevant

g) nils sjoberg

h) all the people who are obviously bitter bc they like the song but hate taylor swift

i) nils sjoberg

anonymous asked:

So, I fucked up. I love my girlfriend. She's the best thing to ever happen to me. She deserves so much better. I did something horrible and I regret it so much. I wanna make it up to her but I don't know how. She honestly is so perfect to me and for me. Any advice?

Oh no :( I’d say give her a little space (like a week or two), then just apologise as much as you can. Really show her how sorry you are, and make sure she knows that whatever you did will never happen again. If she just can’t forgive you, then you’ve got to move on babe. I don’t know how badly you messed up but if it was bad, it’s understandable if it hurts her too much to have you back. Whatever happens, you’ll be okay. It might seem like the biggest drama in the world right now, but it’ll pass, everything is temporary

I hope it works out gorgeous 💞