Everything Changes - Peter Parker

Words: 1096

Warnings: None

A/N: Hey so this imagine was a long time coming I guess because if you write Peter imagines then this is one that you write haha.

And can we take a fucking minute to talk about the trailer people?!?!? Like what is life?!? And Tony Fucking Stark, what the frick frack do you think you’re doing taking the suit off that smol bean!?!?! Still #teamironmanforever XD … Enjoy the imagine :)

“Peter Parker!?” Your friend screamed but still managed to keep her voice low. Regardless of the fact you were sure no one did hear her you still put a finger to your lips and told her to shush, looking desperately around to see if #anyone# had heard her.

Peter Parker?!” She repeated in the same tone. You couldn’t tell if she was acting this way in disbelief or shock - or both.

“Yes.” You replied finally. She had been pestering you for weeks for who you had a crush on because she claimed she could tell exactly when you had one. You had told her, and now this was her reaction.

“Peter Pa-” She began to say again but you shut her up.

“Don’t you think you’ve said it enough already?”

Y/F/N just looked at you. She had an evil glint in her eye.

“Don’t you dare.” You said.

“Oh trust me, I am not going to do or say anything.”

“Yeah right.”

“No seriously,” She said and winked, “Your secrets safe with me.”

She closed her locker door and set off down the hallway making you follow her.

You cursed your timing knowing that next period you would have Chemistry, with Y/F/N… and Peter. With Y/F/N sitting on your right and Peter directly in front of you. Great.

Y/F/N had paused next to the door, “Ready?”

“For what?”

She raised her eyebrows with a knowing look.

“I wish I hadn’t told you now.” You groaned and half rolled your eyes.

“It was the best thing you ever did.” She stated and then opened the door and entered the class room.

You followed her to your usual spot. Peter was already sitting there and you tried not to look at him. Y/F/N was though. She was looking at him as if she’d only seen him for the first time. As if she was looking at him in ‘a different light’.

You rolled your eyes but grinned slightly. She had better not say or do anything.

Your teacher came in and handed out the graded tests from last lesson. You were doing well in school and didn’t need to worry too much about your grades. After she had done this she stood at the front of the class.

“As I said last week everyone,” She started,“ your projects towards your final grade start this week so could you get into partners and carry out the preliminary experiment written on the board.”

You had completely forgotten about this! You had had so much homework this week you had totally forgot that this was this week.

You turned to Y/F/N getting ready to work with her. She grinned at you manically before leaning forward to the girl in front and asked if they could work together. You sat completely shocked until you realised what she was doing.

“Y/F/N?” You said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing nothing.” She said still smirking, “Just like I promised.”

Y/F/N?!” You hissed again but she had already moved to the other desk.

You sat there not knowing what to do. She was your only friend in this class.

“Um, Y/N?” You heard someone say and you turned to look in front of you to find Peter Parker staring questioningly at you.

“Uh yes?” You said as best as you could.

“I’m guessing you don’t have anyone to work with?”

“Yeah…” You said lamely glancing behind him at Y/F/N.

“Do you want to work together?”

This was not happening. Last time you checked you didn’t live in a teen movie.

“Yeah sure.” You carried off with a light smile. “Do you want me to move round there or you come here?”

“I’ll move.” He said returning the smile. You shifted your stuff over to the other side of the desk so he could put his stuff down.

You saw that Y/F/N was looking back at you with the same mischievous laugh she’d had before. You ignored her and focused on not making yourself look stupid in front of Peter. Doing that was probably going to be harder than this experiment.

You turned back to Peter and gave him a shy smile.

“It doesn’t look too hard.” You said regarding what was written on the board.

“No.” Peter agreed and you two started to get your equipment together and the chemicals you would need. It was a titration neutralisation reaction so it wasn’t hard, just fiddly.  

You two worked in silence for a few minutes and you couldn’t tell if the silence was awkward or not. You just didn’t really have anything to say.

“Could you pass me the acid?” Peter asked. You picked up the bottle and passed it to him.

“Thanks…” He mumbled still concentrating on making sure the acid stayed where it was supposed to.

Suddenly you remembered that this was a full blown project. As in a project that had a practical element and a research one. That was required to do in the pairs so one person couldn’t get the other person’s grade for them.

“Shit…” You said under your breath as you realised that Y/F/N had probably planned this out in the five minutes they had before class.

“Huh?” Peter said assuming you were talking to him.

“No nothing…” You said going red. Great, now he thought you talked to yourself. You gave him a small smile and he smiled back before returning to the experiment.

Why are you like this?! You thought as Peter passed the equipment to you so you could carry on the experiment.

You listed the volume values you had got to Peter and he wrote them down. You were surprised you could do it because your hands were slightly shaking from nervousness.

Soon you were completely done and you packed everything up. You didn’t know what your next move was going to be with this project because it would mean actually working with Peter.

Your teacher, after being satisfied with the state of the classroom, called the class dismissed and you got up to leave and run after Y/F/N.

“Y/N, um wait up.” You heard Peter say behind you and you stopped and turned round.

“Hey do you want to do the research element now? I mean we already have loads of work from other classes so we could just get it over and done with.” Peter asked. “That’s only if you’re free!”

“Yeah I am let’s do it.” You said.

“My place?” Peter asked timidly.

You internally screamed. “Yeah sure.”

Y/F/N who was standing nearby, much to your annoyance, and listening in gave you a thumbs up from behind Peter. You shot her a warning look and she just smirked and waved goodbye.

You couldn’t believe this was happening.


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i don't think i saw this answered in the tag so i was wondering how did our wonderful woman on fire get to having her canine-in-combat barrage?

At the beginning I wanted Barrage to be a simple service dog, but making him a battle dog for gameplay purposes is fine too xD

After she escaped the program she did her best to get as close as possible to a normal life, which was impossible. She’s a wanted person and considered dangerous, and since she’s on the run, she got a lot of problems to deal with, starting with herself.
She heard that dogs could improve people’s lives, as fun as it sounded she wanted to believe it… and she went to steal a pup.

One of the best thing she ever did in her life, the dog keeps her grounded and in control, a real barrage against all odds, holding her together.

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HAVE YOU SEEN "Untitled.exe"?? It's a Darkiplier/Anti horror trailer by Editing Is Everything and it's the best thing ever!! She also did one on Dark called "Are you Afraid of the Darkiplier?" It's seriously amazing and I really recommend watching it to help you get even more into that creepy, glitchy, Anti type mood. Love you Lumi!

I don’t think I have, but i definitely will check it out tomorrow! I saw their Unfriended video and it was the best editing I’ve seen in years.

I love ya more, bby!

Milkshake [REQUEST]

Today has been a very Chanyeol day because I finished this and my Chanyeol jumper arrived in the post too :D I LOVE PARK CHANYEOL :D

Jade xo

As soon as Chanyeol answered, he was barking down the phone at you. “Why has your phone been switched off all day? And why did you skip school?” he immediately started, his voice loud and concerned through the phone.

Sniffling back your tears, you bit on your bottom lip and tried to swallow past the lump in your throat. “Chanyeol, I’m at the park near our old school. Can you come and get me?” you asked pleadingly. You hated to pull him out of work but you didn’t know who else you could turn to.

It’s not like your best friend was around to help.

“Baby are you ok? You sound upset,” your boyfriend asked, his worry tainting his voice.

You blinked hard and kicked the sand underneath your feet as you pushed off the swing. “I just really need to see you,” you murmured, hating yourself for sounding so clingy. “Can you come?”

There was shuffling in the background, followed by the slam of something loud like a door. “It’s ok baby. I’m on my way there now,” he told you calmly, his words instantly making you relax. “Do you need anything?” he asked.

You felt so guilty, pulling your knees up as you swung uselessly back and forth. “Just you,” you murmured quietly, resting your head on your knees.

“I’m coming baby,” he told you softly, his early anger completely disappearing from his voice.

And then he was gone, leaving you by yourself feeling completely alone in the world. A gust of wind blew past you, whipping your hair wildly around your face and making you shiver against the cold. You blamed the wind but you knew it wasn’t the reason you started to cry.

“Why did you have to leave?” you sobbed quietly, burying your head in your hands and hoping Chanyeol would hurry.


Strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist and a warm face buried itself between your neck and shoulder. You instantly jumped in surprise, almost falling off the swing if it wasn’t for the person’s hold on your waist. But quickly you recognised the aftershave and relaxed back into Chanyeol’s grip, finally feeling safe and secure.

“I’ve been so worried about you,” he murmured, kissing the bit of skin behind your ear. His hot breath against your skin sent shivers down your spine and yet made you instantly feel warm. “Why are you here by yourself?” He lifted you up and replaced you on the swing, placing you on his lap.

You turned in his arms and tucked yourself under his chin, weaving your arms into his coat and around his broad back. “There was a guy handing out flyers in a panda outfit this morning on my way to school. The first thing I did was get my phone out and take a picture but I realised I didn’t have anyone to send it to now that she’s gone,” you murmured, feeling the tears build back up. “I miss her so much. It’s like a physical ache in my heart that I can’t get rid of.”

“Baby,” your boyfriend hushed softly, combing his fingers through your hair.  “Why haven’t you said anything to me? You’ve been bottling this all up and telling everyone you’re ok when you should be talking about it, even if it’s not me you talk to.” He continued to move his long fingers through your hair, the motion soothing you more than he could understand.

You pulled back slightly and looked up at his perfect features. “I didn’t want to worry you when you have so much work on,” you told him in a small voice, pressing your lips against his for a brief second. The you rested your head on his shoulder wearily. “Everything got on top of me, all the schoolwork and stuff. I didn’t know how to handle it all so I took a break. I should have talked to you before so I didn’t worry you.”

The hand in your hair moved to cradle your face as Chanyeol forced you to face him, his brown eyes burning yours with love. “I will always be there for, no matter what is going on my life. I will always find a way baby.” He brushed his thumb across your cheek and wiped the fallen tears. “Just talk to me please,” he pleaded with wide brown eyes.

Your heart melted. How could it not when he was begging you? Without a second thought, you pressed your lips against his, trying to pour every happy emotion he made you feel into the kiss, trying to say everything you wanted to say but didn’t have the words to express it. Chanyeol always loved it when you told him you loved him this way. His hands instantly moved up into your hair, reacting to your lips’ touch and deepening the kiss.

In the end you had to pull away just to catch your breath.

“I love you too,” Chanyeol murmured softly, kissing the corner of your lips with a greedy smirk.

You ran your hand down the side of his face before brushing the hair off his face so you could admire him better. “How did I get so lucky?” you asked quietly, fixing his cap so all his hair was scooped underneath.

He laughed loudly, your favourite sound in the world. “You must have been a good little ant in a previous life,” he teased, wrapping his arms back around you and squeezing you tight. “It’ll get easier baby, but only if you talk about it. Ok?”

“I swear,” you promised, holding your little finger out.

He linked it with yours and grinned like a Cheshire cat. “How about we go to that little café around the corner and you can tell me all about your day?”

“For milkshakes?” you exclaimed brightly, remembering how you used to go with all your friends after school for the best banana milkshake in the entire country. When Chanyeol nodded, you squealed in excitement, your mouth already watering at the thought. “I must have been a really good ant.”

Laughing at your sudden enthusiasm, Chanyeol let you drag him to his feet and out of the park. “Do ants even like milkshakes?” he asked with a laugh, taking his coat off and draping it over your shoulders.

You secured your hand in his and squeezed tightly. It was your best friend that introduced you to Chanyeol and it was the best thing she ever did. You would forever be thankful to her. Without her, you wouldn’t have been able to string two words together.

Reaching up, you kissed his cheek and leaned your head on his shoulder. “This ant does,” you giggled, smiling into Chanyeol’s coat collar as he led you from the park with a smile on your face.


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Caviera looks amazing and holy crap you answered! So she speaks more than one language?(Portuguese being her native?? I am assuming this,tell me if I'm hella wrong) So she was in BlackWatch and after the Swedish incident went freelance? How'd she end up with Talon? Why does she need Barrage? You said he was a service dog. Is he battle trained? I'm sorry if I'm asking a shit ton of questions TvT

Where to start? :D

She indeed speaks more than one language, but Portuguese (PT and BR) isn’t her mother tongue. Her Brazilian background is all made up in order to hide her true identity from the UN.
After the Overwatch HQ explosion, she tried her best to track down Talon and operates mostly in her country of origin, but without Barrage (gotta put some drama somewhere), her life became hellish, literally.

Barrage is not trained for battle but he can still be a dangerous dog if anything happens to Caveira, he’s got her back and she got his. He’s a real goofball though, he loves to sneak in kitchens to steal food. Caveira adopted him when she knew that a dog could improve her life, best thing she ever did.

The Lovestory Letters

So, @kirkaut had a prompt about Bitty as a trashy gay historical romance author, and Jack as a concerned reader who writes to him about the historical inaccuracies. I wrote a short thing, and then this happened, and now I may or may not write a real story, but here’s some Zimbits flirting in an email exchange like big ol’ nerds.

I will likely change the title, because it’s lame (i’m open to suggestions!)


Dear E. R. Bittle,

I am writing to you about some inaccuracies in your historical romance series. I have attached an itemized list, and would like to ask that you please consult an historian before your next publication.

The, uh, rest of the story was very… intriguing, and well written. I look forward to the next in the series, but again, please mind your era when describing manner of dress, and your slang is wildly inappropriate to the setting.

And while we’re on the subject, the American Civil War wasn’t actually fought entirely in Georgia, though many battlefields exist there, for greater depth, you should really consider addressing the myriad other battles.

I apologize for the diatribe, Bittle. I am a history buff, and inaccuracies in historical narratives tend to get me rambling. Your romantic story is quite lovely.

I also greatly enjoyed your hockey themed series, it was very accurate.


Jack L. Zimmermann

Dear Mr. Zimmermann,

I do appreciate your letter, you seem very…passionate. I do enjoy when others are impassioned about a topic. And I must admit, I am just tickled that you’re intrigued by my stories.

The Georgian bias I’m afraid is self serving, as I am a Georgia boy, born and raised. As for the hockey, I played in college, so the accuracy of that particular series is from hard fought experience on a (fairly successful) college team.

I apologize if my books contain a bit of creative retellings of certain historical elements, and that those liberties caused you distress. I will be more careful in future works, perhaps you can lend me your expertise sometime?

Maybe we can discuss hockey, too. I believe you still play for the Falcs? I’ll be doing a book signing there next month.


Eric R. Bittle

Dear Mr. Bittle,

I must admit I am surprised that you know who I am. And that you were a college hockey player. That is more about the fact that there aren’t that many, by the way, and not that you write romance novels.I apologize if that comes across as judgemental.

I am again, intrigued at the possibility of meeting you to assist you with your manuscript, of course. Are you often in Rhode Island? How do you find the weather here, being a Georgia native, I imagine that it is a difficult adjustment for you.

I looked up your book tour, and it looks like we’re playing on home ice that week. If you’d like, while you’re in town I will be happy to talk over coffee. About history. Would you want tickets to a game while you’re in town?

Best wishes,

Jack Zimmermann

Dear Jack Zimmermann,

I get that sort of reaction a lot when people learn of my athletic past (I still play in a pickup league with some of my former teammates, it’s mostly an excuse to goof around with my friends, but it keeps us in decent shape).

I am a Georgia boy at heart, and I’m currently visiting my parents there (I may have told my dad that I know you-he’s a big sports fan- but not how I know you. Hope that’s alright!) but I actually live in Boston now. I went to school in Massachusetts, at your mother’s alma matter, actually! It took a few years, but I’m mostly adjusted to the chillier weather now. Though I have a friend from school who is from Canada, and he still teases me about my layering.

I would love to meet up and talk about history, and it’s been a while since I got to see a real game in person, so if you’ve got a ticket (or two, maybe? My friend Shitty’d love to come along, if you don’t mind) I would absolutely not turn down the kindness!

There’s this little bakery cafe that I almost bought out a couple years ago, they make an almost perfect pie and a really great cup of coffee, if you don’t have a place in mind, we could go there?

I can’t believe I’m gonna have a real life conversation with Jack Zimmermann! I promise I’m not a crazy fanboy, but oh my goodness, I just can’t believe that you know who I am at all!

Looking forward to talking hockey and history with you.

Yours truly,

Eric Bittle


It’s great that you and your friends still play. Maybe I can join you for a skate sometime, eh?

I’m sure your father is a good man, I suppose I can stand to be a topic of dinner conversation with your parents, Bittle. I can’t believe you went to Samwell. What a small world, Maman will be very excited that I’m speaking to a Samwell alum; she still says that going there was one of the best things she ever did. Your Canadian friend is probably right, if you can’t face a Massachusetts winter in a sweater and anorak, you’d never make it in Canada!

I’ll have half a dozen tickets waiting for you at the window, bring some of your team along. It will be nice to have a few extra friendly faces in the crowd, we’re playing the Aces, and that’s always a tough team for me and the Falcs.

You were a baker before you were a writer? How does one go from baking to romance novels? I bet that is an interesting story.

Don’t worry, I can hardly believe I’m going to talk to the Eric Bittle. I’ll try not to, what’d you call it? Fan-boy too much over you.

Looking forward to seeing you, too.

All the best,


anonymous asked:

How did you become so well read independently, without a structured curriculum? What guided, and continues to guide, your choices in literature? How do you find out about writers?

My mother taught me to read when I was tiny. For me it was the best thing she ever did. I read everything I could from the time I was four years old, closing out the library, losing friends at sleepovers, preferring reading to speaking a word. It’s embarrassing to think about, so it must be true. I was all but born rapacious and dissatisfied. Almost no taste. My parents, who were evangelicals, did not have much literature in the house — children’s classics and the Bible and Shakespeare and Christian self-help books, and in the attic some college textbooks and my dad’s old copy of Dune — but they made sure we always had library books.

In high school I was banned from reading the contemporary secular fiction assigned in class, so I would do independent projects on like, Dickens. In college — I went to two colleges and dropped out twice — I found some lodestars, like D.H. Lawrence and Don DeLillo, and obviously I tried to be well-read, I tried to become completely insufferable, but this aim never extended to thinking for e.g. that Proust is a genius. Proust isn’t. I can never get through Proust, not because it’s difficult but because it’s banal and more exhausting than beautiful, whereas the real intelligent modernism, the high and late modernism, is supremely relaxing. I can read The Waves forever, can’t you.

When I started writing for pay I was a style and lifestyle writer (and still am in ways) and that’s when my taste was most middlebrow, like I have a memory of liking a book called The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, which now sounds awful. But I do like some middlebrow books, I mean I wrote a rave review of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, god knows why — I think I was annoyed that other women critics were complaining about the size of men’s books, like Chad Harbach’s or Josh Cohen’s books, without mentioning similar-sized books by women, lest they feel perhaps inadequate instead of resentful. Contrary impulses account for a lot of what I read, and I credit fashion with encouraging a mish-mash sensibility.

It’s better to read well than to be well-read, but then I say that as a critic whose genuine ability is to do the former; the latter is easier to fake. I don’t feel especially well-read. I wish I read more, more widely and mazily than I do now. People who limit themselves by genres and strata have artificial taste and I really don’t want to be one of them (no offense to artifice, which I love; but you know what I mean). If you only look where you’re told, who cares how well you describe what you see.

Sometimes I go into bookstores and buy books for how they look and feel in hand. That’s how I found E.M. Cioran when I didn’t know anybody who read him. Ditto May Sarton, Chester Himes. Or I go and ask the bookseller what s/he guesses I would like, which is how I found for e.g. Clarice Lispector, at Type Books in Toronto. I first started reading Joan Didion when I was too old to start, I think around 23? Because someone told me my writing reminded them of hers (how, I have no idea; I was barely writing; I assume they knew no other women writers). Ditto Elizabeth Wurtzel. That’s also embarrassing and true! Um… A friend in my first year in New York gave me Ursula K. LeGuin, then because I liked LeGuin I read Samuel Delany and Octavia Butler. Another friend gave me Maggie Nelson, another Norman Rush. Last year someone gave me a biography of Patricia Highsmith so I started reading writers Highsmith liked, or that’s what I meant to do, but I misremembered one of the writers’ names & found, by a funny accident, one of the greatest but least-read modernists who ever wrote (won’t say who as have a longish essay out about it soon). None of these ways of finding books are proprietary or seem remarkable, but since you asked…. & I assume as you’re on the Internet that you already know about Amazon algorithms and Googling “writers similar to Anna Kavan” and so on.

Anyway, the short answer to your question: how? I wanted to, that’s how.

Time to get serious 2

As I watched the episode I remember thinking that in the entire history of OUAT I’ve never been more mad and furious at a character as I was with Snow in this episode. I know I don’t say anything new here, I’ve seen my dashboard filled with posts expressing the same emotions. But anyway, I tried to think why was this more painful to me than Zelena cursing Hook’s lips, or Regina causing the curse in season 1, or pan messing with both Hook and Emma in 3A, or even more than the Snow Queen messing with Emma in this episode and even more than Rumple messing with Hook in 404.

It felt worse than all of those things because it came from the most kind and good character on the show, allegedly anyway. Truth be told, I carry a lot of anger towards Snow ever since Neverland and I even thought of writing a meta about her relationship with Emma a few times, but I never did. So, I think this would be a great opportunity for that.

I feel like the fact that Snow represents the goodness in people on the show a lot of times gives her “a pass” for the bad things she is doing (and no, I’m not talking about her killing Cora, it was the best thing she ever did on the show!). I’m mad because in everybody’s eyes she is the most kind and loving person, and this is why it hurts so much seeing her doing just the opposite with her daughter. 

Abandoning Emma as a child was not o.k, but I saw Snow crying and hurting at this moment, I even understand the need to do it, but if someone in fact does such a thing, he does not get to do anything else to his child, like ever. And Snow did plenty:

The first thing that caught my attention on the show was that It became really important for her to return to SB after David fell into a sleeping curse, but not for Emma that wanted to reunite with her son.

Not even thinking on Emma when she decided to stay in Neverland with David just made me feel so mad.

I didn’t like that they wanted to go back to Emma from the EF in 3B just because they needed her magic against Zelena.

It felt so sad knowing that everybody without a doubt knows that the person Snow loves most is David, although most parents love their children more than anything.

It also felt sad knowing that Snow would prefer risk the chance of losing her life than to lose David after she took his heart, but she was o.k with leaving Emma orphan at this point.

And above all of those is the lack of understanding, who is the right man for Emma, what her feelings are for the man who once abandoned her, a man who is her son’s father, but did not come to look for her ever, who didn’t like her using magic although it’s a part of who she is. Snow was always a Neal fan, and as I write these words I can’t help but thinking that she wanted Emma to get back with Neal and thought of him as her true love because in a lot of ways he acted like she did regarding Emma.  

All of those things bothered me through the seasons of OUAT, and now there is the new issue of baby Neal.

I can understand why Snow would feel the need to be with Neal all the time, to take advantage of the new chance she’s got to be there for her child from the first moment. But what hurts me so much, and this is something you see along the show, is that she acts like Emma is already an adult and so she doesn’t really need her the way a young child does, and she couldn’t be more wrong!

At every family out there when a new born is coming, the parents have a talk with the oldest child, before or after the baby is born. They want to know how the brother or sister is feeling about it, and they assure him/her that they are not gonna love him/her less just because they have a new baby. So o.k, Emma isn’t a child, she’s 30 years old, but she was an orphan until the age of 28, I think she deserves to have the same talk from her parents. Especially when all the attention Neal’s getting from Snow now, she never got from her.


So all this issues were already out there and bothered me before, and I was actually glad when Emma said the remark about the “first born”, I remember telling her “you go girl, take it all out”. It felt like something that needed to be said for so long.

So with all this baggage, seeing Snow protecting her baby from his own sister felt like a knife in the chest.

The adorable look on Emma’s face after it, almost made me cry. You could see how she didn’t want to believe or think about what she just saw from her own mother. But it’s more than that, it’s not only her mother, it’s the kind person that helps others, that gave Regina endless of opportunities when she was the evil queen. Somehow with Emma I don’t see this version of Snow so much.

I think all we see from Snow comes from her own guilt, she can’t face the fact that she hasn’t been there for Emma so she choose to ignore the fact that she still needs her. In season 2 Snow was trying too hard to get close to Emma, she didn’t give her a space to breathe, she wanted them to be mother and daughter right away. Now it seems like she went to the other side of the spectrum, and that she doesn’t care about it anymore, not when she finally got the baby she always wanted to raise.

When I prepared the gifs for my Emma and Elsa parallels in the episode it became even more clear the absent of Snow in Emma’s life.

For this parallel you see Elsa getting away from her parents that just want to get close and help her. In the OUAT version it wasn’t Emma’s parents, it was the people that are close to her most, David and Hook. If I had to choose two people to approach her it would be those two. And the fact that one of those people is David is even sadder regarding Snow, because he was also a parent who abandoned her at birth, and yet his relationship with his daughter is getting stronger every day. He gets her, he is there for her. And he did not fail her in this episode, there was no “we” there…

Regarding this parallel a thought that I had when I first watched Frozen came to mind. I remember thinking as I watched the movie that at this moment Kristoff saw Elsa as the monster everybody else see. I remember I was mad on him for a second there, until I realized he didn’t know Elsa, he knew Anna and fell in love with her so obviously all he would think about is helping her get up and take her away. In the OUAT version Snow acted exactly like Kristoff, only she did know Emma, it’s her own daughter!!! It felt so wrong in so many levels. It felt like her choosing David over Emma all over again, being mad at Emma for hurting the “person she loves most”.

And Emma’s face in this moment was heartbreaking. She looked like this little girl who realized she failed her mother, who was a disappointment, something she felt her all life. She looked like a “lost girl” all over again. And her mother did this to her, no one else. This reaction from Snow was the worst thing that could happened to Emma at this moment, right after the talk with the Snow Queen. And although things are sure to get better between Emma and Snow ahead in the show, the fact that her own mother made her go back to the days when she felt unwanted and unloved is something that gonna stay between them. 

At the end of the episode we see Snow realizing her mistake (although she saw it as David’s mistake too…), she is obviously gonna have a talk with Emma and hopefully apologies. But It’s sad that we didn’t see any bonding time for those two lately, they were best friends in season 1, and were together at the EF at season 2. It is sad for me to think that Snow jumping into the portal after Emma, and her killing the ogre were the last acts she did for Emma on the show.

It is also sad knowing that she doesn’t know or gets her like others do (Hook for example). I just wish that between all the action stuff that are going on the show they will at least give us this long due conversation between mother and daughter. Other than that I don’t really have my hopes up for those two, I think they will get along as they did before, but it will never be the same as a mother who watched her daughter growing up, and I think it is clear to the both of them.