twenty // IU at the 2014 MAMA red carpet

honestly i really hate that scene where liz was pregnant again and was freaking out and luke told her that her son was doing fine and wasn’t a fuck up like… don’t…. give her credit for that


One of my absolute best friends, Mama Rena,  made an incredibly beautiful lullaby and I just needed to show her off. This girl is one of the best things to have ever happened to me because not only did she help Alex and I get together, she has helped me numerous times and I seriously can’t thank her enough.  Without her, who knows where I would be.

Look at how talented my Mama is!!! Go watch her video, go follow her, go subscribe to her!! She is so amazing and talented and she deserves more recognition!! Please go check her out!!!

idk what’s the best part about this

a) taylor writing a song about herself (assuming it is about her)

b) nils sjoberg, the masculine pseudonym she pulled straight out of her asshole

c) c*lvin’s #1 hit that he’s been acting like is the best thing anyone ever did for the world, She Wrote - and had to promote for it to become a #1 hit.

d) all the promo she did wasn’t just her being a weirdly supportive girlfriend and promo-ing his song that would have been a cheap shot if he’d written it about her... she wrote it which makes it So Much Better bc that means it wasn’t some Gross Misogynist writing a song about his girlfriend entirely focused on how entranced by him she is and hinting at sex.

e) discourse. 

f) katy perry trying to be relevant

g) nils sjoberg

h) all the people who are obviously bitter bc they like the song but hate taylor swift

i) nils sjoberg

I forgot to tell you guys but last night when I was taking Noodle potty before I left she did the best thing ever.

She barked at a neighbor walking a small dog.

The neighbor scoops up said tiny dog, yells OH MY GOD and books it down the street.

Dude you have a dog, how can you be so absolutely terrified of a dog who is sitting at my side, on a leash, and happens to bark once.

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hi janie. so today i've finished watching the godfather trilogy and since i remember you have talked about the romanticization of the mafia in media/fandom in the past i was wondering how do you feel about these films?

hahaha okay let’s go at it


  • first thing: I think the first two are masterpieces and the third is utter shit, but not because it romanticizes anything, it’s because the third is really fucking bad in comparison. with that out of the way..
  • I don’t have a problem with the godfather movies in themselves, I have a problem with how they’re perceived.
  • meaning: I don’t think the movies romanticize anything. they would if they made the entire thing look like something desirable or the characters were framed as heroes or their actions were seen as anything positive. they’re not. like the only sort of sympathetic character in there is michael’s wife and tbh the best thing she ever did was telling him to go fuck himself. obviously the characters are made to be complex people so once in a while they do decent things (sort of ie vito and the widow in II) but like they’re all assholes. michael is the biggest asshole around. there isn’t one of them who isn’t - fredo maybe but lol look at how he ended. they’re all horrible people who do horrible things and the aesthetic doesn’t hide it - I mean, how do you think that people who get their brothers assassinated are people whose example you have to follow? (also, see the end of two: michael is alone??? how clearer should the message be???). in themselves, those movies honestly aren’t the problem, because there’s nothing in it that romanticizes the mafia.
  • the problem is that people who watched them think that the protagonists are badasses just because they’re protagonists, which is honestly fucking ridiculous. I mean, just to pick a comparison: people complained about the sopranos being offensive because it depicted the protagonists as horrid people and *reflected badly on italian-americans*, but the thing is that the sopranos did not have the same aesthetic of the godfather movies and there was really not much you could grasp at. like, the protagonists in the sopranos are all mostly not attractive, obviously criminals and completely fucking horrible people and while they’re all complex characters you can’t liquidate with black and white analysis, there’s nothing that salvages them. and to me the sopranos was amazing because it showed mafia criminals being horrible people without glossing over anything and the fact that it was considered offensive when the godfather wasn’t when the only differences between tony and michael is that michael didn’t go to a psychiatrist and tony actually, like, *cared* about people in a fairly dysfunctional way while michael was more aloof. but like. there’s absolutely no difference except for the aesthetics. and I find it ridiculous that people find one offensive and not the other.
  • like the romanticization here is not from the media. it’s the people who watch the godfathers who think that since they’re the protagonists then they have to be heroes and see them as something cool to aspire to. how the fuck do you find michael someone to aspire to? his actions mean that he ends up alone. just that should show what’s the point. (movie 3 doesn’t count. it’s shit anyway. xD) I don’t know what’s the deal with people watching those movies and thinking they’re actually cool - I mean, I read ‘growing up italian means watching the godfather every sunday on tv’ and I was like what the fuck who even does that, but the issue is the audience, not the product. imo at least. it’s useless to blame the godfather for *romanticization* of the mafia, at most you can blame that on the 30s gangster movies where al capone-like people were shown as actual Good Guys TM or you saw mafia people being all honorable and the likes and having a code which is completely ridiculous. but like the fact that it was a thing in the thirties doesn’t mean that you should apply it to movies happened post-30s.
  • like I personally think people should get more educated about mafia in general because that is why they see them as random hot criminals who have a honorable *code*. (honest, in the godfather who the fuck has a code that implies being honorable? no one.) if they did then you wouldn’t have 90% of those misconceptions.
  • and if they did you wouldn’t have people getting offended at the sopranos because they don’t have anyone decent they can identify with or slap a good or bad label on. because newsflash there’s no one in the sopranos who’s a good person TM same as there’s no one in the godfather who’s a good person TM. but the godfather has the aesthetics, the sopranos doesn’t.
  • tldr: I personally like those movies (the first two anyway) and I don’t think they’re offensive per se. I think that they have been widely misinterpreted and the audience should be a hell of a lot more critical when watching them, but I’m not gonna blame the fact that people romanticize the mafia on them, because in themselves they have nothing that bad and they don’t promote what they sell. people shouldn’t watch movies with the idea that the protagonists are good/approved of because they’re the protagonists. 

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How come you always imply you were such good friends with Essena...I never saw one pic of you two together or any posts about hanging out? If she ditched Bonny who she was so close to, then she most certainly ditched you too! x

Essena and I know what happened, my close friends know what happened, as does Bonny. Bonny and I have spoken about this countless times over the year - especially when it all happened - and both knew that the other was treated unfairly. We also both agree that Essena made the right choice removing herself from these platforms, as well as the fact that we don’t struggle with the same problems. I have the utmost respect for everything Essena said and did, I think it’s the best thing she ever did in the 3 or so years that I knew her.

I never needed our friendship to be for social media and I still don’t now. I don’t really care if you don’t believe it or have your own opinions on me and her, it doesn’t really matter. Scroll back 2-3 years on my Instagram if you want “proof” lol but we both stayed with each other many times, it was just never for the purpose of documenting it. We became friends before she went vegan and I had just made the change myself, so we talked a lot about that initially. You guys see 1% and it’s what we choose to share. I never made a video response to it all for views because I was happy to put that behind me. I forgave her, I moved on, we are on good terms but no longer friends. Xx

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Are you making fun of Essena when you say #behindtheimage in your snapchat?

Not at all :) Just referencing it. I think it’s the best thing she ever did x