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Last train home: part two | Arthur Shelby

Request: @chrystalcaper asked for part two with Arthur x Reader getting the chance to talk.

Request: @theawkwardpedestrian asked if there could be more Arthur Shelby!

Notes: I think I might need a part three for this…

He walked over and you stood, hands smoothed the creases of your skirt before you offered your name, then your hand to shake.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Arthur.”

All Arthur could think was that you had the most incredible eyes he’d ever seen.

He just stood there half dazed as a goofy smile set to his features.

“And you, love.”

He offered his hand to shake before you eyed the crowd of men that stared at you both from the bar. Arthur followed your gaze.

“Don’t mind them, come on, come with me…”

He picked up the delicate china cup that sat on a saucer from the table you’d been sat at. You couldn’t help but smirk as you followed behind him, the cup chattered with the nervous tremble to his hand.

“Who the fucks that, Arthur?”

“Have some fucking respect and mind your own fucking business, John.”

Arthur held the door to the little room of The Garrison for you as you stepped in to sit yourself down. He placed the saucer to the table gently and sat opposite.

“I bet this is strange for you.”

“Why’s that, love?”

“You sat there, instead of here. Me awake and not drooling on you. Oh, God, I didn’t drool, did I?”


You both smiled at each other before you looked down to habitually smooth the creases in your dress. Arthur shuffled his hands beneath him.

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anonymous asked:

(for the canon ships in this AU) what would be their dream weddings? c:


Armin and Eren would want a very laidback and sincere wedding, keeping it small and inviting only family and close friends. The color scheme would be either sky blue or seafoam green. They would have it down in Shiganshina, where their friendship first started all those years ago.


Both Mikasa and Annie never really dreamt about their dream wedding as children. Annie thought it was stupid that people had to have a ceremony just to prove to others that they loved the person they were with and Mikasa didn’t think it was necessary or that it was other people’s business. They wouldn’t have a wedding, not a formal one anyway.


Big wedding. Very gay. 


Outside the box. Their wedding would 99% be themed something so consistently them, like X Files. Their wedding invitations would be something like “Best Spuds, in sickness and in health. Come to our wedding. It’ll be out of this world” 


Traditional wedding; family and extended family and friends. 


A very European wedding. They’d have it somewhere very open and outdoors. A lot of food and wine and champagne. Marco’s family would have an entire section reserved for all of his family. 

Blood Moon theory

When I was younger I used to watch a cartoon named “American Dragon: Jake Long” In one episode there was this twin sisters who could see into the future, and they told Jake’s best friends Spud and Trixie that they would soon “tie the knot” and them, and probably the whole audience, in the episode are worried that they will get married because the predictions of the girls always come true, but at the end what happened is that they literally tied the knot of a shoe, so that makes me think 🤔 if the blood moon had the same effect.

Really at this point (and how Marco reacted when Star confessed her feelings, made me really angry 😡) and how things are going in the series right now I really don’t care who ends up with who, I mean Jackie is a nice girl and Tom has become a nice guy and has history with Star so yeah, I don’t care anymore. So the thing is that Star is moving on and Marco doesn’t really seems angry about it so I have this theory: What about if the blood moon attaches you with someone you love forever but is not necessary to be romantic love?, I mean, Star is back with Tom and there hasn’t been a Blood Moon moment like with Marco, so here is the thing: Star and Marco are bond for eternity, but Star’s future is become queen of Mewni, so when he kissed Jackie the blood moon appeared like in terms of “soon or late, your relationship will end, because the lady that you love, can’t follow the destiny with who you are bond” and that is what is happening right now, Marco is bonded with Star so he has to move to Mewni and be by her side (apparently as her future knight, actually I can see Marco becoming the chief of the royal guard, he would even use Nachos as his horse 😃) and if he wants to stay with Jackie he needs to say bye to Mewni and stay on earth forever, and of course his friendship with Star will end soon or late because she would be hell busy like Moon, and will rise the future queen of Mewni, so yeah, he needs to stay there.

Another thing why this may be true. Disney with Star vs the forces of evil and Gravity Falls are really showing that they are trying to make things different and no the same old story that they always give us, and that BIGGEST CLICHE in Disney series and cartoons (even in most of the chanels…forever) is that the tow oposit sex best friend characters ALWAYS END UP TOGETHER like if is a law, and really is cute and all but it just turn extremely predictable and that gives less interest in the couple because we started to see AS IF IT WAS A LIFE LAW that all the main boy and girl friendships are going to end up as a couple, so I wouldn’t be suprised if they decide to make this not happening, also, you cannot expect that just because you want to they are going to change that, that would be pretty much destroying your art and work to make people happy, and they already make a lot of money so they don’t really need it.

Also, I may be wrong and Star and Tom will have their first kiss where she would have a blood moon moment proving that she has to be with Marco and they will live happily ever after as rulers of Mewni eating lots and lots of Nachos with corn 🌽 🌮🌯


Requests from today’s stream.  Bananapie set the tone/mood/theme with an interesting exposition on the Lord of the Bananas.

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Starring Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle, and Kevin McKidd

Directed by Danny Boyle

Scottish heroin addict Mark Renton (McGregor) introduces the audience to his four best friends: Spud, Sick Boy (Miller), Tommy (McKidd), and Begbie (Carlyle). At the start of the film, Mark decides to go clean. He soon finds the pressure from his friends, the reality of his life, and withdrawal symptoms to be all too much to bear and turns back to the needle, dragging Tommy down with him. After getting arrested, Mark is forced into a rehabilitation program. Worried by his friends’ continued trouble with the law and HIV risk, Mark tries to start over with a clean life in London. Just when Mark finally thinks he’s escaped his former life, an old friend returns to drag him back.

Boyle (dir) hints at the cyclical nature of heroin addiction throughout the film. For instance, at the start of the movie, Mark is explaining all the things such as “washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers” that come with “choosing life” over heroin. At the end of this film, Mark explains he’ll give up heroin forever and lists the exact same things in a description of his new life, essentially making the screenplay one big loop. Heroin is also cyclical because going clean fills their lives with problems, and the only way they know to cope is with mre heroin. First, Mark is hit with horrible pains and hallucinations associated with withdrawal. Next, he must deal with secondary physical problems such as diarrhea and increased sex drive. Lastly, Mark explains, “Once the pain goes away, thats when the real battle starts.” He is implying that the “real battle” is actually adjusting with the real world. He’s also made awful friends on heroin that he has to stick with once he’s clean. All of these factors create immense pressure for Mark, eventually submitting him to his addiction.

Boyle also illustrates how everybody is an addict in their own way. Mark’s mother takes Valium regularly, which he regards as a “socially acceptable” addiction. Begbie, who abstains from heroin, is addicted to fighting, which is even more destructive than the drugs. I also found it interesting how Mark says its the feeling that his job in real estate gives him that makes it to appealing, as if that is an addiction of its own. When Begbie is stressing Mark out, we see a pile of cigarettes accumulate outside of his apartment, yet another “socially acceptable” addiction. Also, it is important to mention how the boys get most of their drugs from scamming medical professionals, drawing attention how these drugs are used by the public. By pointing out the addictions we are all used to seeing, Boyle humanizes the boys.

One of Mark’s characteristic quirks is how articulate he is. He speaks with a vocabulary and candor that clearly indicates high intelligence. This highlights how he’s “wasted potential.” All of the addicts show this in some way. Sick Boys’ extensive and nuanced knowledge of James Bond prove he’s quite smart and intellectually curious, and could have amounted to more with proper education. Spud has a strong moral compass corrupted by his need for a score. Tommy is the clearest example of this idea, since we witness his entire downfall; he went from the gentle, successful one to the first to die.

Mark tells the audience that Sick Boy’s theory to life is that “at one point you got it, then you lose it and its gone forever.” Essentially, your life could be perfect, but the moment something goes wrong, it’s all downhill from there. For the guys, this moment is the death of Baby Dawn. Before then, Mark makes it clear that their heroin use is for the “pleasure of it” rather than escaping some dark feeling. However, in the scene following Dawn’s death, he explains that heroin not only no longer feels good, but it’s actually “misery on misery.” They’re now facing the reality of the hole they’ve dug for themselves, which is the beginning of their “downward trajectory.”

This film is another longtime favorite of mine. Boyle creates a fun vibe without sugarcoating the darkness and severity of the boys’ situation. He creates humor with outrageous, exaggerated moments while still keeping artistic integrity. 


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Save Connie's Beating Heart

My name is Connie Springer and I am cursed.

This curse though, it isn’t like any run-of-the-mill curse. I got cursed with the gay. I’m 100% sure of it. Now I know what you’re thinking “Connie likes the D?!”.  Well hate to burst your bubble but I’m a man of the V. No accidental dick sucks here. Yet magically I make the men around me gay for each other and I don’t exactly know what to do about it.

                At first I hadn’t realized it, but my bro Reiner got infected. This is okay I guess, not my life choice or whatever.  He went all macking on this really nervous and sorta sweaty looking guy named Bertholdt (he only looks sweaty cause he’s got that Indian type skin that looks shiny a lot, according to Sasha). This Bertholdt guy was tall and couldn’t hurt a single fly if he tried. Hell, they even decided to move in together like a week before classes started. The downside was that they did the dirty; they did that dirty a lot. I respect the bro’s drive to get the ass, but he didn’t have to get some SO LOUDLY. So yea three sets of headphones were necessary after that. I didn’t really ask them to stop cause A) that would be awkward as hella B) Reiner was in love like crazy and C) he could sort of snap my legs and walking is important. So yea I held up and ignored it. Sasha found it pretty sweet that they were together, what a weirdo. Accept she’s pretty cute when she’s excited, not that I really paid attention to that.

It wasn’t until Jean started getting the hearts in his eyes for his best bro Marco that I realized it. Everyone was gaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. Great for me right? I mean even Ymir and Christa were together. At first sign of this me and Sasha were DETERMINED to set them up. And it was pretty sweet to see them together. Not in the homo way in the bro way like hella yea your bro is happy. Like Sasha and French fries. Anyways me and my best spud did nearly everything in our power to get them together (how did the hay ride not work? Am I right?). At one point Jean found out that Marco was after a guy, yet he magically couldn’t see that it was him. Every god damn day Jean kept asking and asking and asking who Marco liked. He even threatened a few boys that Marco barely even looked at. Not even a loving or dazed look, just a glance. I’m serious he is literally that dumb. I couldn’t even study in class without getting hit by notes asking who Marco liked. I tried to hint but that blew right over his head and out the window. We were basically trying everything. Even that giant put mistletoe over their heads. That didn’t work though. Jean was determinedly in a state of no homo. At that point I was like whatever, bro into the v, poor Marbro. It wasn’t until the night of the god damn Christmas party. I stayed out with Sasha while jean was in the dorm. I’m assuming he was packing cause when I got in our room he was laying on his bed and there was a suit case on the floor. I didn’t really pay any mind to it. I just put in my earphones and turned my music up, not willing to hear the all night freak show that is happening in the room over. I fell asleep eventually and my earphones had fallen out, which was a lot worse of a thing than it should have been. Because jean had started making noises. And I’m talking dirty loud noises that could rival the ones in the room over. My eyes were probably going to pop outta my head and roll off into the land of heterosexuality because seeing Jean viciously go at a bed wasn’t on the too see list. The main thing that was freaky was when I heard the loud whispers and moans of Marco fucking Bodts name. The worst thing was when he woke up panting.

Then to my goddamn horror he looked over.

“Say a fucking word-“ he hissed at me.
“I won’t, oh god, I won’t,” I interrupted, not wanting to hear him right then. I turned away.“I would killto forget what I just heard, oh god.” I added, face grimacing. He got up and went for the bathroom as quick as possible.

All I could hear was the door slam along with an “oh god”.

I had come to my conclusion just then. I, a heterosexual college student, gave men gay horny feelings for each other.

*edit* stole fershasparadise’s name idea >.>

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