Does Vaseline cure dry lips?

Vaseline has been a product people have loved for generations and I’ve never quite understood why… Tell someone you’ve got dry lips? They’ll instantly respond with “put some Vaseline on them” but does Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) really cure dry lips?

Vaseline doesn’t provide any benefits to the lips, none, zero, nil. Vaseline is a “barrier” product, not a hydration product so all it will do is lock in moisture and help protect the lips from any further damage, this is all well and good but if you have very dry lips your lips wont have any moisture which means the Vaseline can cause them to dry out further.

Lips don’t have any oil glands which means they don’t produce any moisture. If you have dry lips you will want to use something that treats them and provides moisture like a lip treatment or mask and THEN apply a barrier lip balm on top, preferably one that is natural and organic rather than petroleum based.  Still got dry lips? Read how to fix dry lips and keep them in tip top shape.

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