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I'm a girl in 9th grade, and I've had a crush on another girl in 10th grade. We've known each other for 4 years and we've been best friends since day one. Now, she started being home-schooled recently and I really miss her (even if she only lives a few streets away), and I had no clue what her sexuality was until a month ago. She's pan. And she's an absolutely angel. So, a few hours ago, I asked her out after finally building up the courage to do so. She's my girlfriend now, and I'm so happy

this is the purest ask i’ve ever gotten thank you so much for sharing and i hope u two have a long and happy relationsHIP !!!!

the best thing he never had ; one

one , two , three

pairing; jungkook x reader

genre; best friend!au 

word count; 3.7k 

a/n; for @elicuh​ ! a wonderful human bean who requested this ! this will most likely be a mini series,,, idk i don’t plan ahead lol 

summary; in this story, you have known your best friend for more than 15 years and you were utterly and wholly in love with him

The city lights became more visible as the bright neon colours had contrasted from the darkening, moonlit sky as you felt yourself become more wide awake as you walked down the streets of the bright city that lit up the mood whether be day or night. Your legs were carrying you from your house in pajamas and a warm leather jacket wrapping you up as you had just awakened from a rather nice sleep that you were enjoying until a certain someone had rung you in the midst of your slumber.

But as always, you could never say no to that certain someone as you had gone through many lengths for him that this particular situation was just a nub on a stick.

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here’s my one and only version of the keith shovel talk pls enjoy

“Hey Keith, wait up!”

Keith slowed and looked back as Hunk caught up with him and watched as he caught his breath.

“What’s up? Something wrong?” he asked.

Hunk shook his head, “No, no, nothing drastic. I umm. I just needed to talk to you about something. It’s about Lance.”

Immediately Keith both tensed and melted internally at the thought of the blue paladin. Their relationship was new and fresh and just bringing it up made Keith feel warm, his stomach making tentative somersaults.

He cleared his throat, “Ok. What is it?”

He hoped his face didn’t give away the gymnastics happening inside but by the look Hunks face, it was obvious he was fooling no one.

Hunk smiled and continued, “Look dude, you and I both know I’m you twos biggest fan. I rooted for you guys from the beginning and if Lance hadn’t confessed to you when he did, I probably would have done it myself. You guys have your differences but you also bring the best of out of each other. And I see how happy you make each other too, even when you’re arguing about the stupidest things, it’s kind of disgustingly cute, bro.”

Keith felt his face get hot with every word and a part of him wanted to jump out of an airlock while the other glowed with pride.

“Umm thanks, man, I think. I uhh….I think so too honestly.”

His friend nodded but then Hunks expression dimmed, an air of seriousness suddenly crackled around him.

He placed a hand on Keiths shoulder, “That being said. Lance is my bro. He’s been my best friend since day one at the garrison and like my brother. I look out for my own.”

Keith widened his eyes, “Oh. Hunk, you don’t have to worry, I’d never hurt him.”

He shrugged, “I know, you’re my friend too and believe me, I gave Lance the same talk I’m giving you cause I think of you as family.”

Keith had no time to feel touched as Hunk threw and arm around his shoulders and tightened, slightly, giving Keith a taste of that hidden strength his usually gentle friend seems to always hide.

“But still, I have to tell you. If you hurt Lance, I’ll be disappointed in you, but I’ll still be your friend. That won’t change. Plus, Lance is more than capable to make his own decisions and deal with any consequences.” Hunk gave him a sunny smile but Keith felt there was a ‘but’ coming up. That, and Hunk had yet to let go of his neck.

“Umm, I’m glad to hear that. Is there anything else?”

His huge, gentle, terrifyingly strong friend looked pensive and then said, “Yeah. One last thing. Even though I say Lance is more than capable of handling things on his own, I should warn you. If he gives me the word, I will have to destroy you.”

Keith blanked out. “……. so…….. you’ll beat me up?”

“What?!” Hunk shouted as he leaped back, “No man, I’d never hurt you like that. Geez. I’m not an animal. I’ll just tell everyone all your secrets you’re hiding.”

“Ohhkaay…. good luck cause I don’t have any secrets. The only one I had I basically told you all the moment I found out,” Keith snorted, a wave of relief washed over him from finally being let go.

Hunk shook his head, “Nah, not those kinds of secrets. I mean real, embarrassing, life ruining stuff that you only think about in the dead of night. You know, things you might keep in say, a red leather bound desert journal?”

Keith gaped same spluttered, “Wh-wha? Hunk! That’s my private journal!”

Hunk put up his hands in innocence, “It’s not my fault you kept that thing out in the open where anyone could have picked it up and read it. But hey, don’t worry. As long as you never hurt Lance too badly, those secrets will be taken with me to my grave. Cross my heart. Deal?”

Keith scoffed but he couldn’t keep the small smile from forming, “Yeah, ok, deal….. You know, I always thought Pidge was the sneaky one. But I get the feeling you’re a lot more dangerous than you let on.”

Hunk shrugged once more, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Good talk, bro. See you at dinner!”

Keith watched his friend walk away, a mixture of impressed, intimidation, and affection curled into his gut. He suddenly felt the strong urge to go hug Lance for a very, very long time.

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is there anything you would be willing to write that includes bones' xenopolycythemia like in "for the world is hollow and I have touched the sky?"

  • Jim walks in on Bones and Chapel arguing when he arrives in med bay. That’s not anything new; he’s find Bones arguing with everyone on the ship at least once. The people he’s closest to, at least once a day. “Ms. Chapel,” Jim calls, drawing the attention of both Christine and Bones alike, “you called for me?” “Yes, Captain,” she says. “I can take it from here,” Bones tells her, and Jim watches the woman look at him a bit suspiciously. “McCoy-” “I’ll give Jim a full report,” Bones promises, and then Christine is off.
  • “What was that all about?” Jim asks curiously, “please don’t tell me that case of Andorian Shingles is back inside these walls.” “No, last time I checked, you were Alien-STD free.” “Where would I be without you?” Jim replies to that with a faint smile, “so what’s up?” “I ran the semi-annually medical reports by all the crew,” Bones explains, “everyone’s health is stable or improving. Save for one.” “Is it Spock? He was awfully grumpy the other day.” “No,” Bones replies, “my own. I had Chapel run the test three times, and it appears I’ve caught Xenopolycythemia.” “… Okay?” Jim replies, because for a brief moment, he doesn’t even realize what that means. The disease sounds vaguely similar, but then most diseases do, because Bones is fascinated by them and talks about them in great lengths. “Jim,” Bones starts, dragging out his name the way he always does when he’s irritated, “it’s that-” “-blood disease,” Jim finishes his sentence, “I remember. Wait. No, that must be a mistake. There’s no cure for that.” “I’m aware,” Bones says. “That doesn’t seem right,” Jim says, reaching out to feel Bones’ forehead, much to Bones’ annoyance, “you look fine to me.” “I feel fine,” Bones agrees, “we caught it in its early stages. But there’s not much we can do about it other than wait.” “Jesus, no. There has to be something. How long do patients with Xenopolycythemia usually have?” “A year, if they’re lucky,” Bones says, and Jim flinches. “No, we’ll find a way to cure you.”
  • Hearing your friend has this incurable disease sucks, yeah. But what sucks even more is when Jim has to watch him suffer about it, too, though being too stubborn to deny Bones is uncomfortable or in pain, the doctor works as hard as he always would. Jim notices, though. Sees the shifts in him; slowly drinking more to cope at first. Then, by Chapel’s recommendation: morphine. It helps, for a while, and a dopey Bones is one of the most amazing things he’s seen in a while.
  • “I love space,” Bones says, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “Since when?” “Since it’s been my home when I had nowhere else to go,” Bones replies, and Jim smiles through a frown. “Don’t you want to quit when we get to York Town? You’ll have  Jo, and better medical facilities to support you.” “You wanna get rid of me?” Bones jokes, but Jim’s quick “No” is very serious. “I want you to stop exhausting yourself and focus on spending as much time as you can with the people you love.” “Joanna excluded, I am with the people I love. It’s bad enough that you guys have to see me either away because of some stupid blood disease, I won’t let Joanna see me-” “Bones, Jesus, she has the right to at least know her dad’s dying, give her a chance to say goodbye at least.” “No, I cant. Please just respect that decision.” “I’ll accept it,” Jim replies, “but I far from respect it.”
  • Bones gets gradually worse, and Jim supports him through it while Chapel becomes the new CMO. Bones researches his own disease, and to Jim’s surprise, Spock joins him on a lot of nights. It’s just the three of them in Bones’ quarters, Jim and Spock going through research papers while Bones actually tests out potential cures. Nothing seems to work, and Jim is increasingly more frustrated. Bones has been his best friend since day one at the academy. Bones brought him back to life, cured a number of diseases that were supposed to be incurable to Jim, and yet he persisted until Jim was cured. If Jim had been the one with xenopolycythemia, Bones would’ve already found a cure. For himself, though, Bones takes it easy. Avoids calls with his daughter. Pretty much drinks more than he should to function well in his research.
  • Jim’s patience has run out, but it’s by the time Spock comes with a potential solution. Something Ambassador Spock gave him, because apparently his Bones suffered the same illness there and managed to survive. Jim stays with Bones, who has a terrible fever. Chapel worries he’s too sick for the cure Spock came up with. “No,” Jim says, “we have a cure. If it worked on Ambassador Spock’s Bones before, it’ll work on our Bones now. Start the session now.”
  • The whole time Bones goes through that therapy session, he’s in extreme pain and discomfort. Jim stays by his side the whole time, sleeps in the chair next to his bio bed while the other’s more dead than alive. Chapel informs him that the cure is working, and Bones will be himself again, but Jim still watches him deliriously struggle through unconsciousness while his body recovers from the whole ordeal.
  • “How are you feeling?” Jim asks the first time he catches Bones awake. “Am I dead?” Bones asks, and Jim smiles lightly. “Almost,” he says, reaching out for Bones’ hand and he squeezes it softly, “I was afraid you were going to bite the dust, there.” “The only dust I’m gonna end up bitin’ is freaking space dust,” Bones huffs, and Jim laughs. “Back to hating space, then?” He asks, and Bones shrugs lightly. “I don’t like space,” he says, “this disease ridden, danger and silent-” Bones is silenced by Jim, who leans in to kiss him. “Okay, you got me,” Bones says, “I don’t like space, but I guess I do love the people up here..”
I’ll Be There - Part 15

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Member: Hoseok

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 6275 

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: Okay, I know I’m a little late, but here is finally is. THERE WILL BE AN EPILOGUE. I didn’t want to make this too long and it wouldn’t fit in, so an epilogue it is. Also, none of this is edited, so i’m sorry if there are a lot of typos. I tried to get this out asap. Thank you for reading and enjoy Xx 

Also, I wanted to do a quick birthday shoutout to @kristiniec​. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“Kiss the bride!” One of the parents say.

“What —” Hoseok turns towards your and gives you a peck on your lips. Wait. What?

“I got the picture!” Your mother shouts with joy.

“Hobi. What did you do.” You look towards him and he gives you a toothy grin.

This was the first time you ever felt your heart flutter in response to Hoseok’s actions. Everyone in the neighbourhood was well aware you and Hoseok. They knew that you were the best of friends. Inseparable since day one, complimenting each other’s qualities, and some more extreme among those that you knew believed that you and Hoseok would get married one day. Perhaps your little five year-old heart started to believe everything that all these people said.

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LIP March Madness: Introduction of Human Emotions in a Virtual System

Summary: There are some thing you should not mess with. Katniss should have known that before stepping inside the Dreamatorium. Now she has to run through its simulations to find her friend Beetee before he’s lost forever. Sort of. Based on Community season 3 episode 16 “Virtual Systems Analysis”.

Rated: T

A huge thank to @titaniasfics for betaing, and to the ladies at @loveinpanem for hosting this round.

I don’t own THG nor Community

The battle rages all around her. She sees the Men in White fall by the dozen, but the gray uniforms of the rebels lay on the ground, too, marred with blood and dirt.

The epic music swells in a crescendo of brass and percussion.

She uses her bow to block the shotgun-axe of a soldier, then punches him in the guts and stabs him in a soft spot of his neck with her combat knife.

The Crafter is at her side, wielding his powerful plasma spear with purpose. They need to open a path through the battlefield to get to the Reasoner and the Hunter, who have almost reached the President’s camp, leading the assault.

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Am i even human?

I’ve been part of my new high school for 3 years now, so i guess you could say it’s not technically new anymore. I’m still making tons of new friends but i’ve been with my best friend Kyle since day one, we always play Pokemon together and watch episodes of Dragonball z.

My new school also has a very dark past, i was told it in my first year by Kyle, he also told me it’s been about 30 years since it happened. To cut a long story short, there was a girl called Melissa who attended this very same school 30 years ago and from what i can gather she suffered from clinical depression because of her constant bullying by her other classmates. She suffered with this for years and eventually it all became to much for the poor girl and she went on a mad killing spree, killing 14 of the 22 students in her class including the teacher. She worked her way up to the school’s roof where she continued to slash at her own body with a butcher knife, finally she ended her own life by walking over the edge and plummeting to her death. This is how the story goes anyway, personally i don’t know anymore than what i’ve been told but if i’m being honest.

I couldn’t care less

I’ve really never known of the emotion we call sympathy or sadness, for my whole school life i guess you could say i’ve been wearing a mask to hide the true me, ironically myself has never met the real me either. I’ve been trying to learn different emotions through people, which i why i have so many friends.

So far ive succeeded in being seen as funny, i learnt as long as i kept a winning smile on my face, then people wouldn’t hate me but rather love me. 19 years of my life, that’s how long ive kept up this charade, if you can even call it that.

Hey dude, did you hear what happened last night?

My friend Kyle said with a sickening expression, i made myself look concerned.

What dude?

You know that quite chick Samantha, the one that sits in the corner alone.


I heard she killed herself last night. Hanged herself in her room.

Once i heard this i didn’t know how to react, i hadn’t learned the emotion sadness yet. I just stared blankly at my friend until he said something.

Dude, do you not feel anything?

No. I said to myself

I’m sorry Kyle i don’t know what to say.

Yeah, i guess it is shocking news. Well want to come round mine later.

Sure thing. I replied. With our heads both down we walked to our seats, the class was about to start and i’m certain we’ll be getting the same old tired speech from the teacher. “She was such a value to us all” “Our condolences to her family” “She will be missed”.

What bullshit  

If she truly cared for anyone in this class then she wouldn’t have killed herself and left the burden to fall on us, if only she didn’t think of herself we might not be in this situation.

As usual class seemed to take forever to finish and by the end i actually felt like killing myself. The next day rolled around and the next and so on until a week had past since Samantha’s death, one week and i still hadn’t felt anything. Truthfully i actually forgot until a friend mentioned it today, i was getting ready to sit down until Kyle came running up to my desk drawing for breath.


It took him awhile to get the rest of the words out, he was still catching his breath.

Its happened again, another death!

Really? I replied

Yeah. I’ve only just found out but they say she was found with knife marks all over her body. Just like that story, remember that girl did it too herself on the roof.

I actually forgot about it until he just mentioned it. I tend to get rid of useless information i have no need for. This time i really couldn’t be bothered to lie and put on a show for everyone to watch. I just came out and said what i was thinking.

I really couldn’t care less

I knew after saying this the whole class would probably hate me, i’ve spent years with this mask on my face showing people the false me and now i really haven’t got the effort to put up with anymore shit. My friend replied the exact way you’d think he would, the way any normal human would.

You heartless shit!!!!. Don’t say something like that.

I just stared at him. No expression to show, i didn’t know what he wanted from me so i showed him the one thing i had learnt to do good over the years.

I smiled.

He flung straight at me, rage consumed his face as he punched me right in my eye, my now bloodshot eye. I didn’t understand why he was so angry he didn’t even know them, perhaps this is what people call compassion.

Compassion? I don’t know what this word means.

I was sent to the nurse’s office, Kyle really did a number on my face its funny how those simple five words “I really couldn’t care less” could ruin a 3 year friendship. I stared blankly into distance as the nurse started to patch me up, there was only one thing going on in my head right now.

I guess i won’t be watching Dragonball z anymore with him.

Days passed without anyone in the class saying a word to me, eventually days turned to weeks and weeks into months. Over time i started to feel something, i didn’t know what it was called but i thought to myself, was this what those girls and Samantha were thinking at the time before their deaths. I remembered i used to call people like that selfish and know i’m contemplating the same thing, killing myself. Im sure the rest of the class will be happy if i’m gone, i no longer have any friends and i haven’t spoken to my family in years. Now that i think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense.

Class had finished and without a moment of thought or hesitation i started my walk.

To the roof.

Once i reached there i was blinded by a beam of light, the sun i thought what a wonderful day. I closed the door behind me and slowly started to move to the edge, each step felt heavier than the last it was like my body was saying no but my mind couldn’t react with any sort of reply. By the time i knew it i was standing looking at the concrete floor below, the wind brushed through my hair it felt like God was giving me a push. Still even now inside my head, there was nothing. I was hoping for at least something new, some new emotion that might help me carry on living.

But nothing.

When i turned round i realised the door i closed behind me earlier was now open. Kyle stood in front of me, now he was the one with the expressionless face.

Do you remember? He said

I just started directly at him, of course i had no idea what he was talking about.

Of course you wouldn’t, you don’t remember anything in that mind of yours but only the things you care about. Well i lost something i cared about!!!!

I Still had no idea.

6 months ago, when i came running to you about my sister and all you could say was you couldn’t care less!!!!

I remembered. Yes it was Kyle’s sister who killed herself that time, i guess back then i should have paid more attention to the conversation, or perhaps i did remember and didn’t care enough about that part of the story. About his own sister. I started to actually think, what sort of friend was i to him. I was to indulge in my own thoughts that i didn’t realise Kyle was now running straight for me, I wanted to move but couldn’t my feet just stayed still like they were attached to bricks. He grabbed me by the chest and pulled me so far to his face i could see his pupils dilating.

Tell me you bastard!! What are you thinking right now.

I. Didn’t know.

For the first time in my life my thoughts had vanished, i didn’t know what to tell him. The only thing i could do is resort to using the last emotion i could ever remember using in a conversation, ironically it was the conversation 6 months ago between me and Kyle. After a few seconds had passed i did it.

I smiled.

With complete anger in his face he threw me off the school’s rooftop. Suddenly my head started spinning, i was feeling so many things i had never felt before, Sorrow, regret, sadness, i was actually scared of dying something i thought i’d never feel. I guess i can only thank Kyle, whats this? I thought.

A tear?

I was crying, seconds away from death and i cry? I started laughing to myself. I could feel my head hit the concrete.

My last thought?

I smiled.


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You didn’t want to say goodbye to him. Every time he went away on a mission, it felt like your stomach knotted up, and the tension wasn’t released until he got back to the base in one piece. It didn’t help that you wrestled with your emotions every time he left. You were stuck wondering if you should tell him about your feelings for him and risk ruining your friendship or to just keep those feelings to yourself. You knew how dangerous the job was, and the rebellion had always come first in Cassian’s life. You knew what this meant to him. You knew that the rebellion had been a part of his life since before you showed up. It wasn’t fair to ask him to juggle his one true love and you…his friend.

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George Weasley/Reader- 7 Minuets in Heaven

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‘Tonight is going to be a blast’ you thought to your self as you made way to the room of requirement. The Weasley twins were throwing a “small” party in there, usually you wouldn’t go to party’s but your crush George convinced you to come anyway.

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Pizza, Giggles and Beers.

Summary: Is the readers best friend’s birthday and they go out to celebrate in Downtown Austin, Texas. Little did she know that destiny would place Jensen Ackles in her path. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Ashley (reader’s best friend)

Pairings: Drunk!Single!Jensen x Reader

Words: 3500

Warnings: Comedy and Fluff. 


A/N: This is my entry for @faith-in-dean April Writing Challenge. Prompt: # 8, “You’ve got a nice ass.” I know I was suppose to get Dean x Reader but… This video of Drunk!Jensen kissing the fan’s forehead happened and I couldn’t think of anything else. *Let’s pretend Jensen and Jared are single and with zero kids for a sec shall we?* Hope y’all like! ♥

Beta: @lovin-ackles (thanks bby girl, you’re the freaking best, ily ♥)

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Finally, it was the weekend and you were getting ready for tonight’s shenanigans. You’d made plans with your best friend. It’s Ashley’s 21th birthday and it was the perfect excuse to get her legally drunk. You’d spent an hour getting ready for tonight, making sure your medium hair was curled nicely and your natural makeup was on point. You opted for a loose white blouse, your cleavage subtle and tasteful, a pair of ripped light jeans and black heeled boots as the attire for the night.

“Those jeans make your ass pop.” Ashley stroll into your room.

You looked over her shoulder. Ashley’s long black hair straightened, she was wearing the short little black dress you’d gifted her for her birthday and her favorite white converses. Flashing a grin while you moved your hips, both of you bursted in laughter.

“Thanks, these are my favorites.” You said, having a nice last look of yourself.

Ashley stood behind you. “Are you ready or are we going to be late for happy hour again?”

“Shut up, you take more time to get ready.” You told her, grabbing your phone.

“But guess who’s the one with the slow pace tonight?” Ashley replied, her sarcasm would always make you roll your eyes yet smirk at the quality of it.

You threw your arms in the air, grinning at your best friend. “I don’t know why but I’m feeling like I had to look extra hot tonight.”

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For @crystallinechan hope you enjoy it :) Ever so sorry if it sucks, I’m still not very confident in my writing. Tell me if you want me to rewrite it :)

Eren had been best friends with Levi since day one. They did everything together. Played video games at eachothers homes, sleepovers and hung out out school together every single day. There was just one thing they hadn’t done together…

They were currently in their final year of high school so, as you could imagine, their hormones were raging. Eren in particular.

Ever since they started high school, Erens feelings towards Levi were no longer platonic. He noticed small things that he did, like scrunching his nose when he laughs and cracking his knuckles when he’s frustrated. Nobody knew Levi like Eren did.

Throughout the seventeen years of friendship, Eren somehow failed to mention that he was gay. Of course, Levi already knew, however, Eren did a pretty good job at hiding it, all of the girls loved him but, he never entertained it.

It was scorching hot outside. What an inconvenient climate to play sports.

“5 more laps lads, then you can have a break!” The coach couldn’t sound any less intimidating.

Eren and Levi were running in sync, this was a good yet bad situation. Levi was sweating so much, it looked he’d been bathing in oil; his skin was so shiney. His sports shirt clung to him, outlining his rock hard abs and the long sleeves just made his biceps stand out even more.

“God! I just wanna kiss him” Eren thought.

He looked away hoping that Levi didn’t notice him undressing him with his eyes. It was at that moment that Eren realised he was in trouble.

In his shorts, there stood an erection. Wow. How embarrasing.

“Shit!” His inner voice screamed

“U-uh Levi, I’m just gonna go to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a minute!”

Never had Eren sprinted so fast in his life.

Of course, since Levi was his best friend, he knew something was up. Literally.

The bathroom was almost silent.

“Eren?!” Levi whisper yelled


Levi bent down and looked under the toilet doors to see which one Eren was in.

“There you are, you little shit!”

“Wait! Levi! Don’t!”

Levi went in the next cubical and stood on the toilet seat so he could lean over the top of the stall to see what Eren was up to.

There he was. Just… hanging out.

Levi just stared at it in amazement. Fuck. Eren was huge. His veins were protruding a great deal and his hands were glistening with precum.

“Need any help?” Levi asked ever so casually.

He jumped down from the top of the stall and little did he know that he was in a lions den.

“You know, Levi. This is all your fault. Why did I have to be in love with my best friend when-”

“Wait. You…love me?”

“Shit! You weren’t supposed to find out! I’m so stu- mmph”

The boundaries had been broken.

Levi and Eren indulged in the most perfect, passionate kiss. Their tounges were dancing with eachother and their hands roamed across eachothers bodies quickly yet sensually.

“Levi. You owe me.” Eren said between kisses. His hands were pushing further up Levi’s shirt.

“Oh do I now?”

Levi pretended to be clueless but he knew exactly what Eren meant. He just loved torturing Eren to see the look on his face.

“Oh drop it Levi! And drop those shorts too!”

Levi did what he was told. Who would’ve thought Levi was the submissive type.

Eren latched onto Levi’s waist so he had some support and Levi pushed his hands against the cubical door to keep himself steady.

Eren pumped his thick erection a few times before he decided to take the plunge.

It was only a matter of time before he steadily pushed in.

“God damn it, Eren! You’re so big…”

“Well. Aren’t we lucky then?”

Eren slowly pulled back out and without warning, he pushed back in with all the force he had.

“Ugh!” Levi couldn’t really say anything else. His eyes were squeezed shut and his brows furrowed dramatically.

His breathing started to quicken slightly and Eren had picked up on that, causing him to pick up the pace. Just as he started to stroke faster, he leaned forward so he was lying on Levi’s back. He took his erection in his hand and started pumping it at a fairly quick pace.

“Oh my God! Eren, stop!”

“I would, Levi, however, I don’t think you want me to. Not really.”

He was right.

Levi’s grunts were getting increasingly louder which indicated to Eren that he was ready to climax.

“Levi, I’m gonna be nice to you today but only because we are limited on time” Eren said ever so smugly.

With several more quick pumps, Levi had released onto Erens fingers.

“It’s a good job your mom put pineapples in your bag today…” Eren purred.

And with that, Eren licked his fingers clean while he still continued to abuse Levi from behind.

“If I knew you tasted this good, I would’ve done this sooner” Eren said in between breaths.

His legs were starting to shake and he was becoming exhausted.

“Oh God, Eren! You make me feel so good…” Levi moaned. You could hear the satisfaction bouncing around the cubical.

“Yeah? Well, wait till you feel this”

Eren pulled out and, with his remaining energy, he slammed back in, giving Levi the best orgasm of his life.

His strokes became slower and slower until Levi’s breathing had adjusted to its normal state.

The room was echoing their lustful panting.


Eren pulled out, his cock oozing with cum. And it was all down to Levi.

The couple shared another passionate kiss, hands tangled in eachother hair.

“Levi, you’ve been a very naughty boy. I tell you what, come to my house after school. We can talk about it.”

Yeah. Talk.

Imagine being in the middle of a prank war with Spencer and you accidentally confess your feelings for him.

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“Spencer Reid!” you said angrily as you spit out your coffee in the break room. “I cannot believe you did that!” Spencer Reid was your best friend since day one. You had joined the BAU a year ago and you two hit it off right away. And now you were in the middle of a prank war. 

“Yes, (Y/N)?” he said, with a grin on his face. “Did what?“ 

"You changed the sugar with salt again!” You were furious. You had expected something dumb but not this dumb. “You know I hate the way salt tastes." 

"I know. And I figured you’d love it in your coffee even more.” His smile grew more and you heard Emily and Morgan laughing behind you. Spencer seemed so proud of his prank, but he had it coming. 

“Oh you think it’s funny too huh?” you said, turning to your other colleagues. “Fine Reid. If that’s how you want to play.” You turned on your heel and stormed towards your desk. You’d get him, real good next time. 

The next day, you came to work ready for war. At the end of the day you were going to try to spook Spencer in the break room. You had brought a mask that you bought for the previous Halloween. Everyone had gone home, except for you and Spencer. He kept looking at you, with a small smile. You wondered if he knew you were planning something but hoped he didn’t. You got up, walking back to the break room and saw him get up slowly right after you. You started to look for your things when you got to the break room but noticed the box you had brought was gone. “Damn it Spencer,” you whispered to yourself and heard footsteps. 

You groaned tried to rush out, bumping into Spencer hard. You knocked him off his feet and you both fell to the floor. His head hit the wall and his eyes were closed for a couple of seconds. 

“Spencer, oh my god,” you said, rushing to his side. You brushed a strand of hair away from his face, leaning down close to him. “Oh my god, don’t die I love you. Don’t die.” You thought it seemed serious but then his eyes opened slightly.

“It’s fine, it’s not as bad as it seems, (Y/N),” he whispered and chuckled a bit. “What did you..” He looked straight at you and raised his eyebrows. “Did you say you love me?" 

Your eyes went wide and gulped. "Um I.. You know I say weird things when I ramble.” You blushed and looked at your hands.

“I love you too, (Y/N),” Spencer said softly and sat up. “You know you’re exaggerating about this hitting my head thing, right?” He laughed and it made you smile a little. But then your smile faded. “What’s wrong?" 

"I just told you I loved you Spence,” you said softly. “But I just.. I’m weird and we’re best friends and.. I uh, you know I’m a handful.” You looked down at your hands again, blushing.

Spencer grabbed your face in his hands, leaning in closer to you. He closed the space between you, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. “It’s okay (Y/N), I have two hands.”

You Belong to Me (Rick Grimes x Reader)

Warning: NSFW

As requested by anon: Welllll I wanted to request a Rick one where they’re all still at the prison (around season 4ish?) and you’ve been dropping hints that you like him but he hasn’t picked up on it and you get fed up with it and flirt with someone else at the prison to get his attention and then he gets pissed off and jealous and takes you to a empty room to “claim you” ;) I understand you’re busy so take all the time you need! I’ll love you forever and ever if you write this, thank you so much!!!! :D

It wasn’t until you met Rick Grimes that you realized just how long it’d been since you had gotten laid.

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Isaac sweeps you off your feet

Author: obriendylan-imagines

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1,125

A/N: Hey! Thank you so much! I don’t know if this is what you wanted but I hope you like it. Tell me what you think! :)

You arrived at school and there they were like always, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Allison,your best friends since day one, on their spot next to the lockers.

“Hey. What’s up?” You said leaning on one of the lockers

“Hey (Y/N)! We were just talking about the test we have tomorrow. With all that is going on with the pack I’m afraid I might fail” said Scott pouting

“You’re going to do fine, babe” answered Allison giving Scott a kiss

“Oh gross!” exclaimed Stiles

“Yeah. Get a room you two” you laughed along with Stiles

You’ve had a huge crush on Stiles since you were kids. You never told him because he clearly likes Lydia, which breaks your heart since she is also one of your best friends and because you are afraid he will stop being friends with you. You and Stiles have this amazing friendship, you are so alike and so comfortable with each other that you are always making jokes and laughing and you really don’t want to ruin that.

The bell rang so you went to class. Your first class was Math with only Stiles and Scott. You three went in and sited on your regular spots, Stiles and Scott next to each other and you right behind Stiles.

“So guys what are we going to do after school?” asked Stiles

“We could go to my place!” you suggested.

“I don’t know if I can. I should study a bit for tomorrow’s test.” explained Scott with a sad smile on his face.

“C’mon man! We could go to the (Y/N) pool!” exclaimed Stiles all excited

“Don’t be so greedy Mr Stilinsky!” you said laughing “Last time you went to my pool you ended up making a mess!”

“That was obviously an accident!” he apologized

“Oh really?” you said ironically “Well, I wouldn’t say jumping into the pool with a pizza box on your hand is an accident!”

“I… I…I… fell. It happens…” he said shrugging.

“Yeah right!” you said and the three of you starting laughing.

Suddenly Isaac sat to the chair next to you. “You are having a party tonight?”

Isaac was a new guy in your school, well not just a guy, more of a werewolf. He has been trying to get into Scott’s pack but they are not making it easy. But he is super nice and also cute. So why not? But Stiles doesn’t trust him, he says there’s something fishy about him, but let’s be honest he says that about everyone…

“Hey!” you smiled at him “Kind of. We…”

“No, we are not.” interrupted Stiles. You looked at him confused and Isaac too, because he clearly had heard the whole conversation. “I mean yeah. But it’s just for the closest friends, you know?” said Stiles pointing at you, him and Scott.

Isaac didn’t say anything, so Stiles continued “You know me, (Y/N), Scott, Lydia, Allison…” he stopped “and not you…” he whispered.

“Ohh” Isaac was kind of taken aback and you were a bit surprised too.

“Stiles is kidding!” you said giving a death stare at Stiles “Of course you’re invited! We are going straight to my place after school, you can come with us”

“Ok! Great!” Isaac said in the moment the teacher got in the room.

“Ok! Great!” Stiles whispered with sarcasm on his voice, like he was imitating Isaac.

“Oh. Don’t be like that Stiles! He’s nice!” you whispered back

“There’s something about him that…” Stiles started saying but you immediately interrupted

“Yeah, we know he looks suspicious. Everyone looks suspicious in this town.” you gave a little laugh

“As long as he doesn’t steal my pizza, I’m ok!” he put his hands up like he was about to surrender and both of you burst out laughing.

“Mr Stilinky! Ms (Y/L/N)! Do you want to share anything with the class” the teacher reprehended you.

You and Stiles looked at the teacher at the same time and you went red from embarrassment.

“No Mr. We are okay” said Stiles

“No. Sorry.” you apologized

After classes you, Stiles, Scott, Lydia and Allison of were already outside.

“What are we waiting for? Asked Lydia “I thought we were going to your place now”

“Yeah, we are. We are just waiting for Isaac” you said

“Isaac? He’s coming too?” Allison asked kind of surprised

“I know right!” Stiles rolled his eyes

“Stiles! He’s really nice, ok?” You were starting to get a bit annoyed. Why couldn’t Stiles just give him a chance?

“Ok, ok, if you say so.”

“He’s coming this way” Scott pointed at the school entry where Isaac was.

When he was almost reaching you he gave a little sprint and sweep you off your feet. “Ready to party, (Y/N)?”

At first you were kind of shocked, because you weren’t expecting it, but then you just started laughing. “Yeah,sure! I didn’t know you were so happy to come with us”

“Of course I am” he responded still holding you.

While you were laughing with Isaac, Stiles was looking at the both of you with his eyes wide open. He seemed pissed off but you didn’t even notice it.

“What does he think he’s doing?” Stiles whispered to Scott and Allison

“It was kind of strange but I guess he is just trying to be funny” whispered Scott.

“Yeah, but there are other ways to be funny than sweeping (Y/N) off her feet” Stiles was getting even more mad

“You don’t need to be so mad Stiles! He’s trying really hard to fit in.” Allison said  “Besides (Y/N) and Isaac get along well and she’s been the only one that’s been actually friendly with him”

“Still…” Stiles was starting to calm down “It’s (Y/N), you know? I don’t like seeing my best friend with a guy that she just met a couple weeks ago. Especially Isaac…”

“Are you jealous Stiles? Scott asked messing with Stiles

Stiles wasn’t expecting that question “What? Me? Jealous? No way! It’s just (Y/N), my best friend. I don’t… I’m not… I’m…” he was mumbling now

“Are you trying to convince us you’re not jealous or convincing yourself?” Allison said making Scott laugh. “Either way it’s not working”

“I have to agree with my girl on this one” Scott said giving Stiles a little pat on the back

“You guys don’t get it” Stiles blurted out leaving Scott and Allison alone

“What was that? Allison asked

“I’m not sure but I would say Stiles is starting to like (Y/N) a bit more than just a best friend.”

“Yeah. I think he might have some feeling for her. He looked really jealous!”

“Should we do something about that?” Scott asked with a smile on his face

“Yeah” answered Allison “I think we should…”

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Morning Battles (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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Request: Requested by @always-an-evans-addict , here’s some Steve tickle fluff. I really hope you like it cause it’s so short. but still cute? idk

Summary: The first person you talked with when you joined the Avengers was Steve. He became your best friend despite the fact that you didn’t share his appreciation to your early-morning training sessions with him. He always tried to make you leave the bed for them but now you were beginning to question his new methods.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 994

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Morning Battles

Your first training session in the Avengers compound did not take place. 

You overslept the morning without taking notice of the constant knocking on your bedroom door.

Sighing, the captain left the corridors and went to train by himself. 

You had arrived the tower the night before and you had gotten your welcome party, courtesy of Tony by the way. He thought that you should be tired. So maybe he could throw some punches listening to the list of songs that the guys had given to him. Just to catch up with things.

He hadn’t thought that his mornings were going to be this way since that day.

“Oh, cmon (Y/N). Get up, you have to train with me”

You growled, taking the pillow and covering your face with it.

“Get out of here Steve” you bubbled into the softness of the fabric as you got more comfortable.

“(Y/N), we have to train” he said like he was talking to a 5-year-old.

“Get your sweet ass out of my room, Stevie.”

That was how things were since your first day in the tower. It was not like you didn’t like your job or like you didn’t like to exercise. The thing was that you hated, with all the ferocity that your heart could stand, the thing that you had to wake up that early in the morning and be expected to function like a normal person. You loved to train with Steve, he was your best friend here since day one, but he was really strict with his early training sessions.

“My ass is not leaving until you wake up”

He was trying to snatch the pillow from your hands but you weren’t going to give up without a fight. No chance you were going to leave the bed at 5 a.m. 

Of course, you left your bed 5:05 mumbling incoherent curses under your breath. No way to avoid the super soldier force. So you had to get dressed to start the day.

“We can get pancakes for breakfast later,” he said before he left the room to let you some time to your morning routine.

You brushed your teeth and did the rest of the things that you had to before you put some sports clothes on. Sighing, you left the room to met him in one of the training rooms of the bottom floors of the tower.

“You are going to make the pancakes, aren’t you?”

“Only if you win, babe”

“Just fifteen minutes more”

You heard his negative response and groaned.

“Don’t wanna wake up! Leave me”

“You should thank me for not making you train with Nat” He got closer to you as he spoke and sat beside you. “In fact… I maybe I should change your schedule so she can train you”

“I know, you’re so good when you’re not trying to wake me up”

“Okay” you felt his fingers tracing the side of your head and you hummed in content with a sleepy smile “So… today’s a break day. Sleep some more.”

Your smile got wider and one of your closed eyes opened.

“Really? Is this a trick?”

He shook his head no and tried to stand from the mattress in which you were laying until you took his hand to stop him. 


“Yes, (Y/N)?”

“Do you want to take a nap with me?”

“Are you sure?”

You hummed.

“I wouldn’t invite you if I weren’t sure”

He smiled a little and took his shoes off before he crawled with you under the comforter. He placed a kiss on your hair and you hugged his arm for dear life so you slept a good two hours cuddled with Steve.

“I’m awake… Just not gonna get up. Now… you can lay here, go away by yourself or get your patriotic ass kicked out of here”

“You’re so grumpy today. You’ll have to stand up to kick my patriotic ass, sweetie.”

“I can do it from here. Can’t you feel me kicking you?”

The mischievous grin that appeared on his face gave you a bad feeling. Maybe you should get up this time. You think about that but decide that your priority now is to sleep for at least an hour more, so you closed your eyes.

“Nope, you should try harder, babe”

You were aware that Steve has always had a soft spot for you and maybe now that you were his girlfriend you could use that in your favor.

You were completely wrong. You knew it the time his hands grabbed your waist. Even before his fingers started quickly moving on your skin. You screamed his name but that didn’t stop him from tickling you.

“Steve!!” you screamed shaking from laughing trying to stop his tickles with kicks “This… this… is not fair”

“Yes, it is. Plus…” he teased evilly using the lie you told him a few weeks ago “you are not ticklish, are you?”  

His hands moved faster as you tried to grab them with yours. Your foot got a good hit on his arm but he didn’t seem to care. Your belly was aching and you felt the tears forming in your eyes, so you tried to collect all the air that you could get before you declared the battle as a lost one.

“I give up, Steve!” you said still laughing “You win!” 

His hands stopped immediately and you could start to breathe with normality. Well… you were still gasping, but still… His fingers started to softly caress the sensitive skin of your abdomen and he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

Steve Rogers always wins his battles.