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Nothing makes me happier than being able to ring in my 20th year of existing with my favorite people ever. Super special shoutout to @cinnamotta​ for letting me host a birthday bash in what’s still sort of his apartment (I’m just a rat who lives there) Super duper special shout out to @perrymcintosh for baking this ridiculous cake.. The biggest and most amazing shoutout to @rosexmarls​ and @notedwardcullen​ for being the best siblings ever. Birthday highlights: Cinna asking if everybody wants to hit his Bludger, playing Which Luna Lovegood Is Hiding With the Nargles, @brysonmccarthy being more terrifying than Snape, and…


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Q: “How did your sister react to you being slimed at the TCA show?” – Thea L. (Bloomingdale, IL)
A: My little sister is almost more protective of me than I am of her. She’s my part-time body guard. So I think she was a little freaked out at first because she wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurt. When I did “Shirley Todd” in high school, during the part I was pushed into an oven as “Mr. Lovett”, she almost ran up on the stage and tackled Shirley. My mom had to hold her back.