Q: “How did your sister react to you being slimed at the TCA show?” – Thea L. (Bloomingdale, IL)
A: My little sister is almost more protective of me than I am of her. She’s my part-time body guard. So I think she was a little freaked out at first because she wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurt. When I did “Shirley Todd” in high school, during the part I was pushed into an oven as “Mr. Lovett”, she almost ran up on the stage and tackled Shirley. My mom had to hold her back.

I remember I used to hate Gaara when he was young but after he and Naruto fight I started to like him more and more. I started to understand why he was acting like that all the time, why he had suffer that much. So I decided to give him a chance. Right now he’s one of my favourite characters from Naruto. He had changed a lot and it was thanks to Naruto, but also to his brother and sister.

In my mind Shikadai isn’t scared of Gaara at all. He just love his uncle because he’s so cool and strong.


“Can you handle this?” he asked.
And graceful little Alice pulled back her lips in a horrific grimace and let loose with a guttural snarl that had me cowering against the seat in terror.
Edward smiled at her. “But keep your opinions to yourself,” he muttered suddenly.