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just wait you will be glad Leslie/ann isn't canon because Leslie gets in the best relationship ever!!!!!

ive seen ben but tbh….. leslie/ann has the kind of potential that cannot be beat

I don’t want bi mods or straight mods or whatever

give me a polyamory mod

let me romance my whole squad, we’ll all be one big happy family full of love and acceptance and kisses for everyone

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Who is a Capricorn best with in a relationship?

Anyone you want tbh. But my personal mtl compatible would be
:) xoxoxo

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4, 11, 12, 13, 18

4. Do you drink?

Not as much as i’d like to ha, It’s really been so long!

11. Best friend?

Becca my love. My other half tbh.

12. Relationship status

well i guess technically single. But seeing someone !

13. Biggest turn ons

someone who makes me feel like i’m the only person who matters.

18. Most traumatic experience

really, what pops up in my head is my parents finding out i was gay.

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Wyr be in a band yourself or be a groupie for any band you want? Also you can just ship me with 5sos!!

Groupie probably. I have no musical talent and crippling stage fright. 

- boyfriend: michael (your posts just scream his personality??? Like honestly it was the first thing that came to mind)

- best friend: luke (you’d probably have a ‘muke’ type relationship with him tbh)

- frenemy: ash (but actually you’d probably get along with him fine, you seem cool. He’d probably just be the one you weren’t as close to)

- accidental hookup: calum (he would probably like you anyways but wouldn’t say anything about it because of mikey)

- blurb: Okay so your posts were just so similar to Mikey that I imagine you’d be like two peas in a pod. He’d be the coolest and most laid back boyfriend ever, and most of your dates would either be playing video games, watching a movie, or just sleeping. Luke would probably treat you just like Michael and it would be like he had two mikeys and it would be great but also terrible for him. Ash would be your good friend but sometimes your banter would come off as a little tense, but really he would care a lot about you. And calum would probably have a crush on you (not like in love or anything but he definitely would like you) and you’d probably end up accidentally sleeping with him. Mikey would find out about it and be upset for a little while but he’d let it go.

- outfit imagine a videogame date with Mikey, both of you sprawled out on the couch under blankets, playing the same game for hours and getting crazy competitive. You’d have snacks out but wouldn’t actually eat them because both of you would be so fired up that you wouldn’t want to take a break to eat. And it would end up in a few wrestling matches, tickle attacks, and kisses. And if Mikey won he wouldn’t let you hear the end of it (and vice versa).

- song rec: Cardiac Arrest - Bad Suns (I’m sure you’ve heard it but i had to keep hitting shuffle bc all that was coming up was 5sos and kpop because i’m trash. lol.) 

- compliment: (okay I love your blog and i’m pretty sure I’ve shipped you before so I thought i was following you but I wasn’t and i’m SO sorry and i’m SO disappointed bc i thought i was following you this whole time man… well I am now FOR SURE and you are COOL as HECK.)

Hope you liked it :))

Want this?

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I just wanted to say that you and Hayden are so cute together and I hope for the best for you two! (you guys are relationship goals tbh)

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

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you can do S E A N or J U N E


I am very good at remembering silly facts about things


Gemma or ashlee irl tbh


Not a good question


The department store aka fancy places for thin people but i still buy clothes from there

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Hiiiii can I get a ship pleaseeee :) & what's your favorite song at the moment?

It’s not like a new song or anything but my friend put Finding Something To Do by Hellogoodbye on this playlist she made me and I’m really digging that song.

Ship: Ash / Luke / Mikey / Cal

honestly you guys would be absolutely adorable, power couple for real!! also i feel like mikey’s also a hopeless romantic so your relationship would be cute as fuck

Best Friend: Ash / Luke / Mikey / Cal

tbh i’m kinda basing this off of an astrology post i made about who the signs would be best friends with and i said libra would be best friends with luke and i stand by that haha

Compliment: you are like ridiculously pretty omg and you seem super nice as well! libras are my faves and also we have the same mbti type so that’s cool

Song On Shuffle: The Only Reason - 5sos

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Ok so I just found your blog off of your ig and I just want to say that I love it!! And I have some questions for your OCs (I would love to know more about them if that's ok) ok so who would you say were your OCs best platonic relationship was? Romantic too. Also what are your OCs biggest regrets? And what do they like to do in their free time? I would love to know more!

awh well thank you!!

my best platonic relationship? probably Yawen and Jan tbh ! they’re 100% platonic and the only not assholes of their squad 

best romantic relationship is thiper tbh (thats a rlly old pic but ya)


  • Toms biggest regret is being born
  • jos biggest regret is leaving his home in Canada, shits gotten bad since 
  • dukes biggest regret is agreeing to transform manu
  • manu has no regrets

Free time:

  • tom does nothing ever (he sleeps tho)
  • jo does drugs
  • duke meditates, hes cute
  • manu wanders around, shes so lost about not being human anymore

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cancer + pisces relationship? or leo + pisces relationship? which one is the best in your opinion

leo + pisces tbh but i lowkey ship cancer + pisces