the others literally had just gotten done making fun of mark and calling him a wall / boring and how rooming with him is terribly uneventful and then when the mc asked jinyoung who he’d like to room with ! and he picked mark ! and the others were in disbelief ! but like jinyoung literally made him feel better ! like u can see mark’s mood shift in the interview from being super quiet and coiled in and then when jinyoung said that ??? he got so happy ?? like he was literally out here blushing and he couldn’t vocally express the gratitude so he reached out and held jinyoung’s hand which he held back ???? like jinyoung literally stepped up and gave him the best friend #validation and tbh ???? i love them ??? and their relationship ??? they look out for each other so much :(((

Hera’s always been the best at making Ezra smile when his mind fills with memories of his parents of his life alone. 

She may not have experienced it. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand. 

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even if i feel that the third movie will be a rinharu mess i hope free! will end exactly as it has begun: with haru grabbing makoto's hand

I don’t know if by “after graduating” , it would mean we would jump directly at Olympics?? 

Maybe it would be a movie taking place on few years and we could have Mako and Haru in tokyo moments and it would end with rin and haru in olympics?? personally I would like something like that >v<


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Thinking about de-aged Len, do you reckon if he ever did act on his feelings for a guy, he would be totally against something like anal sex? or at least very careful about condoms etc? He's seen all this stuff in the media and he'd still have fear over it all i imagine. I saw a post before sort of exploring this because of the time period he grew up in and the risks of unsafe anal sex etc.

The post you’re referring to is probably this thread (there’s a few different versions of that threat, mind you), which was a strong influence for how I’m writing the de-aged AU :) 

Long so under cut.

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“La Luna” - Chapter One

Story Summary: Meet Jeremy Connors. Eighteen-year-old high school senior who isn’t well liked at Midwood High; most people consider him a “weirdo” for being so quiet and talking to his only friend, Harry Burks. As a way to escape this mundane life, he dreams at night of a beautiful girl. A girl that makes him happier than he is during the day and is as beautiful as the moon. He calls her Luna, since he only meets her when the sun sets on the horizon and the moon rises while he drifts off into a deep sleep. Alas, Luna is indeed a real girl, who later on transfers to Midwood and makes an appearance in Jeremy’s life. Will she be the same as the girl in his dreams or will he realize that dreams can create unrealistic expectations?

Author’s Note: So, this is the first chapter! It’s kinda short (or long, depending on what your definition of both are) but let me know if you like it! Feedback is appreciated :)

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  • Yoosung: Oh, no. You're getting an idea, aren't you?
  • 707: Yeah~~
  • Yoosung: Is this idea gonna get me in trouble?
  • 707: Maybe~
  • Yoosung: Is this idea gonna cause me mental or physical pain?
  • 707: Yeah, definitely!

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i really like this guy and his entire personality and as of who he is as a person; mentally and physically. but he's somewhat shy and i don't know how to start a friendship because a friendship is the best way to a relationship. he isn't really social on social media either, whenever I text him he doesn't reply, and it kills me what he says we're friends but when I try to talk to him he doesn't give a damn. how to i start.

You are right about a friendship being the best way to a relationship tbh. I think you could maybe try talking to him more in person whenever you see him but you can also maybe ask to hang out more with him if he says you’re friends and that will give you the chance to talk to him and get to know him more. i hope this helps :)

You started with being just another one of my friends, but one with pretty eyes
Then you became a crush
Then a dream
Then a person who made me nervous
Then a person who made my breathing seize when your arms slid around my waist as you greeted me in the high school hallway
We weren’t particularly close, but I loved having you around and teasing you about your gentle smile and pretty eyes

Then you became my boyfriend, and as I got to know you better we became lovers
You became my first time
My happiness
My best friend
But love is a bittersweet thing and soon you became my heartache
My anxiety
My insecurity

But you know, I still love you, I doubt that will ever change, and at the end of the day I’m happy
Because you love me too

—  The teenage mind
Your faith was strong but you needed proof - commission

Codywan commission for @all-stars-burn-as-one

Prompt/request:  Space Aces hiding relationship post-battle (relieved to know the other is alive)

It, uh, it has more angst for Cody than planned, so, uh. Sorry. And they’re a bit sad at hiding their relationship tbh, but I did my best, considering it’s my first time writing codywan. ^^;; unbeta’d

*Title from Hallelujah (cover) by Peter Hollens

Mando’a used: 

Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum - Daily remembrance of those passed on *I’m still alive, but you are dead. I remember you, so you are eternal.* Followed by repetition of loved ones’ names.

Cyare - beloved, loved, popular

Cody tried not to panic, but when he realized he lost sight of the general, his heart stopped for a full minute as he fired his blaster at the droids. He didn’t realize he was searching for General Kenobi until he, briefly, saw a flash of the familiar blue ‘saber blade. He felt a moment of reprieve, before throwing himself fully into the fight again, determined to make it through.

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