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if you are free, do u know a lot about roy harper and hal's relationship? i vaguely know he and dinah tend to look at for roy and i thought it was very sweet.


okay to be FAIR they dont have a LOT of canon interactions but theyre implied to hang out like… behind the scenes. but lets start at the beginning aka roy’s most important comic to this date probably… so “snowbirds don’t fly” (gl vol 3 #85-86), the iconic drug issue

you probably know the story as this is one of dc’s most famous comic, it won several awards yadda yadda, the long story short, roy turns out to be addicted to heroine but its interesting to see how people important to him react to that

ollie FLIPS and kicks roy out because he is really anti-drugs and he had a fucking lousy week tbh but hal BUT HAL

he finds roy going thru withdrawals AND HE!!! HELPS HIM, roy doesnt want to take him to hospital so hal does the smartest thing AND HE BRINGS HIM TO DINAH!!! LISTEN IM DEAD!!!!! he even asks questions, he wants to know how roy started how to help him etc

and look at this page im not crying ur crying

and when roy and ollie meet up again

listen im so Emotional abt hal and dinah being there for roy TOGETHER… and that gets us to 00s justice league but before that a bit of ACTUAL justice

okay so justice league of america vol 2… its a rly good series tbh and it starts off with justice league being rebuilt after it got disbanded, hal recently came back from the dead (long story) and this series rly shows the kind of relationship him and roy have. roy is no longer ollie’s sidekick, he’s all grown up but he recognizes who helped make him the man he is today


ARE YOU CRYING YET!!!! its canonTM that hal was a frequent visitor in arrowcave, fuck he celebrated thanksgiving with ollie and dinah rather than with his actual family, THIS IS WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAY THAT HAL IS PART OF ARROWFAM but lets keep going

HAL REGRETTING HE WASNT THERE TO SEE ROY GROW (cause he was dead. long story)??? and also in earlier panels hes so!!! fascinated by lian and declares himself an uncle??? FUCK ME UP

DINAH CALLING HAL OUT holy shit theyre such parents tbh??? god i love them i love hal and dinah so much

also resolution to that target practice

kill me i love them so much

and at the end of the first arc in jl vol 2, roy becomes red arrow and those 2 cry??? i shit u not they cry

“family business. family name.” ENOUGH!!!!  E N O U G H…. theres more of that in the series alone and there are some other good interactions im forgetting about BUT THE POINT IS that hal is absolutely part of the family (mia seems to like him a lot, hal saved connors life etc) AND GOOD LORD i love that he loves roy i think he sees a lot of himself in roy and would hate to see roy make the same mistakes??? but he also recognizes that roy is his own person, not ollie’s sidekick or w/e, he respects him a lot and him and dinah just have the best relationship tbh idk i love hal and arrowfam i hAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY

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im going anon but i was wondering if you knew any advice on like relationships (mostly about LDR's) ???

Alright, so I’m not exactly the best at relationships tbh so some of this might not be amazing advice or anything. I guess I’ll give you a (very short probably) list of my best advice??

1. Communication is the key to a great relationship imo. If you have a hard time w communication, try to work on that.

2. Trust is another huge thing and if you can’t trust each other then chances are your relationship isn’t gonna be great (my last relationship is a great example of that yikes)

3. Since you wanted some specifically ldr related advice?? Try to make as much time as possible to talk, especially if you’re in different time zones.

4. If you’re missing them, do little things that might distract you or (if it helps you) make you think of them.

5. I think this’ll be my last one bc im running out of decent advice to give lmao oops, but try to keep in mind that being far away from each other is gonna suck, but you’ll be able to deal w it until you get to see them.

I rlly hope this is decent advice bc?? I’m not that great at giving relationship advice whoops

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I, personally, think Nico and Hades have the best parent-child relationship out of all the gods and demigods. Yeah, Poseidon and Percy's relationship isn't bad, but Doesn't Nico have a room in the Underworld waiting for him and I just feel like Hades cares about his son more than the other Olympians

well maybe,,, now they do,,, bc in the beginning hades kinda shoved that bianca was the Better Sibling in nico’s face a lot. like, a lot. nico had Problems with that for awhile

but i think theyre working on that and that theyre making an effort totally gives them that rank tbh

honestly i think that frey and magnus are building up to take that spot as the best relationship tbh

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top ten all-time favorite fanfics????!

chasing the sun [snamione] - au, from order of the phoenix onwards. hermione only wanted to learn healing; she discovers that professor snape is a human being after all, and his actions dramatically shape the course of the war as events unfold. THIS FIC RUINED MY LIFE

for the potion masters amusement [snamione] - severus snape is not a kind man, but hermione granger is past caring. she wants his approval and will do anything to get it. how far will she go? even she has no concept of the depths to which she will fall in her quest. seventh year au student/teacher. hahahahhHahahaha KILL ME PLEASE SUB/DOM FIC

 dracos boy [drarry] - nonmagic au. a mysterious little boy named harry moves in next door to draco malfoy, and he’s determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. years later, he’s determined to make harry more than a friend. fuCK THIS FIC i need ot reread this asap so good

packing the flat [drarry] - months after their explosive break-up, draco insists harry return to their flat to remove his belongings. THIS FIC IS SO SHORT BUT I FIND MYSELF REREADING IT LIKE EVERY MONTH ITS DEFF A FAV

silencio [dramione] - in a whirlwind of pleasure and angst, can draco and hermoine end up happy and together? or are they destined forever to keep their relationship physical and above all secret? when i say this fic will ruin your life i mean THIS. FIC. WILL. RUIN. YOUR. FUCKING. LIFE TREAD FUCKING CAREFULLY

pound of flesh [dramione] - becoming attached had never been part of the plan. neither was falling in love. one night out on the town, hermione comes face to face with draco malfoy - memory charmed and living as a muggle - and an opportunity too good to pass up. what starts as revenge quickly grows into something more, and as hermione delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the man who can’t remember who he is - the man everyone thought was dead - she might discover more than she can handle. HAHAHA DONT READ THE ALTERANTE ENDING IF U WANNA LIVE A HAPPY LIFE

a study in winning [johnlock] - john and sherlock are professional tennis players and it’s wimbledon. one is a broken almost was at the end of his career, the other an arrogant rising star tipped for greatness. It should have been a straightforward tournament. it really should have been. how were they to know that a chance encounter would change everything? i have no words for how much i love this fic

nature and nurture [johnlock] - the british government accidentally clones sherlock holmes. which brings a baby to 221B baker street. THIS FIC IS SO BEAUTIFUL IF U HAVENT READ IT YET REEAD IT

but pleasures are like poppies [johnlock] - it’s beltane, and john, as always, follows sherlock. FAWNLOCK !!!! ITS REALLY CUTE !! AND WELL WRITTEN SO WHY NOT INCLUDE IT

hitting the water are sixty miles an hour [johnlock] - “you love your mother, sherlock?” john watched the muscles in sherlock’s jaw jump. He nodded in one sharp jerk. “then we’re going to her party and making her happy.” john let out a resigned sigh. “as a ruddy couple, you bastard.” SO MANY FEELINGS BEST FAKE RELATIONSHIP FIC OUT THERE TBH

i have a lot more favorite fics and they usually change as i go on reading especially as i am reading more and more johnlock but for the most part the top 6 are set in stone !!!

dating jimin

and now it’s time to end the dating series with this precious lil marshmallow

  • oh man i’m so pumped to do this i love jimin
  • okay okay so
  • jimin would be a great boyfriend
  • like
  • dance offs and dance battles
  • watching him dance bc damn son
  • singing with each other while trying to see who can hit the highest note
  • shopping dates
  • coffee dates
  • dancing dates
  • just doing everything together tbh
  • like staying home & watching kdramas cuddled under a blanket together
  • lil kisses on the nose from jimin
  • dating jimin means you gain taehyung as a best friend
  • and jungkook and jimin
  • and the rest of bts
  • you guys go to go on a date one time & tae’s like yeah can i come jimin of course says yes and like 5 minutes later you’re walking down the street surrounded by the rest of the boys
  • jimin just holds your hand and gives you an apologetic smile & you’re all like “dude it’s fine”
  • him being like “jagi i’ll make it up to you i promise!!”
  • which he does by getting jin to help him cook you a fancy dinner one day as sort of a “thanks for putting up with the rest of them”
  • complimenting jimin & him getting all blushy and cute
  • or you know,, him smirking and biting his lip
  • “jimin we’re in public keep it in your pants”
  • “but jagiya–”
  • anyway,,
  • him playing with your hair
  • like you guys have seen the video where he styles the toy lions hair to make it look like tae right
  • he would totally play with your hair
  • him grabbing your butt occasionally and then running away giggling
  • so many kisses
  • back hugs where he just comes up behind you and rests his chin on the top of your head
  • comforting each other
  • he’d do whatever it takes to make you happy again even if that means leaving you alone for a while or just sitting in silence next to you
  • but if that’s not what you want he’d just cradle you in his arms and whisper calming things to you
  • you telling him that he is beautiful and that he doesn’t need to have abs to please the fans and that you love him just the way he is
  • making sure he eats enough and doesn’t spend excessive hours dancing and singing and wearing himself down
  • but still supporting him and wanting him to do well
  • just,, hugging him when he needs it and telling him that you’ll always be there for him no matter what choices he makes and that you just want the best for him
  • dating jimin would be the cutest and best relationship tbh i want this so much

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OH my GOD i'm sorry but if we're talking about miranda now like one of my fav things about her is that sure she has this image of this ice queen who's literally perfect in everything and in control 100% but she is also AWKWARD??? like her email exchange with Oriana from the Shadow Broker's dossier gives me life. And her dating app records. like i feel like u rly get to know her so much better throughout the game, and i think her opinion of shep changes a lot too! i rly feel like its one (cont.)

(cont.) of the best relationships in the game, tbh. I mean if u take her to the last battle in me2, she throws away cerberus which meant so much to her in support of shepard, and i think u can rly see miranda becoming loyal and getting attached to shep. honestly i go talk to her even when the only thing she has to say is “there’s a lot going on shepard maybe another time” just to hear her voice because i loVE HER

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I feel like Miranda really respects Shepard as a true equal. Some of the companions (understandably) get a little hero-worshippy around Shepard but I feel like Miranda really respects Shepard, you know?