The Celebrity magazine June issue interview (FULL)

Q: What kind of music NCT U makes?
JAEHYUN: With our debut songs: “Without You” that is a rock song, and “The 7th Sense” which is groovy hiphop track we wanted to show that our goal is to make music of various genres. I believe that in future we will continue trying new things with NCT U. 

Q: What is your favorite part of ‘The 7th Sense’?
JAEHYUN: “A hatred that I haven’t thrown away and a dream that keeps haunting me” (”버리지지 않은 미움과 나를 괴롭히는 꿈”). When I’ve heard the song for the first time, I thought that part was something in between rapping and singing and I liked it so much I hoped I will do it. And it was fate, because I got assigned to do it exactly, so I did my best recording it.
TEN: I love the part of the video where I’m dancing in a glass cage. I felt like I became just like those moving animals from the “Night at the Museum“ movie. 
MARK: There is a part in the middle of the song before I’m starting my rap: “You do!”, and actually that line became really famous. It is very simple and catchy, so those words stuck in memory.

Q: Mark’s raps more in Korean than in English. Pronunciation is tricky, have you practiced a lot for it? 
MARK: I got really nervous when I heard for the first time I will be rapping in Korean and not in English. And actually the problem wasn’t exactly the pronunciation, it’s since I was was born and raised in Canada it takes me quite some time to express myself in Korean. But my team was there for me, and especially Taeyong hyung, I practiced it with him and he explained me where to make stress and how to pronounce words in order to deliver the meaning of the lyrics, so I made it through.

Q: Ten, it seems learning Korean is not that easy to you. What was the hardest part when you just came to Korea? 
TEN: I have been learning Korean for about 2 years. There is still a long way to go though. (laughs) Korean grammar is very different from Thai language and pronunciation is difficult. Especially hard to pronounce j ㅈ ch ㅊ jj ㅉ sounds. Up till now I can’t quite understand the difference between those three. Intonation is also complicated. When I just came to Korea it was hard to me to talk to anyone even with my friends. Of course I got adapted by now. During difficult times we do talk with the members about what worries us. I’m also glad there are a lot of friends who speaks English. 

Q: What is your favorite choreography part from 'The 7th Sense’?
TAEYONG: “The 7th Sense” choreography is so called “quick and slow" dance. And just according the name, it is consists of repetition of fast and slow pace movements. 
TEN: We had to go through the dance so many times to make it synchronized, what angle all 5 people turn around and at the same time, each feet movement, timing when to straighten or bend your arms, when to shake your hand etc. The hardest part was adjusting each other’s speed but just as hard we worked on it as much I love the result.

Q: Just like in your song what time does Taeyong opens his eyes in the morning?
TAEYONG: It depends on my condition. During our first week of promotion we had to wake up at dawn for the entire week, so I would wake up first and then go wake up the members, but now I won’t be able to get up until the members wake me up. (laughs) Just like it takes time to get rid of the stress, it’s same for going sleep and waking up. 

Q: And who wakes up first then?
NCT U (all at once): Mark! Mark is very diligent.

Q: So Mark’s responsibility in the dorm is to wake up his hyungs?
MARK: Actually when I was looking through questions before the interview, I wanted to reply that my duty is washing the dishes, but then Taeil hyung answered so I got taken off guard. Since I wake up to school very early, it became my habit, so waking up hyungs became my duty. (laughs)

Q: Jaehyun said his specialty is “rap” but isn’t it a vocal part? 
JAEHYUN: I like R&B because it mixes both rapping and singing. I like songs in which rhythm has both singing and rapping well harmonized, it feels like playing a tug-of-war.

Q: Doyoung, we’ve heard that among fans you are being called a person with “clean voice charms”. What are your own thoughts on your voice charms?
DOYOUNG: It feels embarrassing to talk about my own voice. (laughs) My voice does have a high and clean tone, but it is also has some husky timbre adding in. Especially when I’m reaching high notes, this neutralizing tone cone out. Personally I think it is to my benefit, so I do use it when I’m recording or just singing. I think it makes my individuality to stand out more. 

Q: Your articulation is really clear when you are singing and you are good at talking as well. You have an aura of a professional MC. 
DOYOUNG: Oh this is really making me shy. (laughs) To be honest I have never thought I am that good at talking. When I was a child I really liked debates so I often participated in children debates forums and I assume it did help. When I have joined the company, I randomly was given a chance to become an MC and it helped me to reveal my talent, so since that time when I had that foresight “I will have to do it” I keep being a host. (laughs)

Q: Doyoung, you’ve listed “playing on a flute” as your specialty. Flute is a wind instrument it requires to have strong abdominal muscles and deep breathing. Since you mastered such an instrument, did it help you in your current position? 
DOYOUNG: It did quite a lot! Actually to be honest, when I speak my voice has a lot of whistling sounds. I used to inhale a lot more air than I thought, so there were lots of times when I would get out of breath, but later I’ve noticed that my breath capacity increased. Thanks to flute exercises my lung capacity naturally expanded. 

Q: “Without You” is a bright and lively rock song. It gives a totally different feeling compared to “The 7th Sense". What part of the song carries the most important meaning? 
TAEIL: The song’s lyrics. In a world that became so heartless, such a bright and hopeful song would reach out to you and make “harmony” as a leitmotif of your soul. I believe if you listen to lyrics you would be able to feel happiness at least for a short while.

Q: Taeil is an oldest member of the team. What are the best and worst points of being the big hyung? 
TAEIL: Best point is that it is very convenient? Since I’m their hyung, they can’t talk back at me. So this is highly convenient, although the bad point of it is the pressure of responsibility on me. There isn’t some certain task I’d have to do as their hyung but there is a psychological urge to do everything. I kind of have to take the lead and whatever would pop up I have to do it first. To be honest, I am not this type of person. I think Doyoungie is more mature than me when it comes to this.
DOYOUNG: It is not that I’m more mature, it is just I have a faster reaction. If you just look at Taeil hyung, you may think he can do anything well, but in fact he actually can be very sloppy and genuinely clueless.
TAEYONG: Sometimes he would suddenly start to say bizarre things that make as much sense as words being said backwards. (laughs) But I think this strange side of Taeil hyung is a part of his charms.

Q: How long have you been a trainee? What was the hardest thing preparing for the debut? 
JAEHYUN: About three years. I am glad I’ve got a lot of great experience while promoting with SM Rookies.
DOYOUNG: Two and a half years. Not long compared to other members. If there was any difficult time I would talk about it with the other members or get an advice from company training team. This is how teamwork is building up. It is about hug each other tight and stand up for each other during the hardships. So I think communication plays the most important part.
MARK: Three years. The time flew by so fast. I remember the first evaluation. For whatever reason I decided to prepare a cute dance instead of a cool one and I regretted it. But well, as a result I am where I am now though. (laughs)

Q: What kind of musicians you think you will become in 20 years from now? 
NCT U: We will be in our 40s. Then just like we are now won’t we will be burning with passion standing on stage? We are dreaming to become artists, that people will see on stage and think “Those people are really great”. WE hope to become a long-living group that will be called a “Legend”. We don’t just want to be a teenagers group but to become mature and thoughtful artists. 

Q: Why do you think people should become your fans?
TAEIL: We are very chill.
DOYOUNG: Isn’t it for our voices
TEN: Our dance. There is a gap between when people are dancing and when do not.
MARK: My seagull eyebrows, as Jaehyunie hyung said!
JAEHYUN: Mark’s eyebrows are very thick and their shape reminds me of a bird in the sky, so I called them seagull eyebrows and this nickname got established.
TAEYONG & JAEHYUN: Our image that is is different on stage compared to our usual selves!

Q: What were your first impressions on each other? 
TAEYONG about JAEHYUN: Actually, even though I’ve known Mark for a longer time, there was a lot of stuff between me and Jaehyunie. First impression was our differences. And there were so much things to learn from him. Jaehyun’s forward looking positive attitude is something I like a lot. 
JAEHYUN about DOYOUNG: First impression about Doyoung is that he acts like a “church oppa”. Whatever he would do he would act very stiff and decent, but as I got to know him closely he loosen up a lot. 
DOYOUNG about TEN: When I saw Ten for the very first time he had his bangs down to his nose, so that I couldn’t even see his eyes. And since I couldn’t really see his face, I didn’t think he is any good-looking, and I thought he was very young. But once we had our profile photo shooting and he came with his hair cut and I was like wow he actually is so handsome!
TEN about MARK: With Mark I can talk easily in English. He helped me to adapt to Korean culture that was so unfamiliar to me. I think he is very bright and lively kid.
MARK about TAEIL: When we just met Taeil hyung’s hairstyle wasn’t looking as cool. To be honest, first impression on him was that he is very plain and ordinary. But when I saw him playing on a keyboard and singing I thought: “He is a true musician!”.
TAEIL about TAEYONG: When I saw him for the first time I thought: “Ah, so all SM trainees look like this”. Because he was so good looking. Those times there were trainees that were even older than me, so I was considering Taeyong as a part of kids, but he gave a feeling that he is one of the hyungs because of how mature he is.

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