It’s that time again! And even though there are still 5 episodes left on my season 2 rewatch, I thought I’d start spreading the word about the polls so that all you marshmallows out here on the tumblrverse can take part in them and choose the best and the worst of this season. So here you go!




Have fun voting and if you don’t mind, spread the word!

anonymous asked:

Lol. My sister literally had a breakdown when they took a RF thing ("fineh") and let Smarkle say it in ski lodge. I might just be a little petty today since she always wants to erase Smackle 💅🏽

lmao, it’s okay to be petty every once in awhile.

I don’t get why people try so hard to erase Smackle from the narrative. She has easily been one of the best parts of season 3 thus far. She deserves way more recognition from the fandom. 

12 Swimsuits to Flatter EVERY Shape — Starting at Under $20

Summer is in full swing, and for those who have not had the time or the courage to get new swimwear yet, fear not — there are still some great pieces in stores that will suit all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Whether you’re finally ready to spurge on a timeless, flattering style or you want a quick hit to look smoking-hot on the beach, we’ve got you covered! We did the hard part by sifting through the season’s best beachwear, so all you have to do is click through and pick the style that suits your fancy.

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The Classic

If you want to invest in a classic bikini that’s guaranteed not go out of style by next year, this is your brand.

HER Billie fall orange, $150

The Swimmer

If swimming laps is your summer activity of choice, look no further than this one-piece. The stretchy fabric and racer back allows for maximum ease of movement — and you won’t suffer from annoying falling straps while doing those butterfly strokes!

Nike Victory color block power back, $57

For Smaller Busts

A bandeau bikini is the perfect, barely-there swimsuit for women with smaller busts. (Anyone with more than a B cup might find this style a little uncomfortable — not to mention risky!)

Lisa Marie Fernander Alexia seeruseucker bikini, $365

The Perfect 10

If you’ve put in your time at the gym and worked out all year, bravo! And why should you hide all your hard work? If you got it, flaunt it.

Victoria’s Secret Crochet surf triangle top, $73.50

Golden Girl

Channel your inner Bond girl in this gold lamé bikini — especially if you are heading to Las Vegas or Miami!

L’Agent Sevilla bikini top and bottom, $70

The Activitist

This suit is great if you prefer staying active at the beach to just lounging around in the sun. The bikini top offers full coverage and more support for anything from volleyball to kayaking.

Araks Joy bikini top XO print in black, $190; matching bottoms, $135

A Great Pair

A halter-neck style is great for creating the perfect cleavage. This is a good option for pear-shaped women because it draws the attention to the top half and evens out a curvier bottom.

Everything But Water Sunset underwire halter bra top and bottom, $108 

For Large Busts

Ladies blessed with a larger bust will love this bamboo-and-palm print bra top that goes up to a G cup.

ASOS fuller bust bamboo-palm print plunge bikini top and Bottom, $58.23

The Exhibitionist

Unafraid of unusual tan lines? We have the perfect bikini top for you that also doubles as a cute crop top — just pair with your best high-waisted, ’70s-style denim.

Forever 21 Low-rise crisscross halter bikini top and bottom, $30.80

The One

Still available in medium, this affordable one-piece is great if you want a little more coverage with a fun print. 

Kohls women’s Apt 9 Ikat one-piece swimsuit, $19.99

All Covered Up

Want to channel queen Bey with a long-sleeved swimsuit? Try celeb favorite Solid and Striped brand for a cool twist on the one-piece.

Solid and Striped Margot blue-and-cream stripe, $168


For the curvier ladies, how cute is this bright chartreuse retro-style bikini? Even better, the set can be purchased separately because, let’s be honest, not everyone takes the same size top and bottom.

ASOS Curve mix-and-match bikini top and high-waist bottom, $48.53

TF Prime Season 3 Episode 2

Best part about this season is the wide range of emotion shown through StarScream’s wings. Unlike the first two seasons, this one utilized the fan created idea that Seekers emote with wing movements. I love how Hasbro looks to the fans more often then any other company. Fans helped shape My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and a bunch of other shows. Though, it seems to me that RID 2015 was pandering to those who deeply desired to see what happened to BumbleBee rather then the whole of Team Prime.

My Tumblr Journey

It was the end of my 6th grade year when I joined tumblr. America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6. I was part of the ICONic Boyz fandom. For about a year my blog was nothing but ICONic Boyz and maybe some Justin Bieber here and there. I used this blog regularly all the way through my 7th grade year. And then the unthinkable happened.

In 8th grade my internet/cable was turned off for basically the entire semester.

at the point before it was cut off I was still using my old account.

During the time period where my cable was off I finished the 12 book House of Night Series by PC Cast (only 11 books were out at the time) about twice (Reading about 2-3 books a day sometimes) Completed the Awakened trilogy by Meg Cabot. And about 5 other books that I don’t remember.

My cable was turned back on before my internet and during this period is when I became super attached to Austin & Ally and R5

When my internet was turned back on, I logged into my tumblr account and pretty much everyone I followed had switched to 1D blogs (and I’m not a fan of 1D) and like the dance crew had split up. Like none of the Boyz were even dancing at ICON anymore and like 4 of them had like started a boy band or whatever. Anyhow, nearly everyone got unfollowed.

As a result, I decided to change my blog type, and boy did I change it a million times. I tried being part of the Belieber tumblr fandom. Even though I had been a belieber for a long ass time, at that point in time I just wasn’t feeling it (probably because I’m a fandom hopper but that’s another story). So then I tried quality, and then black and white, then I tried quality again, and Now it’s my photography blog.

Somewhere between all of that I created a new tumblr account (this one) because I wanted to interact with people like me who were obsessed with Degrassi, and it’s probably extremely obvious from some of my posts that this used to be my Degrassi blog.So I was part of the Degrassi fandom on Tumblr and the R5 fandom on Instagram

Eventually this blog slowly started turning into more of a multifandom/comedy blog, especially during the Degrassi Hiatus.

I wasn’t super obsessed with GMW when it first started, yeah, I was watching it every week but I wasn’t like into it enough to where I would dedicate an entire blog to it. Not to mention A&A was still on at the time and that’s all I cared about. 

It wasn’t until the end of season 1 or the beginning of season two when I got like super obsessed with the show. And even though this has probably been one of the most toxic fandoms I’ve been part of (as far as ship wars) I still love it because of the way the show is written it allows for more discussion and interpretation. 

And as a result of how much I love this fandom, It makes me happy to say that most of my followers are GMW blogs and most of my friends don’t watch the same shows that I do so I love having people to talk to and rant with about something I genuinely enjoy.

I started this account exactly two years from this coming Monday and it makes me happy to have almost 400 people to help me obsess over the lives of fictional teenagers