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I guess this isn't really an ask but I really want to say this. Out of all the possible pairing, The Wellin Countess and Zarad are great together. He's a politically suave flirt who has more going on with him than he lets on and the Wellin countess comes off as a snarky, blunt tomboy who (while knowing politics) prefers being somewhat direct with others. These two really feel like the best compliment to each other (though all the MC backgrounds compliment the others really well in general).

I always think it’s super interesting to see who you guys ship with who. 

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On my end, there isn’t any canon “best” pairing, although a couple personality traits go better with certain LI’s than others :)

okay princelesscomic this one is for you <3

Kids, if you didn’t pick up Secret Wars: Secret Love this week, you missed out on the best book of the entire event. It was the kind of character-based fun, funny, enjoyable and heartfelt story that I CRAVE from comics, and miss from titles like Marvel Adventures, and Thor and the Warriors Four.

Every little story in the issue was perfect (the Wasp backup was TOO PRECIOUS), but hands-down, Misty and Danny fighting dinosaurs on date night was everything I wanted, and everything I miss. If you missed out on picking the title up from your local store (I know mine sold out, and we went HARD on pre-orders), you can find it here at Comixology. Has Mama Flatbear ever lied to you?