Face-off 3

James and Sharna vs Ryan and Cheryl

This is like the best package ever! James is hilarious and Ryan… well he’s just Ryan. 

James looks great in blue. He looks very comfortable. Great connection. Oh nice hips James. I love this! They killed it and Sharna is shocked.

More silhouette dancing. He isn;t doing much. some awkward steps. Cheryl is doing all of the dancing. He steps look like walking to me. 

James and Sharna for the win for me.  


i had the pleasure recently to make The Neotp in plush form and it was seriously a delight to create some plush based off of @ottery ‘s adorable art. i feel like the neotp is like the holy grail of all commissions and i’ve finally achieved it, i can finally retire (i’m not retiring)

Koji belongs to @ottery and yvanna belongs to @nightingales , go give these gals’ blogs a visit, their art is as nice and lovely as they are :>

(and there are a million pictures because there are four different plush in this photoset, it was kind of hard getting all of them represented in pics)


Sunday Smugglers!

Summer’s Almost Here. It’s Time To…

Smuggle On, Dudes!

The Thrill Of Victory

Drew Mitchell And Matt Giteau Have Fun With The New Silverware!

Get A Room, Guys!

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