@sixpenceeeblog I thought this would be fun to share! I got this as an early birthday present. It is a lip balm that does keep your lips soft but it has a twist to it. The “buzzing” effect from the balm is kind of like little “electrical currents” that are sent through your lips. To me it felt like that tiny shock you get from static. The buzzing lasted for about 5 minutes plus for me. I like it but I wouldn’t recommend it for those with sensitive lips!


i had the pleasure recently to make The Neotp in plush form and it was seriously a delight to create some plush based off of @ottery ‘s adorable art. i feel like the neotp is like the holy grail of all commissions and i’ve finally achieved it, i can finally retire (i’m not retiring)

Koji belongs to @ottery and yvanna belongs to @nightingales , go give these gals’ blogs a visit, their art is as nice and lovely as they are :>

(and there are a million pictures because there are four different plush in this photoset, it was kind of hard getting all of them represented in pics)

my personal experience with the signsss

Aries- gorgeous, extremely hyper. tickling could lead to kissing/extreme acts of violence

Taurus- not as patient as everyone thinks, loves rain and gets attached easily (but in a good way, very loving)

Gemini- Extremely intelligent, laid back and introverted. Stays close to family.

Cancer- ARTSYY and very very sensitive. talented as fuck. like you’re smart,funny, cute, talented. Total package.

Leo- Best sense of humor, gets along with everyone. Always makes time for everybody. obviously want people to feel welcomed and loved no matter what.
Virgo- Neat and always doing something. Hates being bored. Will do absolutely anything to get out of the house, probably the most likely to sneak out in the middle of the night. Always worried about something though.
Libra- Gorgeous, loves being involved and asking for advice. Has lots of sides to them, you never know what to expect. Takes very good care of themselves.

Scorpio- LAZY BUT HILARIOUS. Loves being right. Has the most contagious and adorable laugh.

Sagittarius- Bottles up emotions a lot, but stays very close to people they care about. Always giving advice, extremely intellectual. THEY ALSO HAVE NICE VOICES OH.

Capricorn- Handles everything with intelligence , always looking for a new project. Cares about everyone’s safety/health. The type to call you at 3am and ask if you’re okay and how you’re doing. Also the type to text after you hang out, saying they had a great time. Sweetest people.

Aquarius- Although everyone says they don’t give a fuck, they’re actually very loving people. They might not show it and be direct about it, but they have such big hearts and so much to offer. Very open-minded.

Pisces- Gets attached very easily, extremely optimistic and emotional. They’re always on about something. Loyal, and a people-pleaser.

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Electronic Music Killed My Favorite Venue (An Obituary for The Magic Stick)

March 17, 2015 | by Jonathan Diener

The Magic Stick in Detroit was not only my favorite venue, but an important focal point in Michigan’s music history. Hosting shows from Detroit’s blossoming garage rock and indie scenes with the likes of The White Stripes to some of the best touring packages of all genres, it was the cool place to go. I will always remember loading up those endearing, awkwardly steep stairs into what seems like a massive room. For some reason it doesn’t seem so big when you walk onstage and see the faces of all of your friends. Whether you knew their names or not, it always felt like home. That is, until it was announced that the Magic Stick would become an electronic music venue and change its name to Populux.

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