David Bowie has just gone and done it again. Kicking ass from beyond the grave. Swept the floor at the Grammy’s tonight. Winning all 5 nominations for Blackstar!

I’m over the fucking moon I’m so pleased with this result.
After all the riff-raff with artists like Skepta winning over him in NME 2016. This is his moment. Wham Bam Thankyou M'aam!

Rihanna receives 8 GRAMMY nominations!

Record of the Year -  “Work” (feat. Drake)

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance - “Work” (feat. Drake)

Best R&B Performance - “Needed Me”

Best R&B Song - “Kiss it Better”

Best Urban Contemporary Album - Anti

Best Rap/Sung Performance - “Famous” (feat. Rihanna)

Best Recording Package - Anti

Album of the Year - Views (as featured artist)

The Recording Academy will present the 59th GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, live from Staples Center in Los Angeles and broadcast on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 pm ET/5–8:30 pm PT.

Came home this afternoon to find a beautifully wrapped package of Leonidas fine belgian chocolates from my Dad with the sweetest little note attached. When I thanked my Dad for the chocolate, he followed up with, “I know it’s been a rough couple of months since your return. I just wanted to send something special so that you understand how much you’re loved.” My Dad is the most thoughtful, hardworking, caring, and the most loving father. My Dad has truly set the bar high for any man that walks into my life. He never fails to make me feel special and cared for. I’m blessed in so many ways. 


scout’s known in her dorm for getting the best care packages from home; everyone always comes to check out if there’s anything they can steal (toby usually includes a few extra packages of cookies for scout’s dormmates). toby also includes a note everytime, this one said:

hi baby, just a few things because you’ll be home for the holidays soon, but just so you don’t worry the twins didn’t help me make the cookies this time so there are FOR SURE no stickers in them. your dad says hi and he liked your last composition piece A LOT he told me to make sure i wrote that in all caps. ok have to go rooney’s doing something loudly upstairs, love you, bug, see you soon! mom

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requested by anonymous:hey your writing is absolutely amazing! could you do a story with the reader and nick amaro and you’re a virgin and it’s your first time?? super smutty and everything

word count: 1999

warnings: sex? why am i doing so much sex jfc

masterlist - request

His breath ghosted over your neck and his hands were on your thighs and your mind was alight with everything Nick.

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I started crying when I got home from job tonight and found a package to me and Zeldus from France ❤️ The best @lambdalupi had send us the best christmas package we ever could get 💛A lovely picture of handsome Kaj and a lot of yummy treats ❤️ Ps Zelda loved the a spirit treats ❤️ I feel so bad for not sending you something in return but next year sweetie 😘


I’m genuinely crying right now, but shout out to @canadiangold for sending me the best care package I’ve ever received in my entire life. The ribbon says “hang in there you beautiful bean” and I just honestly cannot wrap my brain around what an amazingly compassionate and kind friend I have.
I’m so overwhelmed with my life right now and this is really just… I’m such a mess of emotions right now. Thank you so much Alex, you are such a lovely human being and I’m so amazed that you exist and that you care about me.


I finally got all the pins I ordered from a few Etsy shops and I wanted to show them to you guys! (Starting in the top-left!)

The first one’s called Bike Face and I bought it from the GuyGuyGuyShop in Canada. It arrived safe and sound and quick too! It went perfectly with my denim racer jacket.

Next came from potatohavetoes in California and I got the Milk Pin! I had my eye on it for such a long time and I’m glad I finally have one of my own. It arrived damaged the first time because of the mailing process but the designer was very understanding and was kind enough to send me another. It was worth the wait!

This one I had my eye on for a long time as well and it’s the Death wish pin from whereisjasper in New Zealand. What I love about it was that it’s rose gold plated, and it reminded me of some of my characters. I love it too much!!

Lastly, I saw this vintage Tintin pin and had to have it immediately haha. I bought it from MetalmanEd in the Netherlands. I’m overjoyed and I’m glad it got it. Unfortunately the backing for it got punctured during the mailing process but I can replace that. Other than that, I’m very happy that the pin itself was safe and sound!

(And just some advice for you if you decide order pins: ask if you could have it mailed a box (like a small, cushioned jewellery box) for extra protection just in case!)



If you were a child of the 80′s or 90′s then odds are you owned at least one GI Joe vehicle and BEGGED your parents for an addition to the fleet every time you saw a totally radical commercial sandwiched in-between your Saturday morning cartoons.

Some of the best packaging ever along with tons of moving parts, tricks and features made GI Joe one of the top selling toy lines of the 80′s. If you’re lucky enough to still have any of these vehicles in their original packaging then it is no doubt the crown jewel of your collection.