my band swag arrived safely from inter-dimensional customs :B

(aka @stanchez-sloppy-seconds is amazing and not only oldschool hand-bleached and dyed this dope freakin chicken nuggets shirt, but also made me a package brimming full of in-universe goodies including a signed polaroid and a legit mix cd)


David Bowie has just gone and done it again. Kicking ass from beyond the grave. Swept the floor at the Grammy’s tonight. Winning all 5 nominations for Blackstar!

I’m over the fucking moon I’m so pleased with this result.
After all the riff-raff with artists like Skepta winning over him in NME 2016. This is his moment. Wham Bam Thankyou M'aam!


Things that I wish I had learned long ago so my skin wouldn’t be as much of a mess as it is

1.) Jar packaging is a big no. Any beneficial ingredients will break down with prolonged exposure to oxygen. Plus, unless you have a small plastic beauty spatula, it’s flat out unhygienic. Products with pumps are the best and are way less messy, too!

2.) If a product contains alcohol (labeled as alcohol denatured or SD-40 alcohol) DO NOT USE IT. Alcohol is a major irritant and will destroy your skin and dry it out terribly! If it’s cetearyl alcohol, it’s fine and will not cause irritation. It’s just there as a thickener to make sure your product doesn’t separate

3.) Try and avoid fragranced products the best you can. Even though we all love using shit that smells good, fragrance is also an irritant. If it’s really low on the ingredient list and the product doesn’t smell like much, it should be fine but still has a chance of causing damage to the skin

4.) A product making your skin tingle isn’t actually a good thing, even though it makes it feel like the product is doing something!! Tingling is irritation to the skin and is still causing damage in the long run, even if it doesn’t look like it’s causing damage. 

5.) Opaque packaging is best!!! Not only are most beneficial ingredients air-sensitive, they’re also light-sensitive and will cause them to degrade and become useless!

6.) When buying a moisturizer, look for beneficial ingredients like ceramides and niacindamides! They help rebuild and repair the skin!

7.) DO NOT USE PRODUCTS WITH LEMON ANYTHING IN THEM ON YOUR FACE!! It will cause damage to your skin and make your skin more sensitive!

I had to share this, my friend Dragonberry/Deebs sends the best gift packages. She even customized this one to look like it was a secret case made by Redeye (who apparently had a thing for the vault dweller in his skin suit and got a signed autograph) after he fleed from a certain albino deathclaw girl and made a survival cache if he should ever need it again (and she drew adorable lil deathclaws on things).

Title: Second Chances

Code: JD0008

Requested by: anon

Words: 1,436

Note: Ahhh this was so much fun to write!

You were going through old boxes in your PJ’s when you found it. You’d forgotten what it was until you opened it. The polka-dotted box gave nothing away as to the contents, and when you opened it, you were surprised. There, inside, was your previous life with Jethro Gibbs.

You pulled out a few polaroids and smiled at the memories. The two of you at the beach in California, smiling under the sun’s rays… Him with his arm around you at Thanksgiving dinner at your grandmother’s place… You pressing a kiss to his cheek as he opened your present at Christmas… You sighed. All memories that were old now.

You really should get rid of the box.

You were only going through things to make room for Jason’s boxes to come in the next week or so. After your break-up with Gibbs, you had mended your broken heart for a few years before you met Jason. He was the same age as you, much unlike Jethro. He liked music, poetry, and romance. He treated you right. He told you that you were beautiful and that he believed in you. He brought you coffee to work even though it meant seeing your ex-boyfriend, and he even supported you in that. Jason was the entire package. Best of all? He wanted to marry you. He had proposed, and the wedding was only days away.

It took you such a long time to let go of Jethro. The break-up was hard on you and it caused you to take a few years off from NCIS, for obvious reasons. It was within those years that you entered a coffee shop at the end of your block and found Jason. He was funny and charming. He was adorable and sexy. He was smart and sophisticated. He was… everything you had ever wanted, and you were going to marry him.

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David Della Rocco was a good fuckin’ man. Too good for the fuckin’ mafia and too good for us. We never should have let him get involved, he wasn’t made for this shit like me and Connor. It was our callin’, not his. We were selfish fucks for lettin’ him help, and it cost him his fuckin’ life. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did, tied to a fuckin’ chair takin’ a bullet to the chest, left to bleed out on the fuckin’ floor.

If you’d have asked me and Conn before we moved to Boston if we’d be best friends with a package boy for the fuckin’ mafia, we probably would have laughed in your face. But Rocco was a good guy, he wasn’t like the other assholes in the mob, he didn’t have a bad bone in his fuckin’ body. He was just caught up in the same shit he had been since high school and he couldn’t get out.

Every day I wonder how different things would have been if we said no, turned him away when he said he wanted to help us. Would he still be alive, down at Docs drinkin’ every fuckin’ day and crackin’ jokes? Or would those assholes have got him anyway? Me and Conn had no doubt they wanted rid of him after the six shooter incident. If me and Connor hadn’t been there he’d have been fuckin’ dead long before he was.

But it wasn’t just the fact he was gone that cut me to my fuckin’ soul, it was the fact he was dead because of us. WE were responsible for his death, me and Connor. We were supposed to be the fuckin’ good guys and yet someone we loved the most lost his life just to help us out. Our best friend ended up as collateral damage and we knew from that moment than anyone else we cared about would suffer the same fuckin’ fate.

We’ll never forget Rocs last words to us, and we won’t ever fuckin’ stop. We’re gonna get every last mother fucker we can get our hands on and we’ll do it for him.

Rest in fuckin’ peace funny man. We fuckin’ miss you.

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Rebels Season 4 trailer moments of intense fucking fangirling:

“It was a simple story. About a boy who was lost, and a girl who was broken. They fought alongside a survivor, a war veteran, and a fallen knight. I lead them into battle against an evil so terrible, it tried to black out the stars. We fought for each other. We fought for those who could not. But we never imagined it could end… like this.”

  • Hera no!
    • She sounds so sad
    • *pained noises*
    • Oh god, this is it. This is the final season. Dave confirmed. NOOOOOOOOOOO *gross sobbing* Wait, I didn’t even like this show until halfway through season 2…
    • Well kids, people gon’ die
  • Ezra and an unconscious/injured-looking Sabine on the back of some form of wolf creature. I want to say that it’s almost certainly Lothal, given the landscape in the background.
    • Dave got his wolf, finally
    • IS SHE OKAY?!?!?!

    • There’s a quick shot I couldn’t get a good screencap of, wherein it appears as though Ezra is fighting a TIE pilot on a landing pad on Lothal - if you look, you can see the wings of a TIE Defender on the very edge of the frame. Likely Ezra trying to destroy them by himself, or with help from Sabine and the crew.
  • KANERA!! 
    • But I am very much worried for Kanan’s survival, as Mon Mothma’s voice over is, “This is a time of difficult choices.”
    • *wildly waves death flags* I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP

  • Sabine leading Ezra and fellow Mandalorians out of a trench. 
    • YAS
    • *waves more death flags* 
    • Quick shots of Sabine using the darksaber to destroy an Imperial speeder, and the Gauntlet blowing a TIE out of the sky.
    • She is best, but she’s probably gonna die, and that is going to fucking suck

  • Me: I’m more ready for these deaths than I was for Rogue One.
    • Also me: *gross sobbing* I DON’T WANT THEM TO DIE

  • SAW (now with hair)

  • BO-KATAN!!!!!!!!
    • She looks… way better than I thought she would

  • “At least we’ll go down fighting.”
    • ZEB NO
    • STAHP
    • Is that… Zeb in a really weird outfit and Hera?! HERA IN CIVVIES?!
      • More undercover. Sign me up for that episode.

  • Sudden orbital construction modules!
    • Death Star hints?
    • Death Star hints
    • Hera, jumping into hyperspace through one of the hangar bays. This lady is just… the whole package. Best space mom forever.

    • HAWT
    • DAMN
      • Okay, no, on a serious note - design is okay.
      • Rank of Captain, looks like. Captain Kallus… mmm, nice.
      • He’s gonna die, isn’t he? *sigh*

  • Quick shots: 
    • Saw beating up Stormtroopers
    • Kanan with a jetpack
    • Kanan(?) facing transports of some kind
    • WOLF!
    • Bounty hunter?
    • Obligatory awesome Ezra shot
    • Bo-Katan none too happy with Sabine
    • Ship blowing up in a green explosion
    • Imperial blockade
    • Mandalorians vs. AT-DPs
    • Armored transport vehicles blowing up a Rebel-commandeered speeder (Ryder’s probably gonna die)
    • Death Trooper menacingly running laps
    • More orbital construction modules
    • THRAWN
      • That’s a Defender he was about to shoot at
    • X-Wings
      • FUCK YES
    • Y-wings trailing smoke as they head toward Rebel command. Either they’re shoddy and need to be fixed, or something kicked their asses, or… *glances at that Verizon Star Wars thing from before Rogue One* 
    • Bo-Katan
      • Not the leader we want, but the leader they need
  • Hera’s smiling “May the Force be with you” just added about 20 years to my life.

    • NO ONE IS SAFE (well… I mean, except those who, confirmed, are)

flyby-anon  asked:

I just went through your college AU tag and it honestly helped me feel better while I was having s rough night. Thank you!

Thank you for the support. I was glad I was able to make your night just a little bit better. I even have a few more if that’ll help.

-Blanche doesn’t sleep the night before an exam. They’re afraid that if they fall asleep, they’ll sleep through their exam, especially since they have a ton of morning classes. One time, Blanche fell asleep while studying. Spark put a blanket over them and set their alarm, so they wouldn’t miss class.
-Spark likes to bake because it’s very simple to follow a recipe. He’s become famous in the dorm for baking cakes in the community kitchen. He shared with anybody who asks because he doesn’t have the heart to tell his friends that he intended to eat the entire cake by himself.
-Candela’s grandmother sends THE BEST care packages. Not only does she send them to Candela packed with snacks, feminine products, and various gifts, she also sends one to Spark because she knows he’s not receiving any mail since his father works at the university. Spark likes the care packages more than Candela does, and Candela’s grandmother knows it.
-Spark spends a lot of his time outside. There’s a pond on campus where he likes to study next to. Spark and Blanche shared their first kiss on a bench next to that pond.
-Blanche has a few places they go when their anxiety is out of control. There are stone steps behind the chapel. There’s the man-made pond. There’s a nature trail with a creek. There’s the swingset behind the rec center. Their favorite place is the swingset, and they walk there sometimes in the dead of night when they can’t sleep.

EXO’s Reaction to You Asking Them to Buy You Pads/Tampons

I’m really not one hundred percent sure how exactly periods are treated in Korea, but I feel like the stigma surrounding menstruation is, unfortunately, pretty universal, and likely more so in the more traditionally-strong countries like South Korea. Slight research on the subject only seemed to turn up a small amount of information for me, such as the fact that women receive menstrual leave from work, which makes me feel like it is indeed an issue there as well. But anyone can feel free to correct me if I happen to be wrong. :)

Baekhyun: would agree, but the only thing that would get him through this supposedly-traumatic experience is the thought of a possible reward when he returns home with your desired items. “Soooo? Don’t I get a kiss for being such an awesome boyfriend and doing something so nice for you?”

Chanyeol: would be reluctant, mostly worried that he wouldn’t be able to pick out the proper kind, but as soon as you offered up an old package as comparison for him, he’d be all for it, even coming home with a helpful supply of pain killers and comfort food to make you feel better. “Y-Yeah, I’ll definitely grab you some. Just hold tight and I’ll be back with the right stuff soon! Probably.”

Chen: would surprisingly be all-too-happy to head to the store for your feminine needs. Chen strikes me as one of those guys that’d be okay with this errand, purely because he’d be able to brag to everyone who saw him about the fact that he had a girlfriend.

D.O: can you say “awkward”? Kyungsoo won’t feel totally comfortable with this, but he also wouldn’t want you to be unhappy, so he’d be stuck in an inner debate, trying to factor out which side of this issue he wanted to side with. But in the end, you’d win, and Kyungsoo would grudgingly find his way to the store for you, a very vivid description of your needed item clutched in his hand.

Kai: would agree to this adventure, and would set off for the store right away. But, he’d likely get lost with all the types of tampons and pads and may just have to call one of his sisters for a little assistance, not wanting to rely on you ‘cause he’d want you to think that he could manage such an easy task on his own. “Of course I did it on my own, Jagi! Wh-What do you mean, my sister called you to see what kind you needed? Ahhhahah, sorry.”

Kris: this would honestly be probably the LEAST cool thing you had ever asked him to do, and he’d be prepared to grumble and bitch like hell about it. But after he got his complaints in, he’d suck it up and run to the store for you. He’d grab a random assortment of different types and hope to hell that one of them was your preferred type, 'cause he’s sure didn’t feel like making a second trip in.

Lay: would feel a little awkward about it all, but since he knew it would make you happy, he’d be up for it. You’d best send some old packaging along with him, though, or he’d probably be at the store for way too long, standing in the hygiene aisle, becoming increasingly more confused as to why there are so many different types, and coming home with the completely wrong one for you. “Extra long? Heavy flow? Overnight? Why…why does this one have wings?”

Luhan: Really? You think Luhan’s going to be going on a tampon run? Yeah. I don’t think so, honey. He’d be afraid that if he were to go, he’d be mistaken for a girl, and God forbid that happen. He’d be a little embarrassed that he was unable to run such a simple errand for his girlfriend, but that’d be nothing compared to the embarrassment of being mistaken for a woman. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’ll drive you to the store, though?”

Sehun: totally seems like the type to agree to this for your sake, but also strikes me as the type to attempt to cover up his identity for the journey, not wanting anyone to actually see him buying such things. Like, he’d throw on a hat, baggy clothes, and a pair of dark shades, and he’d look like the sketchiest person in the world, probably gaining him more negative attention than anything else, but he’d damn well ensure that you got what you needed. I’m sorry, this is the only good gif that i could find a Sehun with sunglasses haha

Suho: would know that even if he didn’t want to go on a tampon run, he didn’t have much of a choice. He’d know it was an argument that he just wouldn’t win. He wouldn’t waste time in the store even though he would be thrown off by the many different types and styles, he’d simply buy a very large variety of pads and tampons, likely gaining some odd looks from the store clerk, but he’d be happy knowing his job was done. For the month, anyway.

Tao: would refuse at first, but as soon as you began describing, in excrutiating detail I might add, the process that your poor body goes through monthly, he’d decide that heading to the store and getting it over with would be much easier than staying put and listening to such gruesome things. “Ew! Fine, Y/N, I’ll go to the store for you, just please stop!”

Xiumin: is going to be totally prepared for this situation, knowing full well in advance that your special time of the month is coming, and he’d have purcashed your pads/tampons for you ahead of time, tucking them away for when you needed them. “Just look in the back of the bathroom cabinet, Jagi-yah. I already got you covered.”