Congratulations to MUMFORD & SONS for their GRAMMY Nominations:

Tune in to CBS to watch the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on January 26, 2014 at 8:00 PM ET/P.

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Tossing Chocolates at Your Date

I never really understood the point of giving chocolates as a gift; especially for dates. So, you show up for a date, and give her some chocolate. WTF is she supposed to do with that? I even ask my sister if she wants a bite of my sandwich and she goes off the DEEP end about weight and shit. It’s apocalypse 9 if you know what I mean fam. Oh, here non Tinder date girl, have some chocolates, bc I DEFINITELY think you eat boxes of chocolate all day to fit into that Lim 14’ resort jumper. NO.

But this new spot, Stick With Me Sweets, is the first place I’ve ever been that I would be almost overly cocky giving chocolates from. The ‘bonbons’ are packed into a box resembling a book. SWISH; JORDAN. That packaging is lit a fuck. I’d casually toss this fire box of chocolates at my date and be like, “yes, I did just give you a box of next level bonbons in what you initially thought was a classic novel. And yes, there is a massive difference between bonbons and chocolates. I’m super next level, welcome to my world. Come come, to dinner now; you must be famished.”  RIP A$AP Yams. Stick With Me Sweets Tip: Each piece is HAND PAINTED.  Tip: The owner is an alum of Per Se. Making sense now? Tip: Some of the most beautiful chocolates you’ll ever see. In person, it’s hard to believe they’re real.  Tip: These could be one of my favorite sweets in New York. Pay attention.  Pricing: $3.50 per bonbon. When to come here: a gift for anyone you actually care about, if you want some next level sweets to treat yo self, going on a date? Where: 202A Mott Street New York  Times: 11am-10pm daily Phn: 646 918 6336

Happy Birthday Matthew Staton Bomer! (October 11, 1977)

"I just do my work and live my life. There’s always that volume knob of people’s voices and speculation. But I found you can turn it as low as you want. I have a great family and people in my life. I don’t focus on other parts of the business."

Heights of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy boys.

Snow Villiers - 6’ 7” / 200 cm

Sazh Katzroy - 6’ 2” / 189 cm -including afro.

Noel Kreiss - 6’ 1” / 185 cm

Hope Estheim - 5’ 11” / 180 cm -in XIII-2 obviously.

Let’s take this moment to consider the fact that, despite becoming an extremely handsome young adult and growing up and all, Hope is still the shortest of the FFXIII trilogy male side.


neal caffrey, at your service → 1.06 all in


Best typography beer packaging 2

This is the second edition of our best typography beer packaging designs. We found these awesome inspirations in the web and some of them are also our favourites on the weekend parties. As a beer nation, we german designers love this brew of malt, hops and water of course in the alternative german purity law. But out of germany there are more international beers tied to ours, so enjoy these beer inspirations and maybe one day you will get the possibility to drink one of them.

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Sunday Smugglers!

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