Star (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Words: 4000+

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of sex, ?

A/N: an anon requested a poly!hamilsquad x reader soulmate au and i had no idea how to do it so it’s been in my inbox for like a month. im so sorry i took so long ;-; i never posted this late (or early before so enjoy!)

“Y/N, for crying out loud, aren’t you the tiniest bit curious as to who it might be? I mean, come on, you have an incomplete triangle on your wrist!” Angelica said, trying to pull up your sleeve. You swatted her hand away, pushing it back down. She always pestered you about the mark on your wrist. Since she does not have one of her own, she tells you that she lives vicariously through you.

There were only a handful of people in the world that had markings on their skin. It was what scientists called soulmate links, people you were meant to be with. Unfortunately for you, and this was your opinion, you hated being one of the few to have it. You didn’t believe in people “meant to be together”, and would rather just find someone that you loved for who they are, not what your skin says.

And the mark on your wrist was so small, it could just be a birthmark.

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Since I see Ed getting a lot of flack for his choice in outfit, I want to spend a moment gushing over how amazing he looks in this promo pic.

The jacket actually shimmers under the light; Cory wasn’t kidding when he described it as ‘glittery’ and ‘showy’. It’s so beautiful and bright and it’s definitely the sort of jacket that’ll catch your attention (which is exactly what Ed wants, I imagine), but it’s dark enough that it doesn’t look garish. I honestly can’t wait to see what it looks like in motion! It works so well with the black vest, gloves, pocket square and that slightly lighter tie as well. It’s form fitting, too, so it seems Ed’s grown out of his ‘buying clothes a size too small for him’ phase. This is definitely among the best outfits we’ve ever seen on the show!

Honestly if Oswald sees him in this, he’d better spend a moment appreciating how exceptional Ed looks. In fact, I’m pretty sure he will, because damn boi. He might have a hard time doing anything to him solely because he doesn’t want to deprive the world (or himself) of this magnificence.

Oswald, probably:

The lil string bean is growing up into a handsome young man. /wipes away a tear