ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Sheldon: Greetings. You all remember Amy Farrah Fowler.

Leonard: Sure.

Howard: Nice to see you.

Amy: Hello.

Sheldon: Sorry we’re late.

Amy: I must take responsibility. I had to stop for feminine hygiene supplies.

Howard: Ah, ah.

Leonard: Okay.

Sheldon: I believe she’s experiencing her menses.

Amy: Actually, I’m not. In order to avoid surprises, I wear them all the time.

Leonard: Ah, ah.

Howard: Okay. Toilet’s sounding pretty good now, huh?

Penny: Hey, look, it’s ShAmy.

Amy: ShAmy?

Sheldon: A juvenile amalgamation of our names. Sheldon and Amy,  ShAmy.

Amy: Oh. I don’t like that. Don’t do that.

Penny: All righty. What’s new?

Amy: Well, just recently, I learned that you refer to us as ShAmy, and I don’t like that.

Penny: I got it. But what I was going for was, you know, how’s your life?

Amy: Like everybody else’s. Subject to entropy, decay and eventual death. Thank you for asking. Why is she not taking our order?

Sheldon: I should’ve warned you, one has to navigate a labyrinth of social nonsense before one can be fed here.

Amy: Really? I assumed an establishment called the Cheesecake Factory would function more efficiently.

Sheldon: It’s how they lure you in. I believe it’s called bait and switch.

Penny: Okay, I’m just gonna walk away, ’cause I don’t want to be here.

Leonard: So, this is nice. First time we’ve all gotten together to eat.

Amy: You’re right, he’s a festival of humdrum chitchat.

Leonard: Okay, that’s all I got. Howard, you’re up.

Howard: Um, tell us about your work, Amy.

Amy: I doubt you’d understand. Sheldon tells me you only have a master’s degree.

Howard: Raj, do you have any questions for Amy?

Raj : …..

Amy: I’m curious as to why we’re not eating alone.

Sheldon: They can’t function without me. I’m the social glue that holds this little group together. You’re welcome.

4 x 03 -  The Zazzy Substitution

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Sheldon (phone gives text alert): Excuse me. Oh. Amy’s at the dry cleaners, and she’s made a very amusing pun. “I don’t care for perchloroethylene, and I don’t like glycol ether.” Get it? She doesn’t like glycol ether. Sounds like either. (Taps in reply) L-O-L.

Penny: Who’s Amy?

Leonard: His girlfriend.

Penny: Sheldon has a girlfriend?

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend.

Penny: How long has this been going on?

Leonard: Four months.

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend.

Penny: Are you telling me, for the past four months I have been asking you what’s new and you never thought to go with Sheldon has a girlfriend?

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend.

Penny: Ah, du-du-du-du-du. How did they meet?

Howard: Raj and I entered Sheldon’s information on a dating site, and it spit out Amy Farrah Fowler.

Penny: Oh, my God! Sheldon and Amy.

Howard: Or, as we call them, Shamy.

Penny (squeals): Shamy. I am so digging the Shamy.

Sheldon: All right, everyone pay attention. Yes, I have a friend named Amy Farrah Fowler. Yes, she is female. Yes, we communicate on a daily basis, but no, she is not my girlfriend.

Penny: Okay, well, what do you communicate about?

Sheldon: Well, my work in physics, her work in neurobiology, and most recently, the possibility of our having a child together.

Penny (spits out drink explosively. Howard types. Robot arm hands Penny a napkin): Thank you.

Leonard: Wait a minute– a child? You never see this girl. You just e-mail and text and Twitter. Now you’re considering having a baby?

Sheldon: Amy pointed out that between the two of us, our genetic material has the potential of producing the first in a line of intellectually superior, benign overlords to guide humanity to a brighter tomorrow.

Howard: I’m guessing that future historians will condemn us for not taking this opportunity to kill Sheldon.

Penny: Okay, I have a question.

Sheldon: Yes, Penny.

Penny: You don’t even like people touching you. How are you going to have sex?

Sheldon: Why on Earth would we have sex?

Penny: Oh, honey, did your mom not have the talk with you? You know, when your private parts started growing?

Sheldon: I’m quite aware of the way humans usually reproduce, which is messy, unsanitary, and based on living next to you for three years, involves loud and unnecessary appeals to a deity.

Penny: Oh, God.

Sheldon: Yes, exactly. Consequently, if Amy and I choose to bring new life into this world, it will be accomplished clinically, with fertility experts in a lab with petri dishes. Which reminds me, you have broad hips and a certain corn-fed vigour. Is your womb available for rental?

Leonard: Still digging the Shamy?

Penny: Look, Sheldon, before you race off to the fertility clinic, you might want to think about, uh gee, I don’t know, maybe actually spending some time with her.

Sheldon: You mean dating?

Penny: Yeah.

Sheldon: I can’t date Amy.

Penny: Why not?

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend.

Penny: Okay, look, don’t think of it as dating a girlfriend. Think of it as, uh, getting to know the future mother of your child.

Sheldon: Oh. I hadn’t considered that. I suppose she will have to have access to our progeny. And you don’t think I can achieve the required intimacy via text messaging?

Penny: Probably not.

Sheldon: Huh. It would appear as if the phone companies have been lying to me.

4 x 01 - The Robotic Manipulation 

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Sheldon: In a few minutes, when I gloat over the failure of this enterprise, how would you prefer I do it? The standard I told you so? The classic neener-neener? Or just my normal look of haughty derision?

Raj: You don’t know we’re wrong yet.

Sheldon: Haughty derision it is.

Amy: Excuse me. I’m Amy Farrah Fowler. You’re Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon: Hello, Amy Farrah Fowler. I’m sorry to inform you that you have been taken in by unsupportable mathematics designed to prey on the gullible and the lonely. Additionally, I’m being blackmailed with a hidden dirty sock.

Amy: If that was slang, I’m unfamiliar with it. If it was literal, I share your aversion to soiled hosiery. In any case, I’m here because my mother and I have agreed that I will date at least once a year.

Sheldon: Interesting. My mother and I have the same agreement about church.

Amy: I don’t object to the concept of a deity, but I’m baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance.

Sheldon: Well, then you might want to avoid East Texas.

Amy: Noted. Now, before this goes any further, you should know that all forms of physical contact up to and including coitus are off the table.

Sheldon: May I buy you a beverage?

Amy: Tepid water, please.

Howard: Good God, what have we done?

3 x 23 The Lunar Excitation

doing things for a dead fandom

so lately i’ve been watching THE COOLEST TV-SHOW EVER CREATED. i love it so much i can’t even explain myself properly AND i also discovered that none of my friends have watched it AND i have literally no one to cry or to judge paul gross for being such a GREAT MAN with and here i am
doing things for a nearly dead fandom

welcome the best (br)otp i’ve ever seen!!! (and their beautiful wolf)

I thought I would never say that. But after reading Julie’s and Kevin’s interviews all I can say: THANKS GOD NINA LEFT AFTER SEASON 6! Thank you, Nina for saving Delena in all ways possible! Thank you for your acting in the finale! You saved the day! I thought before that Nina’s departure would make Delena reunion in the end more powerful and their story more meaningful and symbolic, but now I am just happy we have what we have. And I’ll say it again and again: Delena has beaten the universe on all possible levels. There is something magical and real about them all at the same time. Can you imagine everything could be different? It’s definitely the power of Delena shippers’ prayers. I just can’t come up with another axplanation. So thank you to every single Delena shipper who wanted Delena endgame as badly as I did. We did it! And thank you to Julie and everyone for the finale. No matter what they did it. And I am grateful.

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Raj: Uh-oh. She wants to meet us.

Howard: Not us. Him.

Raj: Yes, but him doesn’t even know about her.

Howard: Well, him about to find out about her.

Raj: Really? Us gonna tell him?

Sheldon: Who’s going to tell whom about what?

Howard: Sheldon. Hey.

Raj: Hi.

Sheldon: Your surprise confuses me. I live here.

Howard: Right. So, listen, what are you doing tomorrow afternoon?

Sheldon: Be more specific.

Howard: Four thirty.

Sheldon: That’s not afternoon. That’s preevning.

Howard: What?

Sheldon: It’s a time of day I invented. It better defines the ambiguous period between afternoon and evening. Preevning. I’m fairly certain it will catch on as it fills a desperate need.

Raj: Right, okay. What are you doing tomorrow preevning?

Sheldon: Well, tomorrow’s Saturday. Saturday night is laundry night, so I’ll be spending the preevning pre-sorting and pre-soaking.

Howard: Okay, what if I were to tell you, tomorrow, at 4:30 you could meet a woman who has been scientifically chosen to be your perfect mate?

Sheldon: I would snort in derision and throw my arms in the air, exhausted by your constant tomfoolery.

Raj: But it’s true. But we-we put all your vital information into this dating site, answered all their questions just like you would, and they found a match for you. Her name is Amy Farrah Fowler.

Sheldon: Please. Even assuming you could answer any question the way I would, the algorithms used by matchmaking sites are complete hokum.

Howard: And that’s exactly the answer we gave to the question, what is your attitude towards online dating”

Raj: Howard wanted to write mumbo jumbo, but I said no, our Sheldon would say hokum.

Howard: Well, come on, where’s your scientific curiosity?

Sheldon: Well, most of it is being applied to unravelling the secrets of the universe while the rest of it’s wondering why I’m having this conversation with you.

Raj: Okay, how about this. Even Spock had a date once every seven years.

Sheldon: He didn’t date. It was pon farr. His blood boiled with mating lust.

Howard: Okay, well, why don’t you start with a cup of coffee, and you can pon farr Amy Farrah Fowler later.

Sheldon: I don’t drink coffee.

Howard: All right, you can have a hot chocolate.

Sheldon: As I will not be engaging in this nonsense, my choice of beverage is moot. But for the record, I only drink hot chocolate in months with an R in them.

Howard: Why?

Sheldon: What’s life without whimsy?

Howard: Okay, I’m out.

Raj: Sheldon, I’ve hidden the dirty sock from the roof somewhere in your apartment. Unless you are willing to come with us to meet this girl, it will remain there forever.

Sheldon: You’re bluffing.

Raj: Are you willing to risk it?

Sheldon: Curse you.

3 x 23 The Lunar Excitation


Because really, James and Lily as parents is the greatest there ever was, and gives me all the feels :)

… yeah.. I kinda missed drawing these babies :D

some sketches from boring classes

well i fully stuck in overwatch fandom but the thing is i can’t talk to anyone of my friends about my otp (which is genyatta) ‘cause everyone around me ship only mchanzo ( or they not even in fandom)

and that makes me sad(

also i have such a big crush on genji, oh god

Eddsworld ships and the effects they have on me



They are le snuggle buds


but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tho…


This ship has no affect on me